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  Week of 1/1/2009 - Featured Board Post

20% Down

I had been on a plateau for quite some time and have finally broken through it. Yeah me!

My journey is more than halfway over. I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 more pounds to lose, give or take a few. That seems so much more manageable than 70+ to go did back in April.

I was reading something that another sparker posted about 6 months of spark. She said that she is no longer obese and hopes that in 6 more months, she will no longer be overweight. I can say the same. I can actually shop in regular clothing stores now, which is wonderful! And I am wearing two of my old size 12 pairs of pants!

For anyone out there who has hit a plateau or has slipped a little, take it from me - you can do it! You can get back on track and start losing again.

Best wishes to everyone for a holiday season filled with more smiles and less cookies, lol.



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