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  • Ready set go

    4/17/2018 9:20:12 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    I have all the tools in place. It's my time to shine put on your shades ... Read more

  • It's the end time for a new beginning

    3/31/2018 1:08:46 PM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Here we go its time for my new start my window to for eating is noon to 6pm. Vegetable juice 64 oz a day Gym 5days a week 2 gallons water... Read more

  • Plan in place ready set

    3/30/2018 8:46:14 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    I have taken a look at the most successful plan I ever had. Different this time I am sure it works the mad scientist give me the secret formula ... Read more

  • I will survive

    3/28/2018 8:43:12 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    My spirit well not change. Life has many ups and down... Read more

  • Never give up

    3/11/2018 5:52:21 PM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    so many things will block your way . So you can step ov... Read more

  • New light over the horizon

    1/16/2018 2:21:23 PM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    It's all in me I still go on I am a survivor. When people turn their backs and let you down I will keep on even if I do it alone... Read more

  • 2017

    12/21/2017 10:40:26 PM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Year has turned better then I thought.... Read more

  • Should i?

    10/20/2017 1:51:29 PM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Going back is not an option. Onward and upward. Snake juice makes me dance Read more

  • If I go into go hard

    10/18/2017 9:36:29 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    new beginning same goal a better me is coming... Read more

  • Searching to find the one

    10/16/2017 1:24:44 PM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Motivation comes I many forms. Best diet I ever heard of was don't eat until you reach your goal. Now the details I will not give its a secret b... Read more

  • Task at hand

    10/10/2017 9:47:43 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Starting is difficult . when I was away there distractions were out of reach being home I have every bit of poison I can think of that delivers .... Read more

  • Its a new month new goal

    10/1/2017 1:35:58 PM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    My plans to go stay with my brother didn't go as planned. I picked myself up dusted myself off regrouped I'm focused I will succeed.I have learne... Read more

  • Starting back Up Again!

    9/25/2017 10:53:13 PM, by JMCKELLARSR

    Will work on daily movement and exercise. Will also start my blog again. Want to start be entering blog weekly, then monthly beginning late Oct... Read more

  • Fall '17

    9/2/2017 9:56:12 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Its back on the grind this summer was not what I expected at all . I learned a lot about me people around me. Who is really in my corner who is n... Read more

  • Summer '17

    8/20/2017 10:46:43 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    This summer was a eye opener for one I found a way to make my dream a reality. I tasted success it was good I know what motivates me . I now know... Read more

  • Summer17

    8/5/2017 9:35:27 PM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    It's the weekend healing &preparing for my next step ... Read more

  • Summer17

    8/4/2017 9:38:03 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Did you miss Me? A lot has gone on let me first say I never gave up I'm a fighter till the end I believe in this fight I lost my pops so I neede... Read more

  • 314.5 with more to go??

    7/22/2017 4:56:44 PM, by DEMO_FAT

    The scale, my truth bringer and ever present mechanism to reminds me what direction I need to go; showed me this morning that I have a lot more w... Read more

  • Summer '17

    7/4/2017 9:08:58 PM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Happy birthday USA . still in fail mood sugar 101 weight433. Eat real food today its a new month New goals to reach .back home come Sept. So I mu... Read more

  • Summer '17

    7/1/2017 11:46:21 PM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Not my self right now sugar90weight429... Read more

  • Summer '17

    6/30/2017 10:33:01 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    So much on my mind sugar 93 weight430 must stay focused... Read more

  • Summer '17

    6/30/2017 12:24:31 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Today I have heavy heart. My sugar101weight426.8 getting there. I have tryed many times I lose weight this time before I started I thought very h... Read more

  • Summer '17

    6/26/2017 9:47:35 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Its a new week last of the month I have put in work this month I aim to end this month strong dancing of these pounds old school hip hop away the... Read more

  • Summer '17

    6/25/2017 10:46:11 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Moving foward y mood is good.yesterday had a fantastic workout hung all day with mad scientist talked about how I will be maintaining my new self... Read more

  • Summer '17

    6/25/2017 10:46:07 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Moving foward my mood is good.yesterday had a fantastic workout hung all day with mad scientist talked about how I will be maintaining my new sel... Read more

  • Summer '17

    6/23/2017 1:13:43 PM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Here we go a move in the right direction.this morning blood sugar 94 it is staying in the right area when I eat nothing ha ha the trick will be r... Read more

  • Summer '17

    6/22/2017 10:28:09 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Well I have been tested the presure was intense I almost gave up . I thought being a fat guy is not that bad there are worst things . only I reme... Read more

  • Summer '17

    6/21/2017 11:25:23 PM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Time for bed blood sugar119 looking forward to morning weight while watching tv did lots of curls I feel it in arms the gun show is on dreaming o... Read more

  • Summer '17

    6/21/2017 10:40:20 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Mad but still determined sugar at a all time low 95 the weight440.2 . WTF! Worked out hard yesterday I am going o sweat like a mule today only dr... Read more

  • Summer '17

    6/20/2017 9:59:20 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    I asked for a small sign to keep my spirts up that's just what I got blood was 106 that's great weight as439 out of the 440s. Yesterday I sweated... Read more

  • Summer '17

    6/19/2017 10:33:00 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    This is making me up set I have a habit first I rant and rage then I do something stupid today I rant . 115 blood sugar weight 440. I have been a... Read more

  • Summer '17

    6/16/2017 9:26:15 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Good morning sugar106 weight440 its a good day to sweat . sweat is fat crying!... Read more

  • Summer '17

    6/15/2017 9:33:14 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Its another day time to get on my grind blood sugar116weight441 word of the day is workhard!... Read more

  • Summer '17

    6/14/2017 11:09:35 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Woke up to hear more killing in our great country.truly sad I have done some killing my self , Fat cause I beat down some more pounds... Read more

  • Summer '17

    6/13/2017 10:19:49 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Made it but for me home is here in the Bush until I finish his jurney. Blood sugar 119 weight444.8 I am on fire seeing a lot of friends and famil... Read more

  • Summer '17

    6/13/2017 10:19:46 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Made it but for me home is here in the Bush until I finish his jurney. Blood sugar 119 weight444.8 I am on fire seeing a lot of friends and famil... Read more

  • Summer '17

    6/9/2017 7:42:15 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    This road trip is not starting out good should have left last night problem with ride now we are leaving at rush hour for a 8 hour ride to make a... Read more

  • Summer '17

    6/8/2017 10:43:16 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    I can and I will ! Thank God for another day blood sugar 158 weight 439.headed home just for a sec then back to the farm to grow a new me ... Read more

  • Summer '17

    6/7/2017 11:44:52 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Thank you for all encouragement. But I come to far to quit or die! I have lots to do each stip brings me closer to victory. My fighting in the st... Read more

  • Summer '17

    6/6/2017 11:05:39 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Don't get cocky sugar was 194 this morning weight 445 ! I not happy about it but minnor thing the juice did taste sweet . but I had a conversatio... Read more

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