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  Week of 2/10/2011 - Featured Blog Post

Sparkin' at Walmart

I just have to share my latest "Spreading the Spark" experience. DH and I were walking down the aisle in Walmart, he in front of my cart. I saw a woman sitting along the side of the aisle speak to him. When I caught up, she repeated for me what she said. With a twinkle in her eye she said, "I told your husband that I hoped sitting on these is all I need." That's when I noticed she was sitting on stacks of Slim Fast! She went on to explain that Walmart had removed all the benches in the nearby pharmacy section and being overweight and with a "blown-out knee", she was unable to stand and wait for her husband to return with their cart. It was one of those instant rapport moments when two strangers start telling each other personal things. She said her doctor is after her to lose weight, but he just doesn't understand how hard that was for her with the knee problem.

Now I don't normally say to complete strangers that they need to lose weight. But the opportunity was too good to pass up. I told her how I had lost weight and really changed my lifestyle since my cancer experience a few years ago. Then I reached into my purse and pulled out one of my Spark "business" cards. Her face just lit up as I explained what SparkPeople was- and that it was all free! It was just one of those moments when two people meet and strike an instant rapport. What a delightful person with such a wonderful outlook on life! She said she would get online tonight and check out the website. (Hope she's reading this!) I told her to check out my page and let me know how I can help her in her journey. A few minutes later when DH and I were standing in the check-out lane I noticed ONE copy of the People magazine with the photo of the Spark gal (Christina Cores) on it a few lanes away. I sprinted over and grabbed it, dashed back through the store until I found the lady again, and showed her the photo. I told her that we will meet again next year in Walmart and we'll both look like that! She said, "Can I have two years?" What a sense of humor!

I don't believe in coincidences. It was just one of those moments when the world puts someone on your path that you need. The woman's husband said he'd been held up in another part of the store talking to a fellow vet who needed help in getting his benefits. We agreed that my meeting his wife was an example of paying it forward for his kindness and willingness to take a few minutes to help a stranger. So, the next time you're in Walmart and you have a chance to talk to a stranger, tell them about SparkPeople. It'll make you more sure of what you're doing on your Spark journey. And if you don't see a stranger to help- try sitting on a stack of Slim Fast!

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