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  Week of 11/11/2010 - Featured Blog Post

Three Months of Change

Yes, it's been THREE MONTHS since I got serious about my program with SparkPeople. That was July 16, 2010 - just 92 days, or 13 weeks, or one quarter of a year ago. And a lot has changed!!

Let's start with what I've gained.

Oh my, you say - after 3 whole months and you're going to tell us you've GAINED????

Yes, that's exactly right!

I've GAINED hope.

Three months ago it was hard for me to believe that anything I did would make a difference in my health. I had been unable to find relief for chronic nerve pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, and had put back all the weight I had previously lost plus more.

After three months I have hope that the habits I am building will not only help me reach a healthy weight but enable me to maintain it. As my friend reminded me, "You can see the light in the tunnel, and for once, it's not a train!"

And I've GAINED confidence.

Three months ago I didn't want to go anywhere people were working out. It was hard to be around people who were active and able to do things I could no longer do. And I was afraid to approach a scale let alone weigh myself!

After three months I'm out with my walking poles in public places!! I've found that people cheer me on because I'm doing the best I can. And I actually look forward to my monthly weigh-ins at my doctor's office. Who would've thought??

I've GAINED balance.

Three months ago "balance" was a word in the dictionary, not in my life.
Now I plan my meals using the Nutrition Tracker, and my pain has lessened to the point that I actually have exercises I can track! I'm journaling to help with the mind part - and time will tell how that goes. :)

And perhaps most important - I've GAINED friends.

Three months ago I had few people I could be genuine with about my longings and fears relating to my health. Almost everyone I knew was thin and buff (and always had been) and I was feeling fairly isolated.

Now I know lots of friends who are moving along this pathway and who offer their generous support and point the way when I lose direction.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Stay tuned to this site for the next chapter about Carole's Changes. And "Yes" I will get to the "what I've LOST stats"!

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