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  Week of 1/20/2011 - Featured Board Post

Fire Up- This is Worth It!

Many of us are starting a new lifestyle or reinforcing the progress that we have made. Lots of uncertainty mixed with doubt and maybe a little fear. So maybe a couple of tips that have helped me make some of my changes permanent (if 3 years can be considered permanent).

1. Believe in yourself - it is your journey and you must make it successful.

2. Lean on and allow others to support you. Tell people what you are doing - it helps you commit to this new course of action. People want you to be healthier and will generally support you - some people will not support you - find someone who will. As you make progress you may influence others around you to live a healthier lifestyle as well.

3. Make moderate but continuing change in your lifestyle - work to improve a little every day.

4. Stay away from problem areas - get out of the kitchen after meals, stay out of the office break room, if you eat fast food identify healthier options before you go.

5. Be more active, take the steps, park further away, walk outside, walk at a mall. Walking is low impact on joints but has significant health benefits. Move a little more each day. Replace eating temptation times with activity. You notice I did not use the work exercise - it can be a scary word - start with activity - exercise will follow - and it won't be scary.

6. Be patient - really - I mean it - this takes time - you are changing habits you have used for a long time - you can change them - but it will take time. Stick to your plan. There will be hiccups, bumps and bruises along the way - it is okay! Don't give up when you fall down - minimize the damage and get back to your improved self.

7. Food - reduce portion sizes first - we eat too much. Start improving what you eat - less fat, fewer carbs would be good starters for most. Then reduce the empty calories, candy, sweets, alcohol. Eat more vegetables, more salads, more fruit (diabetics follow your doctors guidance). Find a low calorie salad dressing that you like - I make my own.

So Shark - you are telling us to eat smarter and be more active - everyone knows that. Yep, but not everyone does that. Commit and believe - stay the course for your own good. For your own good.

It may help to remember this - the cookie tray does not love you. You gotta love yourself.

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