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Blogs by Members of SP Class of June 23-29, 2013

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  • Exercising for the Win!

    6/23/2018 3:41:48 PM, by MDMP2013

    My son had a baseball game this morning. I knew thi... Read more

  • Small Steps

    6/18/2018 10:27:14 AM, by MDMP2013

    In a world where instant gratification has become the norm, it's hard to wait for and continue on when you don't get quick results. I want to los... Read more

  • Afternoons...

    6/17/2018 12:04:28 PM, by MDMP2013

    are so hard. Well, frankly, evenings are too. I have got into the exercise routine. I've even added 30 minute workouts a few times a week, instea... Read more

  • Bedtime Routine

    6/13/2018 10:38:08 AM, by MDMP2013

    Exercise - done Lunch out with friends - Olive Garden - Carbo load- planning to get a lunch entree and only one breadstick!!! Mak... Read more

  • Snack-a-lackin

    6/12/2018 11:01:07 AM, by MDMP2013

    Certainly remains a struggle. Schools out and I'm out of my routine. With that comes my ability to eat when I want. When school's in session, I'm... Read more

  • Health and Fitness Journal/Planner - Is it worth the time?

    6/11/2018 11:40:33 AM, by MDMP2013

    I'm contemplating starting a health/fitness journal or planner. I thought about using just a 3 ring notebook and pages I copy off the computer, b... Read more

  • Upper GI Scope

    6/9/2018 9:05:22 AM, by MDMP2013

    After several years of acid indigestion, I'm going to have an upper GI scope. OTC meds don't do much. So doc thinks that we need to check things ... Read more

  • Doctor Tomorrow

    6/6/2018 10:32:23 AM, by MDMP2013

    Time to go for my yearly physical. I am not a fan of going to the doctor, but I know it's a necessity. Time to step on their scale (cringe) and h... Read more

  • Lunch...

    6/4/2018 12:44:06 PM, by MDMP2013

    Actually stuck to my plan a little today. How bout ... Read more

  • FriYAY

    6/1/2018 3:48:27 PM, by ADF1981

    It's Friday! And I don't even know why I'm excited because it's summer and that doesn't mean squat. I've been enjoying this first week of summe... Read more

  • Starting the week off right

    5/28/2018 5:49:31 PM, by ADF1981

    They say never miss a Monday. I walked and completed my workout for today. Food is on track too. I'm really excited and anxious about these ne... Read more

  • Hello summer break

    5/27/2018 10:48:25 AM, by ADF1981

    I told y'all this was going to be a busy week in my last blog and that proved to be so true. I had to be flexible with days and timing of workou... Read more

  • Monday, and it was a good one

    5/21/2018 8:31:45 PM, by ADF1981

    Not being sarcastic either! Today was a good Monday. It's the beginning of the last week of school. Hello summer. I've got a busy week ahead ... Read more

  • Finally, TGIF

    5/18/2018 10:09:30 PM, by ADF1981

    I'm so glad it's Friday. My weekends aren't much different than week days, but it's just more relaxed. This weekend is not a treat meal weekend... Read more

  • The week is a blur

    5/16/2018 11:03:02 PM, by ADF1981

    This week is going by so fast. I try to remember to blog on days that I strength train as a way of getting back into a routine of journaling. I... Read more

  • This weekend's weigh in

    5/14/2018 10:48:46 AM, by ADF1981

    I weighed in Saturday morning and had a two pound loss. Not bad! Just a recap, I only weigh in every other week so that's a pound a week averag... Read more

  • Good workout today

    5/9/2018 3:30:35 PM, by ADF1981

    Today was the third workout since I made the last few changes. To recap, I felt like my workouts had become stretched out too long so I shortene... Read more

  • New week equals new chances to move forward

    5/7/2018 4:37:25 PM, by ADF1981

    It's Monday and a fresh start. I was on track this weekend with no treat meal. I stated in my last blog that I was going to relax, but decided ... Read more

  • Busy week, tired mama

    5/4/2018 12:39:53 PM, by ADF1981

    I haven't blogged much this week because I've been busy. Not in the passive, excuse kind of way that is often used but really going-going-going ... Read more

  • The weigh in

    5/1/2018 10:39:33 AM, by ADF1981

    I weighed in Saturday and had a 4 lb loss! I am so happy. It was more than I expected. On top of being an average of 2 lb a week when I only t... Read more

  • TGIF, we made it!

    4/27/2018 6:08:03 PM, by ADF1981

    I am glad that it is Friday! This weekend will be a busy one for us, but still glad that it is here. I've completed all 3 strength training wor... Read more

  • 2 workouts into the week

    4/25/2018 11:11:30 AM, by ADF1981

    It's hump day. I've completed two of my three strength training workouts for the week. I feel empowered at the moment so I'm holding on to this... Read more

  • A new week, let's do this

    4/23/2018 12:19:01 PM, by ADF1981

    Oh Monday. It's raining. The school bus was 30 minutes late. My dogs took forever to poop in the rain this morning. I got 6 hours of sleep la... Read more

  • TGIF

    4/20/2018 6:20:08 PM, by ADF1981

    What a week! It's been a good week. Very productive, but I'm tired! Everyday I try to get something completed whether it's on my to do list or... Read more

  • The new routine

    4/19/2018 9:51:36 AM, by ADF1981

    This week is going well. I'm on track with food, staying in my calorie range, and sticking to my new workout routine. I still forgot to time my... Read more

  • New week, same goals

    4/16/2018 8:06:57 PM, by ADF1981

    I had my first treat meal in about two weeks on Saturday. If you read my last blogs, then you know I was debating on skipping because everyone w... Read more

  • Back to strength training finally

    4/12/2018 11:57:56 AM, by ADF1981

    So after feeling run down for over a week, I'm back to doing my strength training workouts. I felt much better yesterday and got a lot done. Al... Read more

  • Tuesday rambles

    4/10/2018 9:18:02 AM, by ADF1981

    Yesterday was good and on track. Stayed in my calorie range by avoiding the popcorn. It's funny how when I eat something everyday it's hard to ... Read more

  • Still at it

    4/9/2018 11:51:07 AM, by ADF1981

    Hey there. I'm still around. I've been doing pretty well overall. Last week, I did not strength train. My allergies have me feeling a little ... Read more

  • Time to focus

    4/5/2018 11:41:04 AM, by ADF1981

    Last week was busy and full of food. It was really hard for me to stay focused. I did good when I could with food, but at the beginning of this... Read more

  • I miss my morning coffee...

    4/1/2018 11:33:40 AM, by MDMP2013

    Day 2 of no coffee. Trying to eliminate items that might be causing my acid reflux. I miss my coffee. I tried ginger and peach Bigelow tea yester... Read more

  • Eggs, chocolate eggs

    3/30/2018 11:26:44 AM, by ADF1981

    I'm not completely on track this week. Like I mentioned Wednesday, this week has turned out to be a little more than I bargained for because I d... Read more

  • Week will be tougher with food than I thought

    3/28/2018 11:34:07 AM, by ADF1981

    I had planned to have a complete on track week with one treat meal, but failed to look at the whole picture. This week has 3 occasions involving... Read more

  • Said no to the last brownie

    3/27/2018 10:49:53 AM, by ADF1981

    I said no to the last brownie left over from Saturday night's treat meal. Even though everyone was asking me if I wanted it LOL. Thank goodness... Read more

  • Monday, Monday

    3/26/2018 12:26:50 PM, by ADF1981

    Last week was my first week back on a strength training routine. This week I am adding in some HIIT between rounds with my workouts. Today was ... Read more

  • Excited to move into week 2

    3/25/2018 10:52:29 AM, by ADF1981

    This week was a good week food wise. I was on track with one treat meal for the week which was last night. Because of our schedule this weekend... Read more

  • Non-scale victories and avoiding the scale

    3/24/2018 10:21:46 AM, by ADF1981

    I've wrote a few times on here that I've been avoiding the scale. I am trying to focus on other changes and not step on the scale so often. In ... Read more

  • That "day 3" milestone

    3/22/2018 10:24:59 AM, by ADF1981

    Today is "Day 3". Probably means nothing to most, but for me it's one of those little milestones. This is the beginning of the third day of eat... Read more

  • On track

    3/21/2018 9:33:45 AM, by ADF1981

    Glad to say yesterday I was on track! I logged all of my food and stayed with in my calorie range. It was on the high end of the range suggeste... Read more

  • Today is already good

    3/20/2018 9:20:50 AM, by ADF1981

    Yesterday just felt "doomed" from the start to not be on track. Pleased to say there are no tempting leftover birthday desserts in the house. S... Read more

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