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  Week of 10/7/2010 - Featured Board Post

Could Staying on Track be Addictive?

I resisted temptation twice yesterday- 2 situations that I have given into almost every day for I donít even know how long!

1. I was sooooooo tired yesterday afternoon at work. Normally, this is my cue to get some jellybeans or Life Savers or even a protein bar-- something, anything that would give me a sugar-jolt and keep me awake. Yesterday, I didnít have anything except water. I had my normal, healthy snack as planned and felt one zillion times better on my way home because I didnít take the easy way out by OD-ing on sugar.

2. Last night, after dinner, after my workout, after my shower...if I have sweets in the house, I munch until Iím full. I donít eat until Iím sick, but itís always more than one serving of dark chocolate or Reeses or cookies, etc. Last night (and actually the night before as well) I stayed in bed, and woke up so much happier because of it.

YAY. I want to feel like this every day!!!

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