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  • Struggling (Again)

    7/18/2015 8:18:37 AM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    Firstly I have to say a massive thank you to those of you who messaged me regarding my recent post about my illness. I thought things were g... Read more

  • 5%ing

    7/1/2015 8:56:00 AM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    I am taking part in the 5% challenge once again. I didn't complete the last one - in fact I drifted away part way through it because I just ... Read more

  • Yes, I Know

    7/1/2015 8:37:26 AM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    So I have been AWOL again. It seems most of by blog entries seem to be explaining absences, but here we go. I have talked before about how I... Read more

  • Finding Time for Crafts

    1/11/2015 8:45:20 PM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    Ordinarily I don't do showing off, but I have had a really productive afternoon making some earrings and thought I'd share them. My first jo... Read more

  • To the Limit and Beyond

    1/7/2015 8:21:37 PM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    I have been struck today with an almost overwhelming need to do something huge - to really push myself to my absolute physical limit. I star... Read more

  • Bread

    1/6/2015 5:20:25 AM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    Following my recent thoughts on changing my diet ( www.sparkpeople.com/mypa
    al.asp?blog_id=5839861 ... Read more

  • Winter 5% Challenge

    1/5/2015 9:17:58 AM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    Yup, I have signed up again! Happily I am back in my old team - a fabulous bunch of motivators and inspirations. Part of the preparatio... Read more

  • Blood-Type Eating

    12/28/2014 12:05:38 PM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    This cropped up on my facebook feed this morning which I found quite interesting. www.soulcraft.co/info/fo
    od_chart.htm ... Read more

  • My Spark Journey

    12/27/2014 3:31:33 PM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    Life has a nasty habit of getting in the way of self-improvement and this year it has certainly pushed everything possible at me. That said, as I... Read more

  • How time flies

    7/1/2014 8:53:31 AM, by BOOBALEE

    I am coming up to my sparkpeople 7 year anniversary. I am the same weight that I was when I signed up, but I I haven't put more weight on either.... Read more

  • The Numbers...

    4/6/2014 8:35:54 AM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    I never got around to any sort of finalisation of my Winter challenge results, so here goes: Starting Weight (1/18) : 165 [5% goal: 8lbs ... Read more

  • Weekly Summing Up II

    2/15/2014 7:57:04 PM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    WEIGHT: I DID IT!!! 5% Goal reached. I am at 157 which I am really pleased with. Ideally I wanted to lose at least 3lbs to hold any hope of rea... Read more

  • Weekly Summing Up

    2/7/2014 6:54:49 AM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    I need to take stock and since I am in something of a habit of measuring up on a Friday - and Fridays seem to be shaping up as my "me" day, givin... Read more

  • Busy...

    2/6/2014 7:58:36 PM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    Just flying by to let you all know I am still here. February is already panning out to be supremely busy for me... but I kind of knew it would be... Read more

  • In a Nutshell...

    1/31/2014 7:00:42 AM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    I have had a really busy week, yet don't actually feel I have acheived anything! I had a visit with my daughter's counsellor regarding the s... Read more

  • Scale-Hopping

    1/25/2014 6:26:48 AM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    Plan-wise, things are going great at the moment. I am having a small issue, however. Looking back through my postings for this week I have r... Read more

  • On My Need to See the World

    1/24/2014 2:36:07 PM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    This is going to all seem irrelevant to many here, as it has nothing to do with weight loss, but my Spark journey is about so much more than that... Read more

  • Absolutely I am Logging That!

    1/21/2014 7:40:52 AM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    It is possible to get bogged down in logging every piece of activity as exercise - especially with the huge array of calorie-counters online tell... Read more

  • Flying!

    1/19/2014 6:57:51 AM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    Ordinarily, weekends are the pits for me. It's the time I tend to feel at my loneliest as all those I chat with are busy with actual lives during... Read more

  • Weigh-in/5% Challenge Setup

    1/17/2014 4:08:48 AM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    So - out for drinkies with my best budling this evening! A little nervous if I'm honest - it's not a proper night out, just a chat over a couple ... Read more

  • Five Minutes More

    1/16/2014 8:23:08 AM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    I don't know why I am not used to it by now; I really shouldn't be surprised when Spark throws up these huge revelations through the most seeming... Read more

  • Grumble, Grrr...

    1/14/2014 8:31:04 PM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    I have spent the last couple of hours trawling through the old message board archives to find my Community Journal. I had kind-of assumed I would... Read more

  • Killing the Inner Martyr

    1/12/2014 7:07:08 AM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    I had a message from my much-lovely best friend in all the world this morning telling me to make arrangements for Hub and the kids to be looked a... Read more

  • Weigh-in

    1/10/2014 3:53:30 PM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    I have been ReSparked for a little over a month now so figure it's a good time to weigh in. Today I am at 169, which although an increase of... Read more

  • Back Amongst the Living

    1/10/2014 2:09:57 PM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    I have been ill. I had my first real cold in around 15 years... and like most caregivers, I make a very bad patient! So I have ... Read more

  • 5% Winter Challenge Task

    1/4/2014 2:47:29 AM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    I have pretty much done this already just recently, but doing it again doesn't hurt for the sake of re-enforcement and updating my state of mind.... Read more

  • Fatigued!

    1/3/2014 8:09:24 PM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    For the last couple of years, I have been swimming with my parents every Friday afternoon. We don't really push ourselves too heavily. The sectio... Read more

  • Pre-Challenge Planning

    12/31/2013 12:35:35 AM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    I have set out all the challenges I will be taking part in, just to be sure I don't overlook anything. And yes, it's another spreadsheet, because... Read more

  • A Spark of Productivity

    12/30/2013 10:48:31 PM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    I feel as though I have achieved so much today. Firstly I had good think about the isses affecting my life which I can control in the here a... Read more

  • On Choice.. or a Lack Thereof

    12/29/2013 9:51:23 PM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    I have long known, but never before been able to act on it, that any weight loss efforts in terms of diet change were negatively impacted by my h... Read more

  • Week 2

    12/27/2013 6:42:33 PM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    With hindsight, I wonder if returning to Spark just before Christmas was that good an idea, but I am not that bothered about it if I'm honest. ... Read more

  • Week One: The Return

    12/19/2013 9:18:22 PM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    For the sake of accountability, I figured I might post my intake on a weekly basis. The fine tuning of the numbers isn't really important to me, ... Read more

  • Bad Girl!

    12/18/2013 2:45:48 AM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    I have gotten into the habit of logging my breakfast first thing, but not recording the rest of my food until bed time. I tend to take photos of ... Read more

  • Action vs Reaction

    12/16/2013 7:12:40 PM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    I was digging around in the annals of my past blog posts and came across this on action vs reaction: "Sadly, I tend to be a re-actor, bec... Read more

  • It's Hard to Find a Title When you Waffle as I Do.

    12/15/2013 11:40:13 AM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    Still here. I have faithfully logged in for 4 days now. In all my many returns this is by far the most successful. Thing is, as a newly sing... Read more

  • Cha-cha-cha-changes....

    12/12/2013 5:30:45 AM, by CRYSTALQUEEN

    HELLO! So yes, here I am; anew, refreshed and all those other things which inspire positivity. Much has changed and I shall no doubt up... Read more

  • Calling All Decor Gurus. . .Please. . .and Thanks !!

    10/14/2013 12:01:01 PM, by DOLLFACEDX

    The purchase of a new bedroom set was specifically to move from a Queen-sized bed to a King-sized bed. . .which necessitates a change in bed line... Read more

  • So Excited. . .and Tootsies Are SOOO Tired !!

    10/10/2013 7:38:20 PM, by DOLLFACEDX

    I cannot recall when last I was so tired!.....maybe last Saturday after scalping the yards and putting in the winter lawn... Last night, lef... Read more

  • BLC23: General Registration Now Open - Come Join The FUN !!

    8/30/2013 2:07:29 PM, by DOLLFACEDX

    I borrowed from a Spark Friend the idea of blogging an invitation to the BLC23 - a program which has become a vital part of my everyday life. ... Read more

  • Dolly's Big Adventure

    8/9/2013 7:37:15 PM, by DOLLFACEDX

    WOW - what a week! Such a combination of Health, Medical and Social. . .need the weekend so I can take a break! And. . .finally. . .after a... Read more

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