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  Week of 12/23/2010 - Featured Board Post

Getting Up Life's Hills

Every morning I jog the local nature center trail. It is a challenging run, but the wild turkeys and young deer that populate the six-mile course take my mind off the hills. The scenery, lush-green with flowing streams, puts me in the moment, and I get lost in prayer and the latest Lady Gaga song. I find myself able to solve the daily problems of being an over-50 single mother of two teenagers.

Many mornings I see young women jogging, and I secretly wish I had their great runners' physique and speed. That wish inspires me not to hit my alarm clock's snooze button in the morning but to put on my shoes and start each day with a run.

Recently, after finishing the killer hill at the end of my run, a young woman came up to me and said: "Watching you run the hill inspired me to jog harder."

I had to smile as this much younger woman said how she envied my legs and stamina and how watching me actually propelled her up that hill. It's funny you never know that you can be a role model for someone else at the exact same time someone else is carrying you up life hills.

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