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  • A time to keep pushing

    4/26/2018 6:25:15 AM, by NICOLENCCU

    So i been so stressed recently and ive gained 30+pounds. But now it's time to get up and do something about it. I will no longer be the Fat that'... Read more

  • Getting Back On Track

    7/8/2017 7:22:52 PM, by TAMMYD45

    Okay, it is time I start to take my health seriously. Yes I may need a powerchair, but there is still things I can do. And who knows, I may be ab... Read more

  • Finally Will Be Back Online Tomorrow

    11/8/2016 12:31:24 AM, by TAMMYD45

    Oh my everyone. I am so sorry for the long delay in posting. Anywho, I am on tonight to let you know that I will have full internet tomo... Read more

  • Long Time No See :)

    12/29/2015 5:26:15 PM, by TAMMYD45

    Stopping in to post to my blog and some of my teams. Part of the reason that I was absent is that I was without unlimited internet and was depend... Read more

  • Sorry For My Absence

    10/26/2014 4:53:05 PM, by TAMMYD45

    I have been going through a lot lately. I have been having troubles with my heart racing for a few years now, and it keeps progressing as time go... Read more

  • MIA! BUT IM BACK! :)

    9/20/2013 12:53:44 PM, by CAITLYNRACHEL9

    Greetings to those viewing this blog! So, I haven't been on this page in quite some time!!! I was so busy at the beginning of this year ... Read more

  • Bought A New Tablet

    9/8/2013 11:50:36 PM, by TAMMYD45

    Since I have been absent for a week or so, I have bought me a new tablet. I got it for $70 off of Amazon. I have a confession to make: I am an Am... Read more

  • Emotions Lately

    8/11/2013 5:10:35 AM, by TAMMYD45

    I have kind of slipped off the bandwagon, but still ended up losing 12 lbs :) The problem is that despite the weight loss I am eating al... Read more

  • Will Be 43 Tuesday

    7/1/2013 6:06:51 AM, by TAMMYD45

    I cannot believe my birthday is here already. But it is and I will be 43. Someone told me the other day that I am still young. My mind agree but ... Read more

  • It Has Been A Few Days

    6/14/2013 1:56:38 AM, by TAMMYD45

    Well, I have been to my doctor and I have not lost any weight, but the good news is I did not gain either. So I guess that is something positive.... Read more

  • A New Day

    5/29/2013 3:56:29 AM, by TAMMYD45

    It is one in the morning my time. I tracked my food and exercise yesterday, and trying to track my water intake. Water is not my favorite drink, ... Read more

  • Doing Good

    5/28/2013 6:05:12 PM, by TAMMYD45

    I need to start tracking my food in here. I keep forgetting to enter it. With that being said, I think I have done real well for the past few day... Read more

  • ARG!!!!!!!!! It's been 6 months!

    5/26/2013 4:43:42 PM, by RETRACING-STEPS

    Three months of complete gloom due to separating from my spouse was the first half of that. Then the misery didn't really go away. And now I'm (u... Read more

  • Updates All Around

    5/23/2013 9:29:51 PM, by BASSOONMAGIC237

    Hello! I sort of fell of the band wagon with blog writing. Not being able to do it on my phone makes it difficult but I will try to get bett... Read more

  • My First Blog Entry :)

    5/22/2013 4:08:24 PM, by TAMMYD45

    Okay, I do not think I have ever made a blog entry in any of the three times I signed back up for SP, so this is a first for me. I am wor... Read more

  • Couch to 5k Week 1 Day 2

    5/17/2013 3:46:54 PM, by BASSOONMAGIC237

    Just completed my week 1 day 2 of Couch to 5k! Overall it wasn't too bad. Today was a little harder than the first day but knowing that it is a m... Read more

  • Hell yeah

    4/21/2013 10:14:17 AM, by GANDE_

    So I'm almost halfway there. I'm under 80 kgs (which was my goal for april 1st) I got there now. I am so happy that it was only 20 days late t... Read more

  • How Fast Can I (Learn to) Run?

    4/5/2013 3:56:08 PM, by GANDE_

    I have come to the conclusion I want to run in two races this year. Two races called "iForm" (inShape) and "Alt for damerne - kvindeløb" (All for... Read more

  • 25% down

    3/2/2013 4:07:40 AM, by GANDE_

    Wow... Simply wow... This morning I reached a new low for now.. 85,5 kg. That means I have lost 8.5 kg in 2 months. That is 25 % of my planned we... Read more

  • Wow.. what a time

    2/22/2013 6:43:01 AM, by GANDE_

    I've been sooooooo busy since last time... I've power worked out and then I just finished two weeks of only 4 hours of sleep because I needed to ... Read more

  • The Plan

    1/31/2013 11:59:49 AM, by ANIKA_BELLE

    After my last blog post, I took everyone’s advice. I talked to my parents first when we were all calm this morning. Last night, I made a plan f... Read more

  • I Hate My Parents!

    1/30/2013 6:02:38 PM, by ANIKA_BELLE

    It’s no secret to anyone that I have gained 20 pounds in the past year. Contrary to what my parents think, their constant nagging on the subject... Read more

  • Adipex?

    1/28/2013 2:53:32 PM, by CAITLYNRACHEL9

    Hey all! So i just had a meeting with my doctor and needless to say it didnt go all that well.... I broke down in alligator tears! :( ... Read more

  • Ups and downs

    1/15/2013 7:44:49 AM, by GANDE_

    So... I've lost 3 kg.. Or I had... I gained 1 kg back when I wanted to celebrate my last final being over. But still 2 kg off. I've also started ... Read more

  • First day without chocolate

    1/7/2013 7:27:25 PM, by GANDE_

    Is what I would like to write. But then I noticed as I wrote it that I at maltesers. Not just one malteser, but an entire bag of maltesers. I kno... Read more

  • shoot.. :/

    1/4/2013 3:22:02 PM, by CAITLYNRACHEL9

    Hey all.. Apperently, my go 2 when I am stressed and depressed and just don't know what to do is fast food and pop... (coke to be speci... Read more

  • New Years Resolutions..

    1/1/2013 3:49:53 PM, by CAITLYNRACHEL9

    Good afternoon everyone!! I hope you all had an awesome New years!! So, its that time of year again.....I have had numerous people ... Read more

  • Low Fat/Low Sugar Goodies Buffet

    12/31/2012 10:58:17 PM, by ANIKA_BELLE

    I wanted to surprise my mom today. She has a day off from work tomorrow for New Years. If there's one thing she hates doing, it's cooking when ... Read more

  • Thank God for SparkPeople!

    12/30/2012 11:14:30 PM, by ANIKA_BELLE

    Yesterday, I posted a blog on SparkPeople about how my dad was really mean to me, and didn't understand what I was going through. What I got was... Read more

  • I Hate My Family!

    12/29/2012 7:04:59 PM, by ANIKA_BELLE

    I have been dying to make an Oreo pie ever since I saw a picture of it on Pinterest. After my cousin made some Oreo truffles, I decided to try t... Read more

  • Scrapbooking Can Be A Powerful Momento

    12/28/2012 5:48:33 PM, by ANIKA_BELLE

    With the new year approaching, I'm not the only one (well maybe I am in our SparkPeople community) who wants to slack off for the last few days o... Read more

  • good website?

    12/27/2012 2:08:42 PM, by CAITLYNRACHEL9

    Hey everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your holidays!!! :) I am feeling pretty good. Joshua bought me grease dance for the ps3 so i... Read more

  • ouch... who would have thought?

    12/22/2012 12:57:19 PM, by CAITLYNRACHEL9

    Hi Everyone! So, since I have been on a wanting to get healthy kick... Read more

  • Beginning

    12/1/2012 3:20:09 AM, by PRINCESSDOVE

    Hi i am just an ordinary girl who needs inspiration to just stay on track. my goal is to loose weight in 12 weeks and live a healthy lifestyle... Read more

  • oh....MY!!!! :(

    11/27/2012 12:05:26 PM, by CAITLYNRACHEL9

    How discouraging is that?! I have officially fallen off the bandwagon!! I have been doing so great with eating, maybe not the healt... Read more

  • Meatless Monday?--please read!

    11/26/2012 9:42:37 PM, by CAITLYNRACHEL9

    Good evening everyone!!!! Hope you all had a great day! I am considering starting a "meatless monday" trend! Although for lunch I had left... Read more

  • Zumbaaa!

    11/24/2012 3:24:03 PM, by CAITLYNRACHEL9

    Hi Everyone!! I am feeling great! oh my!!!! My fiance and I went out shopping lastnight, and I bought a playstation move for only 30 doll... Read more

  • I need to get back on track :(

    11/12/2012 8:30:18 AM, by CAITLYNRACHEL9

    Good Morning Everyone!! I feel like I was doing so great over the summer.. I was feeling great, motivated to exercise and eat right, and ke... Read more

  • Long time no see!

    11/8/2012 12:44:36 PM, by EKPETE01

    I'm back... maybe for a day maybe until I reach my goal. I've been in a rough mood lately and I'm subscribed on facebook and saw a post from spa... Read more

  • depressed

    11/4/2012 12:44:02 AM, by SDELISFORT100

    I am just so depressed about everything and I just don't know why I keep trying things I know don't work. What am I even trying? :(... Read more

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