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  Week of 10/28/2010 - Featured Blog Post

20 Things I Love About Losing 70 Pounds

1. Trying on clothes. I actually like the way I look in them.
2. All the selection of clothes available since I no longer have to shop in the women's department.
3. Climbing up stairs with the groceries without getting out of breath or having to haul myself up with the hand rail.
4. Being able to get off the floor without having to grab onto furniture.
5. Fitting into seats! This is a biggie. Airplane seats, theater seats, restaurant chairs with arms.
6. Being able to cross and uncross my legs comfortably and easily.
7. Not bumping into things in the shower when I turn around. Or in restaurants when I have to scoot between tables.
8. Being able to wear a skirt without my thighs chafing.
9. Being able to hold notes longer -- much improved breath quality (I sing in a community choir.)
10. Being able to hike with my family and keep up.
11. Getting improved cholesterol and triglycerides numbers from my medical checkup.
12. How much better I sleep. (I no longer snore.)
13. No more heartburn.
14. Being able to cut my own toenails.
15. Being able to tie my shoes without getting out of breath.
16. Being able to "hop up" out of bed or a chair rather than having to plan in advance how to haul myself up.
17. Feeling so much healthier, stronger, happier.
18. How proud my family is of what I have accomplished.
19. Feeling about ten years younger.
20. Having people rave about how I look!

What about you? Which of these are YOUR favorites that you've achieved or looking forward to achieving? Any other things you especially love or are looking forward to?

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