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  • Three year journey

    1/15/2018 6:45:38 PM, by TRACKDOG

    Today marks the three year journey to better health. ... Read more

  • 5k

    3/6/2016 5:04:21 PM, by TRACKDOG

    Crossing the finish line , I didn't think it would fe... Read more

  • 5k

    3/6/2016 3:57:31 PM, by TRACKDOG

    I did it I ran a 5k this morning , it's not that much of a big deal most days I run twice as far , but this is HUGE ! . You see a little over a y... Read more

  • 5k

    2/27/2016 11:12:05 AM, by TRACKDOG

    Well it's official I signed up for a 5k next weekend , there's no turning back now.... Read more

  • Thinking about doing a 5k

    2/15/2016 7:56:37 PM, by TRACKDOG

    I am thinking about doing the st. Patrick's day 5k ,Most days I walk a 10k but I have never run.this is a fun run so I think it would be a good s... Read more

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