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  Week of 11/18/2010 - Featured Board Post

Pretty Good for 60 Years Young

I lost 4 more pounds this week. Didn't starve myself to do this, I actually ate pretty good. What I did do is keep moving. I have become obsessed with movement. I walk every chance I get. When at work I walk on my breaks. When it rains I walk inside or hop on an exercise bike. When watching tv, eating, searching the Web, or reading the paper, I ride my exercise bike. Sometimes I multitask and do all 4 at the same time. It's working for me and I feel great.

I began my journey to a healthier life at 250 pounds. I now weigh 179.9 pounds. I feel great and am happy with the way I look. My plan is to take it to 150 or 160 pounds then maintain. I will continue to exercise and will focus more on fine tuning what I eat so I get all the nutrients I need.

This week I plan on making an appointment with my doctor to see about stopping some of my meds. Who knows, by next summer I might be med free. Pretty good for 60 years "young" huh?

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