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    6/2/2018 8:24:02 PM, by BCURTIS26

    Time to start losing some pounds for gate river 15k... Read more

  • Life

    5/21/2018 9:15:36 PM, by KERRYG155

    Our lives have been filled with babysitting two granddaughters who are 14 months apart but we haven't seen much of them the last few weeks so may... Read more

  • Weight loss "compliments"

    4/28/2018 12:29:46 PM, by SUMMERDAISY11

    Ok, so maybe I am not your usual dieter. The truth is that I feel very uncomfortable when someone comments on my body. They may see it as a posi... Read more

  • My journey

    4/24/2018 10:47:18 AM, by MSBONNIEP

    I'm married at 19 and weighed 132 pounds. At 24 I had... Read more

  • Hoping and praying and aging

    4/24/2018 10:20:27 AM, by MSBONNIEP

    I used to ski and play golf and do high dives Etc. Somewhere along the line my back started hurting. A lot of us probably have the same problem. ... Read more

  • Holidays

    4/1/2018 12:46:29 PM, by KERRYG155

    I guess I'll have to admit to some depression for the last 6 months or so. I probably started feeling blue when we left Lincoln and most of my fa... Read more

  • How I Made it Through my Plateau

    3/7/2018 8:57:14 AM, by -RESAMARIE

    Sometimes I feel very, very upset when the scale goes up a few pounds. It's like "Where did that come from?" I have come to the conclusion that w... Read more

  • Card night

    2/25/2018 2:00:13 PM, by MSBONNIEP

    I've had card night at my house for the last 10 years once a month. Everybody bring something to eat. Last night I made a casserole which I just ... Read more

  • The Mediterranean Way is the Only Way for Me

    2/17/2018 11:57:42 AM, by -RESAMARIE

    The only way I lose with is not only adding aerobic exercise but to eat more vegetables and fewer carbs. I do not crave sugar...YAY...but little ... Read more

  • Water exercise

    2/5/2018 10:28:18 AM, by EZRASMEMAW64

    Last Thursday our new activities director began an exercise class for every Thursday. We sorta just picked different exercises to do while in the... Read more

  • Ready Set Go

    1/29/2018 5:19:07 PM, by EZRASMEMAW64

    Now that my birthday is over I am ready to really get started and get going on this journey.... Read more

  • Have I really missed this many day?

    1/23/2018 10:29:51 AM, by JIMA64

    Wow it has been so long. I let the excuses pile up from Christmas till today. Record cold weather combined with slushy rain at times kept me in... Read more

  • Food groups

    1/19/2018 6:32:36 PM, by MSBONNIEP

    Would somebody please tell me how you make a food group. Thank you.... Read more

  • January 13,2018

    1/13/2018 12:54:05 PM, by ASKAGGS5

    Woooohooo I’m down 8 pounds!!! It don’t seem like much but it is for me!!! Today is going to be great and everyday after today... Read more

  • First day back. AGAIN!

    1/13/2018 11:23:17 AM, by DAWN27367

    It just feels like my life gets so busy,and taking time for myself is the last thing I think about. Life has just flown by and I have had very li... Read more

  • January 12,2018

    1/12/2018 7:49:45 AM, by ASKAGGS5

    Well I have made it a whole week with logging every food and drink and snack!!!! That is a big milestone for me and I’ve also seen where a big po... Read more

  • New Grandparents.-1/11/2018

    1/11/2018 4:51:53 PM, by CAROL6X

    Well, my husband and I are new grandparents. My son's wife gave birth this morning to a 6lb 7oz baby girl. They are resting(the parents). They al... Read more

  • January 11,2018

    1/11/2018 6:54:18 AM, by ASKAGGS5

    So the last 2 days I haven’t gotten my water intake in but I have been eating veggies so I guess that’s alright. I atleast know I’m not drinking ... Read more

  • January 10,2018

    1/10/2018 7:14:30 AM, by ASKAGGS5

    I’m proud of myself I have logged everyday so far and I have increased my water intake and made sure I’ve done 30 minutes of excercise a day ... Read more

  • January 9,2018

    1/9/2018 8:02:44 AM, by ASKAGGS5

    So I got my 8 cups of water yesterday!!! I’m aiming for that again today. I also tracked every bit of food and drink yesterday too which was a bi... Read more

  • January 8th 2018

    1/8/2018 8:07:28 AM, by ASKAGGS5

    My goal today is going to be trying to get 8 glasses of water in. So far I’ve got 2 and it’s 8:07 am!!! Update it’s 4:11 pm and I got all 8 cup... Read more

  • I’m back

    1/7/2018 5:31:36 PM, by ASKAGGS5

    So I took a year off from here because I was concentrating on a health issue called Diastasis Recti(separation of the abs) I got it from having m... Read more

  • Here I am... again. :(

    1/2/2018 3:47:29 PM, by LRN2LVME

    It sneaks up a little at a time. You miss a day on SP which turns into two. Then you think you're ok because you aren't gaining anything and you ... Read more

  • New year...Yay!

    1/1/2018 10:42:08 PM, by -SUGARKISSES-

    I'm so happy it's a new year! I am prepared to start fresh and leave the past behind me. After reading all of the awesome blogs on goal setting a... Read more

  • New Year a New Me

    1/1/2018 5:02:31 PM, by EZRASMEMAW64

    With the start of 2018 I am trying to reboot my thinking about my lifestyle. I want to add reasonable amount of exercise., reasonable healthy e... Read more

  • New Year Same me but better than yesterday

    1/1/2018 2:57:08 PM, by CPHORTON

    Mental Health: see my therapist regularly, meditation ... Read more

  • Christmas again?!!

    12/23/2017 10:20:24 PM, by KERRYG155

    How did it get here so quickly? I think my trip back to Nebraska to spend more than a week with family. My sister put together a great Thanksgiv... Read more

  • Frustration

    12/11/2017 7:27:41 PM, by EZRASMEMAW64

    Frustration sets in often. I seem to get frustrated in several areas. 1. New lifestyle which includes exercising and eating. 2. Time with friends... Read more

  • Frustration

    12/11/2017 7:26:15 PM, by EZRASMEMAW64

    Frustration sets in often. I seem to get frustrated in several areas. 1. New lifestyle which includes exercising and eating. 2. Time with friend... Read more

  • Never skip a Monday workout

    11/27/2017 5:24:49 PM, by CPHORTON

    I read a few post that said never miss a Monday workou... Read more

  • New ideas

    11/18/2017 8:18:32 PM, by EZRASMEMAW64

    Play in the pool at least 2x a week. Dance. Do Thi Chi 1 or 2x a week. Do my hip exercises 3 to 5x a week. Once I am able to do this I wi... Read more

  • Scale ain't moving but

    11/18/2017 6:58:10 PM, by CPHORTON

    My size 2x shirt is getting big on me yessss. Staying... Read more

  • at my start

    11/15/2017 6:43:16 PM, by EZRASMEMAW64

    I am starting for the umteenth time. I seem to get along for a little while, but, then "the scale" doesn't seem to move and I get discouraged. Wh... Read more

  • Alone

    11/15/2017 3:53:19 PM, by KDENARD1

    The weight loss journey is a lonely one. Sometimes I just want someone to walk with. I have many friends who ask how are you doing it. My reply i... Read more

  • Hard making a nutrition change

    11/5/2017 11:21:07 PM, by CPHORTON

    I'm working on making some food choice changes. I don't have refrigerator space enough for meal prep unfortunately. I don't want to eat the same ... Read more

  • Half Marathon? Me?

    11/5/2017 3:54:20 AM, by USHAMATT

    Goodness! I didn't realise how long it's been since I was on here. I'm in Oxford, England now, working on a PhD. Jogging has become my favour... Read more

  • A little encouragement at the gym this morning...

    11/2/2017 4:40:06 PM, by MS8WOTW

    So, today, I really didn't want to get up and go to the gym at 5 am, but I pushed through, and am so glad I went. The gym has a chalkboard wall ... Read more

  • Day 1

    10/23/2017 1:02:46 PM, by FRANKLIN222

    Life is a crazy adventure. There are always things to derail you from your path. It is too easy to be down on yourself when life happens. Two mar... Read more

  • Ending the year strong

    10/17/2017 6:42:16 PM, by -SUGARKISSES-

    Hello Spark Friends! I've been having some money issues lately, but after finally getting caught back up, I am ab... Read more

  • Back again

    10/15/2017 4:52:02 PM, by MSBONNIEP

    I haven't tracked my food for quite a while and I've gained weight. So I'm starting again. Today so far so good. Going to do this one day at a ti... Read more

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