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Blogs by Members of SP Class of May 6-12, 2012

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  • Easter 2018

    4/1/2018 4:44:49 AM, by CREATEJOY2

    so here it is early Easter morning and nothing has go... Read more

  • Happy Chinese New Year

    2/17/2018 10:23:26 AM, by LINDAK25

    Happy Chinese New Year! (Okay, so I'm a day late.) ... Read more

  • Still Tracking--Starting Week #2

    2/9/2018 2:02:59 PM, by LINDAK25

    I'm still tracking. Hard to believe, but I made it... Read more

  • Tracking Again

    2/3/2018 2:35:31 PM, by LINDAK25

    I’ve been Sparking since May 2012. In the first six months I lost 40 pounds. I’ve spent the remainder of that time gaining 32 pounds back. What h... Read more

  • 1/29/18

    1/29/2018 6:19:44 PM, by CREATEJOY2

    I've got to get better at remembering to blog everyda... Read more

  • day 1....again

    1/16/2018 8:00:33 AM, by CREATEJOY2

    so i fell off the bandwagon. i got depressed and i figured it didnt matter anyways. i let other people decide who I was and I hate it. today I a... Read more

  • Wow it's been along time

    1/1/2018 3:06:47 PM, by CRISTALITE

    HEY ALL It's been a long long time, I kind of miss Sparking with my people. lol Welp nothing much has changed really regarding this weight i... Read more

  • Day 7

    11/29/2017 5:56:10 PM, by CREATEJOY2

    Took my 2 favorite boys for a walk and now getring re... Read more

  • day 6

    11/28/2017 8:49:40 PM, by CREATEJOY2

    I've managed to make it to the pool everyday its open for the last week and a half. I went from struggling to continue to move to swimming very s... Read more

  • day 5

    11/27/2017 11:03:25 PM, by CREATEJOY2

    I think I'm liking this new way of living. the key is... Read more

  • Thanksgiving

    11/24/2017 3:14:55 AM, by CREATEJOY2

    Most people are extremely excited to get together wit... Read more

  • you gotta start somewhere

    11/21/2017 10:31:09 AM, by CREATEJOY2

    so i stepped in the scale this morning and it read 17... Read more

  • Pop physic

    10/12/2017 1:29:38 AM, by LSTOREY30

    So i have completed 5 pop physic classes. It is hard and full body work out. I hate doing the arms and legs but i feel that eventually those will... Read more

  • What the

    9/18/2017 12:33:11 AM, by LSTOREY30

    Cut my calories by cutting out refined sugar and desserts. Less than 1300 calories today and had a lot of energy to play with my kids and run aro... Read more

  • Stressed and depressed

    8/25/2017 10:37:22 PM, by LSTOREY30

    I find myself over whelmed with emotion and stressed over my job. I then sabotage my weight loss and friendships. I think i need therapy to be su... Read more

  • Ah, cheater

    8/25/2017 8:44:43 PM, by LSTOREY30

    So I usually walk places with a friend of mine. She is always way up in her steps and I feel like such a slacker. I wonder to myself, if she eats... Read more

  • That didnt take long

    8/3/2017 1:22:07 AM, by LSTOREY30

    Fell off the wagon. Man i was feeling good and healthy. I was eating right and losing weight and i decided one day to stop. I figured i would get... Read more

  • Beach date with my boy

    7/12/2017 3:46:39 PM, by LSTOREY30

    Celebrated my son. Just cuz. We went to dinner and wa... Read more

  • Saweeet

    7/7/2017 1:16:23 AM, by LSTOREY30

    Okay I am starting a new 30 day challange for me tomorrow. When i crave sugar and treats i will eat fruit to satisfy the craving. I did well with... Read more

  • Losing

    6/25/2017 10:58:26 PM, by LSTOREY30

    So slowly I am losing. I am at 18 pounds down and shooting for 2 more this week. Working out is the last thing I want to do. But when i go out in... Read more

  • Finally

    6/18/2017 11:31:04 AM, by LSTOREY30

    I finally lost weight. I gained from my 16 lb. Loss and felt really down. Weighed myself yesterday and lost the weight plus 1 pound. Total weight... Read more

  • Protein

    6/15/2017 9:35:14 PM, by LSTOREY30

    Who knew that plant based protein could be so filling. I find myself craving less carbs and sugar too. Hopefully i can keep this up... Read more

  • That was hard

    6/14/2017 10:24:12 PM, by LSTOREY30

    I did another 30 minutes today and i wanted to quit 3... Read more

  • Membership Time

    6/13/2017 7:49:17 PM, by HOTSTARGOSSIP

    I'm going to be joining planet fitness next month and looking for another gym partner. So anyone on spark that live in or around Everett, Wa pl... Read more

  • Good day

    6/12/2017 11:13:49 PM, by LSTOREY30

    I stayed on track with my calories today. I am excited to get comfortable with the hunger pains again and learn to eat when truely hungry. Lookin... Read more

  • Kept my promise.

    6/11/2017 11:44:58 AM, by LSTOREY30

    I told my spark family last night that i promised to ... Read more

  • Pizza

    6/10/2017 10:51:04 PM, by LSTOREY30

    I have been really jonesing for pizza. I ate pizza. I would ha e been fine if i had not ate poptarts this morning. Why did my husband bring that ... Read more

  • Good day

    6/7/2017 7:22:14 PM, by LSTOREY30

    Went out to breakfast and ikea and joked and talked with my husband. Went to the grocery store and coffee shop and had a good time. Man, having a... Read more

  • Doctors visit

    6/6/2017 12:59:56 PM, by LSTOREY30

    Had a doctors appointment. In good health but says im still eating too many calories and need more cardio. Going to work with their nutritionists... Read more

  • Im struggling

    6/4/2017 1:14:24 AM, by LSTOREY30

    I am having cravings for carbs and fats. I have found it hard to stay on the correct path. I am going to challenge myself for 1 month to stay awa... Read more

  • Breakfast

    6/2/2017 12:06:28 AM, by LSTOREY30

    I read an article that stayed those who eat more carbs and protien for breakfast eat less through out the day. I love breakfast. I just need to a... Read more

  • Spark points

    5/31/2017 9:24:20 AM, by LSTOREY30

    I have been lacking motivation. I have been reading posts and articles about being motivated and making changes. One motivational step was to get... Read more

  • Still not getting any where

    5/30/2017 11:56:09 PM, by LSTOREY30

    Have not lost weight this month. Really feeling down ... Read more

  • Got out today

    5/29/2017 11:16:55 PM, by LSTOREY30

    I finally got out and played with the kids today. I have been good at counting my calories and tracking food. I am working to get motivated and k... Read more

  • Overcast and dewy. I love it.

    5/9/2017 3:33:16 PM, by LSTOREY30

    Walking a long the over.cast.beach that was preparing... Read more

  • Little people

    4/30/2017 10:58:11 PM, by LSTOREY30

    I have been exhausted lately. Unable to even meet my ... Read more

  • Costa Rica

    4/28/2017 10:06:17 AM, by LSTOREY30

    So upon speaking to my mother yesterday, I have decided to join the family for my cousins wedding in June 2018. I have a family of 6 i will be ta... Read more

  • Tired.

    4/26/2017 12:32:36 AM, by LSTOREY30

    I am so tired lately, yet I still go outside and get my 4,000 steps in. I am on a coffee fast. It is not helping.... Read more

  • Ducks

    4/24/2017 1:46:35 AM, by LSTOREY30

    Jenneniaz here are your ducks... Read more

  • Goal time

    4/24/2017 1:06:38 AM, by LSTOREY30

    I have made the goal to lose 5lbs by the end of May. I'm going to do it.... Read more

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