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  Week of 9/2/2010 - Featured Board Post

This is for My Eight-Year Old

My daughter was on a fast track to having the same issues that I had as a child. I was over 100lbs by the time I was 10. Before the summer vacation started, I told her that I would do all I could to encourage that she be a "healthy hero"...more water, less juice, less junky snacks-more fruits and veggies, and a WHOLE lot more exercise.

She's 8, and she started the summer at almost 97lbs. In the last couple months, she's lost a little more than 4lbs. She's been outside on the bike Daddy got her for her birthday just about every single nice day we've had. She hasn't complained about limited portions, nor have I made her "clean her plate". The problem with obesity and overeating in my family stops HERE.

My son is already fairly muscular, but he too was very picky, and wouldn't drink water if juice was also available-until I started telling him that if he's really thirsty, he'll drink water. He doesn't like waiting until he's really thirsty anymore, and just outright asks for water.


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