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  Week of 12/18/2008 - Featured Board Post

50 pounds lost...25 lessons gained
Posted by: ALLELUIA525

Over the last 4 months, 1 week and 4 days (to be exact), I have lost 50 pounds! At the same time, I have learned many valuable lessons. Here is 1 lesson gained for every 2 pounds lost:

1. Losing just 1 pound is a great accomplishment! 1 pound may not seem like much, but it is one less pound than I started with and brings me that much closer to my goal.

2. Losing 50 pounds is amazing, even if I'm not at goal...yet!

3. I don't have to deprive myself of anything.

4. I do have to eat in moderation.

5. Nutrition labels are important to recognizing serving sizes.

6. The food scale is my friend.

7. I am usually satisfied after eating appropriate portion sizes.

8. I can have a "family size" bag of chips in the house and not eat the whole bag in one sitting.

9. I don't have to eat when I am stressed or emotional.

10. Water is good for me.

11. Drinking water aids in weight loss.

12. I still don't "like" water, but I can tolerate 10 8-ounce glasses per day.

13. I can make informed decisions at restaurants.

14. I can ask for a "to go" box when I order a meal at a restaurant. The serving size of these meals is usually a lot smaller than what they give me.

15. It is nice to be able to do things like climbing stairs without being winded.

16. I don't have to love exercising, but I can find exercises that I like (or at least don't mind).

17. I am more apt to exercise longer if I'm watching TV because the time seems to fly by.

18. I didn't accumulate all the weight overnight and I won't lose it overnight.

19. This is a lifelong journey. I want the healthy changes I have made to last a lifetime.

20. I am not content being obese or even overweight.

21. I want to make it to a healthy BMI.

22. Tracking everything daily (nutrition, fitness, weight) allows me to see progress.

23. Tracking everything daily helps me to see what doesn't work and make adjustments immediately.

24. Tracking everything daily helps me to see patterns (like not losing or a slight gain the week before TOM).

25. SP is a wonderful resource!

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