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  • changed up my day.

    4/23/2018 2:47:04 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    I decided to rest today. Which for me is lesser exercise. But I still exercised and sweated with it. I didn't 'want to miss out on the beautif... Read more

  • Mileage for the week.

    4/22/2018 8:30:02 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    I was able to get 36.91 miles walked and 78,000 steps walked. I hope to actually walk for the next week 40.51 miles walked in (roughly 84,000-87... Read more

  • Awesome weather today.

    4/20/2018 1:22:18 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    I ended up sweating during my exercise and thanks to being over dressed. i didn't it was so warm as I sleep during 6 am news. I walk during the... Read more

  • Goal for 2019.

    4/19/2018 2:12:55 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    As we all know, goals are what helps us strive to lose weight and keep it off. My goal for 2019 is to walk 2019 miles for exercise and pos... Read more

  • Snowy day today-again.

    4/17/2018 9:08:36 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    Walked in the snow again. But it was enjoyable. The river and creek are high enough that the pillar was almost completely covered. Wish I had ... Read more

  • Yesterday and today.

    4/14/2018 7:29:13 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    I didn't get the 5 miles I wanted yesterday and today, but I was close enough. Especially yesterday I went between 2 states to get things done. ... Read more

  • Numb still.

    4/12/2018 9:15:07 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    Still not used to knowing my father in law is gone. But on a different front, was able to get things done around the house and get my walk... Read more

  • Sad day.

    4/11/2018 11:48:38 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    Found out this morning after I had gotten my morning walk that my father in law had passed over night. He was 77 years old. He had been b... Read more

  • Hating agoraphobia.

    4/10/2018 9:39:38 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    Today was paperwork fill out day for a new job and I didn't go. For me, its way to far to go. The farthest I can go when I push myself is rough... Read more


    4/8/2018 10:02:05 AM, by NEWJULIE2008

    I'm in this plateau after losing 30 pounds and doing everything right. Now it's at least a month seems like forever since I've been excited to g... Read more

  • Pushed myself....

    4/7/2018 9:01:29 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    Without realizing it. Went for an interview today, but was almost crying on the way back. I didn't know I had agoraphobia that bad now. I knew... Read more

  • Stormy weather

    4/3/2018 8:17:03 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    I barely got my outside exercise in today. I don't care for storms so I'm glad I got it in before it started storming. Why don't I care f... Read more

  • Lots of movement today

    3/26/2018 7:42:21 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    With getting errands done, which entailed riding the bus to one store, then walking to the mail and getting the rest done there, and getting my w... Read more

  • Chilly but worth it.

    3/25/2018 8:53:38 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    I went for a walk today and walked over 1 mile one way. While that is a stroll for some, I walked an hour all told today. I remember being able... Read more

  • Snowy day today

    3/21/2018 9:13:43 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    I didn't let it stop me from walking though. Since it is day 2 of my week for walking, it was a short day. I still was able to get over 10,000 ... Read more

  • Woohoo, this is working!!

    3/20/2018 11:12:36 AM, by KIPPER_KID

    Having lost around 50lbs, I am no longer pre-diabetic (verging on diabetic). I am now normal (verging on pre-diabetic). Still less than ideal but... Read more

  • "Warm" today.

    3/18/2018 8:00:30 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    I only needed a light jacket today. I also had my balcony door open today as well while I was cleaning which was nice. I wish I could have my d... Read more

  • Hump day.

    3/14/2018 5:57:25 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    This is the hump day of the week, but my Sunday. I almost doubled what I have logged for walking over yesterday, which is a good thing. Tomorro... Read more

  • Gotta love losing things and its not weight.

    3/13/2018 9:02:16 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    I lost my pedometer in my apartment. How, I do not know. I can honesty think that one of the kitties hid it while playing with it. Looked for ... Read more

  • My plans

    3/11/2018 5:28:35 AM, by GENETOWNES

    Today I’m going to the Kingdom Hall but when I get hom... Read more

  • My plans

    3/11/2018 5:27:52 AM, by GENETOWNES

    Today I’m going to the Kingdom Hall but when I get hom... Read more


    2/15/2018 9:29:19 PM, by NEWJULIE2008

    i've lost 23 pounds. I can't believe I have. I'm doing what I'm suppose to and it's working. I'm a little scared because this is when I usuall... Read more

  • Fun shopping and Cravings curbed!

    1/28/2018 4:42:35 PM, by BUTTERFLY179

    I enjoyed grocery shopping after I spent quite a lot of time on the Sparkpeople recipe tab. Tonight we will have a smoked salmon and cream cheese... Read more

  • Recipes!

    1/24/2018 1:33:09 PM, by BUTTERFLY179

    One of the best things on this site is the recipes!!! I love looking at all of them and saving the ones that look especially good. When it is tim... Read more

  • You'll never know ...

    1/10/2018 10:10:50 PM, by BARCLE

    .. My middle child, Alexandra, turns 10 today and she's such a delight, growing up so, so quickly and becoming a truly beautiful young girl. ... Read more

  • Its cold out there.

    1/5/2018 8:41:27 PM, by LOSINGFORME16

    My knee has gotten better since I last blogged, and have resumed my walking. I do it outside. Which is both good and bad. The good, I am exerc... Read more

  • Starting over AGAIN!

    1/3/2018 10:55:18 AM, by LMTM3400

    I was on SparkPeople and checking things out again, first time in a long time. Went to my home page and was looking at pictures and reading old... Read more

  • 2018?!

    1/1/2018 9:36:26 PM, by SLIMMERSUSAN10

    Wow, here it is a new year!! Always a good time to "start over", so to speak. Definitely going to do that in my case! I do have a bit of motiv... Read more

  • Feeling Pumped!

    12/27/2017 2:05:37 PM, by SAMANTHAOWEN07

    Hello SparkPeople! I have not really been active on here in almost FIVE YEARS!! My last blog post talks about the miscarriage I suffered and I re... Read more

  • Stuff

    12/21/2017 7:28:12 AM, by SQUIRRELMOMMA1

    I've been doing sit-ups for a few days now and it seems like I can already see a difference. They take just a few moments, at least that is what... Read more

  • No Wasted Days Here

    12/19/2017 7:20:52 AM, by SQUIRRELMOMMA1

    My right leg has been bothering me for a long time now. My annual checkup is next week and for the first time ever I am looking forward to it so... Read more

  • Winter 5% challenge 2018

    12/17/2017 6:23:07 PM, by TKTMTA

    My exercise commitment for the 8 week challenge is to do at least 1 5k per week that I time and try to improve I will also be putting in miles on... Read more

  • Our tom cat (Cefa) does not like his early Christmas ...

    12/10/2017 6:24:36 PM, by BARCLE

    ... present. Yesterday we gave him the gift of Christmas balls (they are there for decoration only) He wasn't as impressed with the idea a... Read more

  • Becoming a Minimalist

    12/6/2017 12:00:28 PM, by SQUIRRELMOMMA1

    When we moved to the apartment last year I had to downsize quite a bit from our large 2400+ home to a less than 1000 square foot living area. I ... Read more

  • Back Pain is a Serious Thing

    12/4/2017 12:02:18 PM, by SQUIRRELMOMMA1

    Over three weeks ago I hurt my back. Something so simple, so silly has thrown me for a loop exercise-wise. The back pain has been intense some ... Read more

  • Building my self esteem one pound at a time

    11/25/2017 10:33:29 AM, by NEWJULIE2008

    11/25/17 I am in awe of my journey this time. I originally was afraid to make weight goals because I had failed before. Then I was diagnosed w... Read more

  • Work Out

    11/4/2017 10:56:44 AM, by DANTHEMAN55

    Today I plan on finishing up on my laundry. After accomplishing that I plan on raking leaves off the front lawn. I need to get this done today ... Read more

  • What if I can ...

    11/3/2017 5:38:14 PM, by BARCLE

    ... I'm not thinking 'what if I can't', but 'what if I can'? Just a ramble blog but I think what my thoughts identify is that I am not scare... Read more

  • Someone Took My Lunch Today!

    11/2/2017 12:53:53 PM, by SQUIRRELMOMMA1

    Every day I take a Slim Fast and a bottle of water to school for my "lunch" since I don't actually get a lunch but have enough time between class... Read more

  • Holy crap! It finally happened!

    11/1/2017 3:13:14 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    Today is November! Since I recommitted on this journey I have been trying to be more mindful of my eating. Not only what I eat - but when I eat... Read more

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