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  • Haiku of the Day

    6/4/2018 6:16:35 AM, by ADDISONLJONES

    Haiku #155 (of 365): It’s time, they tell me— time to swim. Open the pool and let us go in! Read more

  • Saturday Sunday

    6/3/2018 7:28:30 AM, by RO2BENT

    Good sailing yesterday but sore. Might not get much in today with light wind.... Read more

  • Today's Haiku

    6/3/2018 6:53:02 AM, by ADDISONLJONES

    Haiku #154 (of 365): Loneliness is not the worst thing; togetherness can be just awful.... Read more

  • Friday Saturday

    6/2/2018 8:02:30 AM, by RO2BENT

    Only one race yesterday due to almost no wind, but we have it this AM so we should get a lot of sailing in today. Third round of antibiotics are ... Read more

  • Haiku of the Day

    6/2/2018 5:23:35 AM, by ADDISONLJONES

    Haiku #153 (of 365): She paints her toenails clamshell pink, the way her mom did when she was small. Read more

  • Thursday Friday

    6/1/2018 3:27:55 PM, by RO2BENT

    Short work day, visited my bud up from Florida, drove to Detroit, fancy dinner yesterday. Up and at em sailing this AM and afternoon.... Read more

  • Haiku of the Day

    6/1/2018 5:27:55 AM, by ADDISONLJONES

    Haiku #152 (of 365): In her silent room in the darkness of the night the TV glows blue. Read more

  • Wednesday Thursday

    5/31/2018 6:37:49 AM, by RO2BENT

    Did a good amount of catch-up work yesterday and then had an easy evening but I did not sleep well. Fortunately work is not stressful and I’m lea... Read more

  • Today's Haiku

    5/31/2018 6:31:43 AM, by ADDISONLJONES

    Haiku #151 (of 365): Itchy, watery, allergy eyes are the bane of her existence. ... Read more

  • Happy Hump Day!

    5/30/2018 1:00:58 PM, by KILIKI

    Hello fellow Sparklers! I'm FINALLY starting to feel like normal again! Whatever normal is....lol It's only been 3.5 weeks! Goodness. I can... Read more

  • Today's Haiku

    5/30/2018 6:34:35 AM, by ADDISONLJONES

    Haiku #150 (of 365): I wear my Fitbit every day without fail. I’ve become its slave.... Read more

  • Tuesday Wednesday

    5/30/2018 5:51:59 AM, by RO2BENT

    Did some catching up at work, hoping for more today, just in time for taking a day and a half off!... Read more

  • Monday Tuesday

    5/29/2018 6:32:34 AM, by RO2BENT

    Well we didn’t end up visiting any friends or family yesterday so we had a nice family day and wash the cars. Off to work we are now allowed to w... Read more

  • Sleep and Me: An Unhappy Friendship

    5/29/2018 6:23:05 AM, by ADDISONLJONES

    I’ve never been a good sleeper. Even as a child, I don’t recall ever feeling well rested in the morning, and when people talk about “waking ... Read more

  • Today's Haiku

    5/29/2018 5:31:09 AM, by ADDISONLJONES

    Haiku #149 (of 365): The field fills with folks: fluttering, flummoxed, flirting, frolicking outdoors. ... Read more

  • Sunday Monday

    5/28/2018 9:48:21 AM, by RO2BENT

    A fair amount of driving yesterday but nice times visiting friends and family. Hope to see more today. Donating blood this AM.... Read more

  • Haiku of the Day -- #148

    5/28/2018 5:21:51 AM, by ADDISONLJONES

    Haiku #148 (of 365): The small, yappy dog sits in the window, watching the world rushing by.... Read more

  • Saturday Sunday

    5/27/2018 9:34:31 AM, by RO2BENT

    Took it easy yesterday still in recovery mode, went out to dinner with friends and family, too much beer. More visiting this afternoon.... Read more

  • Today's Haiku

    5/27/2018 5:20:45 AM, by ADDISONLJONES

    Haiku #147 (of 365): The child’s voice echoes— horror-filled screams at her dad for taking her toy. ... Read more

  • Friday Saturday

    5/26/2018 9:13:56 AM, by RO2BENT

    Still busy at work, email was offline all day so had to work on my phone, finally clicked the "work offline" button on a separate tab and it conn... Read more

  • Haiku of the Day

    5/26/2018 7:12:55 AM, by ADDISONLJONES

    Haiku #146 (of 365): There’s a humming sound coming from somewhere outside or just in his mind.... Read more

  • Thursday Friday

    5/25/2018 6:16:58 AM, by RO2BENT

    Not too busy at work yesterday other than a four hour meeting but got a lot done after work. Hoping to get a few more done this morning for train... Read more

  • Today's Haiku

    5/25/2018 5:18:08 AM, by ADDISONLJONES

    Haiku #145 (of 365): The Winged Nike faces down the gusting wind— on to victory. Read more

  • Good Morning!

    5/24/2018 10:58:00 AM, by KILIKI

    Good morning all my fellow sparklers! I know it's been awhile, but I've not been feeling up to par. I've been feeling more like thi... Read more

  • Today's Haiku

    5/24/2018 7:28:33 AM, by ADDISONLJONES

    Haiku #144 (of 365): The images fly past her eyes as she tries (and fails) to fall asleep... Read more

  • Wednesday Thursday

    5/24/2018 6:18:05 AM, by RO2BENT

    Another jampacked day at work yesterday but I’m hoping to leave at least a little early today even though I have a Thanh of backlog emails and wa... Read more

  • S.A.D.

    5/23/2018 6:36:08 AM, by ADDISONLJONES

    Lots of people get depressed during the cold winter months—so many, in fact, that there’s a name for it: seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. ... Read more

  • Tuesday Wednesday

    5/23/2018 6:32:23 AM, by RO2BENT

    This has been an incredibly busy week and it looks like it will be all week. I was super crabby last night and I’m not sure why I know partly bec... Read more

  • Today's Haiku

    5/23/2018 6:31:15 AM, by ADDISONLJONES

    Haiku #143 (of 365): Black and white photos of people she’d never met but loved anyway. Read more

  • Haiku of the Day

    5/22/2018 7:05:10 AM, by ADDISONLJONES

    Haiku #142 (of 365): Open your eyes, man. The possibilities are everywhere now. ... Read more

  • Monday Tuesday

    5/22/2018 5:46:57 AM, by RO2BENT

    Nonstop at work yesterday with my boss being out and prepping for monthly meeting with directors this week. Quiet evening other than prepping mor... Read more

  • Sunday Monday

    5/21/2018 6:39:19 AM, by RO2BENT

    Well I hit 30,000 steps yesterday between walking around before My 10K and then walking around even more after and then doing chores around the h... Read more

  • Today's Haiku

    5/21/2018 6:16:25 AM, by ADDISONLJONES

    Haiku #141 (of 365): We could be happy, together, she told him, but then he just walked out.... Read more

  • Saturday Sunday

    5/20/2018 1:06:39 PM, by RO2BENT

    Busy day yesterday with 5k then birthday party for middle who turned 10. To sleep a little early for a weekend, would like to have been earlier. ... Read more

  • Haiku of the Day

    5/20/2018 6:51:14 AM, by ADDISONLJONES

    Haiku #140 (of 365): It feels as if the rain will never end these days. Where has the sun gone? ... Read more

  • On “Spring” Cleaning

    5/19/2018 6:20:08 AM, by ADDISONLJONES

    I was throwing out all my hoarded-up paper and assorted and sundry trash, trying to get myself organized, and vacuuming behind those tough-to-mov... Read more

  • Haiku of the Day

    5/19/2018 5:17:14 AM, by ADDISONLJONES

    Haiku #139 (of 365): The pantry beckons: so many cookies and cakes, just waiting for her.... Read more

  • Friday Saturday Sunday

    5/19/2018 4:17:54 AM, by RO2BENT

    Short and busy work day yesterday then picked up race packets and visited family up from Fla more. Antibiotics side effect hit me so I was comple... Read more

  • Haiku of the Day

    5/18/2018 7:08:48 AM, by ADDISONLJONES

    Haiku #138 (of 365): She stirs the soup pot and she is brought back in time to the wild frontier. Read more

  • Thursday Friday

    5/18/2018 6:22:07 AM, by RO2BENT

    Excellent day at Cedar point yesterday got there before the park open most of the rides had short lines and I mean really short and it was sunny ... Read more

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