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  • Three inches off in just one week

    6/6/2017 8:41:36 AM, by LHUNTER313

    So, that’s week one of SparkPeople and I’ve managed to lose a total of three inches plus half a pound in weight. Go, me! It might not be a h... Read more

  • Day one proper

    1/12/2015 5:47:52 PM, by HEATHERMOMO

    Not a bad day today. Salad for lunch, healthy option readymeal for dinner and a challenging Nordic walk this evening. If I can keep this up I'll ... Read more

  • New Year New Start

    1/10/2015 12:52:44 PM, by HEATHERMOMO

    I'm sure I'm not the only one to be using that particular title, but really I'm not thinking of the new year starting in January but preparing fo... Read more

  • Burst of joy

    9/16/2013 11:20:59 PM, by OURLADYOFGRACE

    The picture in the background is a lovely place called Oban in Scotland. If you are ever in Scotland it certainly worth visiting. My others pict... Read more

  • conversation

    9/16/2013 7:32:40 PM, by OURLADYOFGRACE

    having a conversation with myself. I am trying, do not discount my effort, is only perfection acceptable. is every small thing not enough. n... Read more

  • The same old day or is it

    9/16/2013 1:54:51 PM, by OURLADYOFGRACE

    the same old day or is it. What can i do differently today? I can focus on the positive: good night sleep, out with friends yesterday, did not bu... Read more

  • A good day

    9/14/2013 7:22:04 PM, by OURLADYOFGRACE

    I started my day with pinto beans. I did not eat out today, i walked for one hour. The best part of my day was getting four hours away; that... Read more

  • my sense of humour

    9/13/2013 6:45:31 PM, by OURLADYOFGRACE

    HELLO ALL, Since everyone has a different sense of humour I am not sure about posting the website that I found. The chive is the name o... Read more

  • appreciation

    9/12/2013 9:20:22 PM, by OURLADYOFGRACE

    I am not in the habit of acknowledging positive things that happen in my life. I have always been attuned to note the negative. being raised in a... Read more

  • avoiding

    9/12/2013 2:52:19 AM, by OURLADYOFGRACE

    A funny thought but a problem and a problem which is causing me trouble. I am still avoiding working on my avoidance issues. It i could tackl... Read more

  • Emotion

    9/12/2013 1:35:47 AM, by OURLADYOFGRACE

    I am experiencing a flurry of negative thoughts. How do you control these destructive emotions, how do you blow out the negative fuse. I paint th... Read more

  • Absent

    9/11/2013 11:15:21 AM, by OURLADYOFGRACE

    Life gets in the way. I have neglected this website for quite some time. I do not know what i have done but i must have been something else.... Read more

  • Annoyance

    8/5/2013 11:53:57 PM, by OURLADYOFGRACE

    As most caregivers know, not everyone in your family is willing to put in the amount of time you sacrifice for your loved one. My mother would be... Read more

  • Days of stress

    8/5/2013 11:40:47 PM, by OURLADYOFGRACE

    I am a care giver for my mother who has dementia. Last friday a bed came available in private care home. It was mainly my decision as to whether... Read more

  • ups and downs of life

    8/3/2013 2:19:32 AM, by OURLADYOFGRACE

    I have some critical decisions to make. Decisions of this magnitude create a desire to use food actually candy as a balm against the stress. So f... Read more

  • scales

    7/26/2013 1:27:19 PM, by OURLADYOFGRACE

    I am going to have buy a new scale or get glasses, i am guessing my weight, i just can not see the number. Good luck to everyone today ... Read more

  • AH!!!!!!

    7/24/2013 3:53:05 PM, by OURLADYOFGRACE

    this is my day off from care giving, i should be enjoying the break but all i am experiencing is stress. I can not calm my mind. When i have no p... Read more

  • 12 miles this week and counting

    7/4/2013 6:36:58 PM, by PURPLESPELLS

    Doesn't sound a lot but when you add it to my gym work and aquafit (and somewhere fitting in work 5 days a week) for me it's pretty good. V... Read more

  • To do

    4/6/2013 6:08:28 AM, by SMARTOAK

    Here's to letting go of to-do lists. It's not working too well yet... The sun is shining, it's Saturday morning, I'm sitting in bed, listening ... Read more

  • ... and focus.

    4/3/2013 7:32:04 PM, by SMARTOAK

    The issue is that I've stopped trusting that this is all very possible. I'm over 10kg down, but the next 10 seem like too much to ask. Not sure w... Read more

  • It's all going to pot...

    4/3/2013 5:12:04 PM, by SMARTOAK

    Hello world, it's all been a bit hard recently. First, I spent 3 days asleep with a fever (Wed-Fri) followed by another sat in bed (Sat), th... Read more

  • Meet the new me

    3/29/2013 7:50:17 PM, by SMARTOAK

    So, I've spent 3 full days in bed with the flu and have done nothing but sleep (all of Wednesday, most of yesterday) listen to Miss Marple on iPl... Read more

  • I'm walking a little taller today

    2/12/2013 6:14:09 PM, by GOLFCHICK2-0

    I had one of the ladies at my gym approach me after Zumba class last night. I've seen her off and on but only when her friend was also there. I n... Read more

  • The Master Cleanse???

    1/30/2013 12:19:49 PM, by BEX525T

    Is Anyone doing this right now? I've only just started day one of the ease in & that's already tough enough!! :-) Any buddies or tips & tricks ar... Read more

  • Jan 28

    1/28/2013 10:32:13 AM, by SEAWITCHBLUE

    I'm so bad at keeping this blog up. But I get fed up with SP sometimes cos I forget to log in although I'm on the site every da. , 5days ago I'd ... Read more

  • Be strong. Spark on!!

    1/19/2013 5:47:52 PM, by GOLFCHICK2-0

    New Year's was a couple weeks ago. Already, the gym is a little less crowded. Resolutions don't have enough... resolve for many people. I have to... Read more

  • Ben Nevis Midnight Challenge for Alzheimer's Society

    12/26/2012 8:52:34 AM, by ROADKILLBARBIE

    Hey folks, I know this isn't the best time of year to be throwing this at you all, but I won't be doing this till June so you have plenty of time... Read more

  • Honesty is best. I had to reset my weight... up!

    11/13/2012 1:00:22 PM, by GOLFCHICK2-0

    From time to time we all lose focus. For me, this spring I started a new sport. I am now participating in the Heavy Athletics of Scottish Highlan... Read more

  • New level reached level 16

    10/29/2012 6:00:05 AM, by SEAWITCHBLUE

    Things still looking good. Renewed my gym membership which means I"ll use it at least Once a week. Off to a line dancing weekend in Newtonmore... Read more

  • Sept

    9/17/2012 3:30:07 AM, by PIPERGRAN

    Morning All losing a little at a time so guess this is good even if only couple of ounces at a time I am not going to dwell on this,I just want t... Read more

  • Exercise

    9/6/2012 4:08:15 AM, by PIPERGRAN

    Morning still trying to be good not able to go to gym at present due to Health Issues, but hopefully I will be able to after surgery in a few mon... Read more

  • Scales vs my body

    9/4/2012 2:39:08 AM, by PIPERGRAN

    I decided to weigh again this am with clothes on to see if I would weigh what I had figured out yesterday weighing in undies and adding 3lb.Wrong... Read more

  • Listen and Learn..{from fellow sparkers!!}

    9/3/2012 6:55:38 PM, by -SHE-WOLF-

    I was going to hide from my blog tonight due to the last blog post i made w... Read more

  • Here we go again

    9/3/2012 3:40:46 AM, by PIPERGRAN

    Morning all my sparky friends, well one week ago today I found out either I was wrong or the scale was, so I decided it was probably a little of ... Read more

  • DING...The lightbulb is on..

    9/1/2012 7:35:10 PM, by -SHE-WOLF-

    Okay, so it's no secret that i have been having trouble being selfish and p... Read more


    8/29/2012 4:04:38 AM, by PIPERGRAN

    I have reset my weight to the same as the Doctors minus the heavy 2.5 heavy suede shoes put new batteries in the old scales really cannot afford... Read more


    8/29/2012 4:04:38 AM, by PIPERGRAN

    I have reset my weight to the same as the Doctors minus the heavy 2.5 heavy suede shoes put new batteries in the old scales really cannot afford... Read more

  • Scales

    8/28/2012 7:59:01 AM, by PIPERGRAN

    I am so disappointed about my weight but will just have to get on with it as unlike other attempts to lose weight I am determined to succeed this... Read more

  • Need new scales or new eyeglasses

    8/28/2012 3:10:44 AM, by PIPERGRAN

    Either my scales are wacky or my eyesight I am going to make appointment this morning to have the eyes checked had to visit gynecologist yesterda... Read more

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