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  Week of 2/17/2011 - Featured Board Post

Can You Get Any More Proud?

Every night after my 12-year-old finishes her homework, I give it a quick look-over. Tonight she had homework in her new Health class. It was 12 questions, and the questions were "What does healthy mean to you?", "How can being healthy or not affect your life?", "What healthy activities do you enjoy?"- you get the gist.

So, question 12- "Who is your healthy role model?" My daughter's answer: "My mom. She lost 90 pounds in a year and a half, she eats and makes us lots of healthy stuff, she taught me how good healthy food can taste, and she went from walking a couple miles a week to running a couple miles a day. And she did all this with no diet!"

There a so few times in life that we really experience the saying "swell with pride" but this was one of those times. My heart truly felt swollen with pride, it is such a cool thing to know your daughter is proud of you, not just that, but sees you as a role model. And it was just a few short years ago that I would have been one of the last people that she thought about when she heard the word "healthy".

I knew this change had affected her life and how she lives. I knew that she had years of living off fast food and video games, and it wasn't easy to get a kid who's used to that to become a kid who's favorite after school snack is an apple and favorite activities are sports and volunteer dog walking at the shelter. I knew my lifestyle change has changed her life... but I never really knew how much it had changed how she sees me.

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