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  • A little crow

    1/18/2018 1:50:56 PM, by SHINIGAN

    So I haven't weighed myself for a while. I decided to give myself a pass over the Holidays because life's too short, and one of the reasons I wor... Read more

  • Happy new year

    12/26/2017 8:37:53 AM, by KESTRYLL

    I wish everyone a happy new year. May it be filled with many healthful decisions... Read more

  • Merry Christmas

    12/20/2017 1:07:34 AM, by KESTRYLL

    Have a Merry Christmas, all, I have to work but at least I will be with the ones I love!... Read more

  • Back on the Wagon

    10/11/2017 5:04:42 PM, by SHINIGAN

    FREE FOOD Yeah, try to walk away from that! Last week was Customer Service Week, so we had free food every day. Donuts, dilly bars, Panera.... Read more

  • New page?

    10/3/2017 4:34:44 PM, by SHINIGAN

    I haven't blogged about my food lately, I have not been very well behaved. But I will write about that later. I am just very excited about some... Read more

  • "Plan your work, and work your plan."

    9/21/2017 10:28:37 AM, by SHINIGAN

    In Mary Kay they taught us a saying "Plan your work, and work your plan." Last week for I tried winging my meal plan and tracking it to see how ... Read more

  • Small victories

    9/14/2017 3:03:15 PM, by SHINIGAN

    I am an emotional eater. When I am stressed, tired, depressed, happy, content, sad, okay if I have any feeling whatsoever I crave food. Definit... Read more

  • Bad eating + lots of activity does not = good health

    9/13/2017 9:49:01 AM, by SHINIGAN

    So I suspect that fatigue is something that could be a delayed reaction just like the muscle pain that strikes the second day after a hard workou... Read more

  • The scale...

    9/8/2017 10:40:31 AM, by SHINIGAN

    So as promised I would test my eating habits with the scale today. Actually I "weigh" myself every couple of days. That old scale had started to... Read more

  • I Love Carbs

    9/7/2017 10:54:54 AM, by SHINIGAN

    So, its maybe too soon to tell, but I think I may have my magic numbers, 50/30/20. I felt really good in my 7 mile run yesterday morning, an 8:1... Read more

  • Redo

    9/5/2017 5:56:05 PM, by SHINIGAN

    So I'm readjusting my diet plan. I did not hit a wall with my training and I did have ample energy for my race yesterday, but I noticed other th... Read more

  • Carbs

    8/30/2017 5:21:40 PM, by SHINIGAN

    Okay, Day 4 on my 40/30/30 plan. I just tweaked my calorie target today a little bit, because I want a small calorie deficit, and was eating jus... Read more

  • Macro Nurtrients

    8/29/2017 12:35:07 PM, by SHINIGAN

    So I spent WAY too much time Saturday figuring out a 7 day meal plan that: 1) Fit a 40/30/30 macronutrient split with carbs 40, protein and ... Read more

  • Streaking

    8/25/2017 5:48:54 PM, by SHINIGAN

    So I just noticed, today is day 5 of a running streak. I have been wanting to get one started where I run at least 1 mile per day. I have gotten... Read more

  • Copy paste

    8/24/2017 5:00:54 PM, by SHINIGAN

    Reading back over my blogs and looking at the time stamps I feel like I could just copy and paste some of them here and be done. LOL, well that'... Read more

  • Have a great weekend

    8/10/2017 9:05:38 AM, by KESTRYLL

    I am off this weekend! Have to try to find something cool to do! It will go by too fast lol... Read more

  • Beach Day

    8/5/2017 9:22:30 AM, by KESTRYLL

    Going to the beach today. I am on vacation in Florida visiting my daughter and the family. We are going to New Smyrna Beach.... Read more

  • Happy birthday to me!

    6/7/2017 9:56:11 AM, by KESTRYLL

    My birthday today and I am 58 years young! Get to work 12 hours today but on Saturday, we are going to the lake! Have a great day everyone... Read more

  • I'm baa-aack!

    5/29/2017 2:15:51 PM, by SHAZPATT

    It's been a long while since I've been around here. I have managed to put on about 20lbs and this week I have had a couple of wake up calls. No... Read more

  • Happy Easter

    4/16/2017 2:04:27 PM, by KESTRYLL

    I hope everyone has a great Easter and eats lots of good stuff. I have to work today, my job doesn't care if there are holidays or not LOL Hospit... Read more

  • Funeral and a Wedding

    3/8/2017 9:52:48 AM, by KESTRYLL

    We were so happy planning the wedding of my son and then we got the news that my brother had passed away. So Friday, we will bury my brother and ... Read more

  • Getting better

    3/3/2017 1:11:25 AM, by KESTRYLL

    As I work out more and more, I have more energy and am losing more weight. I love the feeling and love Planet Fitness.... Read more

  • Planet Fitness Workout

    2/11/2017 10:00:40 AM, by KESTRYLL

    I am up to three miles on the treadmill and I love tanning there, too. They have an awesome aqua message bed and I love that after a good work ou... Read more

  • Working Out

    2/1/2017 11:12:48 AM, by KESTRYLL

    I have been going to Planet Fitness every dau this month and I enjoy it. I have made progress and I enjoy being around since good people. I also ... Read more

  • Back on track

    1/17/2017 5:47:01 PM, by RSPAPRIL281

    Those who know me know I hate exercise and love food and wine or booze. This lifestyle has led to my illnesses and my weight gain, I am considere... Read more

  • Happy New Year

    12/31/2016 10:21:55 AM, by KESTRYLL

    Happy New Year to my Spark friends. I have joined Planet Fitness so my goal of another ten pounds lighter my be reachable. I am working tonight s... Read more

  • Miss My Grandchildren

    12/26/2016 10:28:58 AM, by KESTRYLL

    Christmas was good but I sure missed my four grandchildren. They keep things lively and my mind off of other things. Can't wait to see them in Ma... Read more

  • Happy Holidays

    12/23/2016 11:11:23 AM, by KESTRYLL

    This is my first Christmas Eve and Christmas day off in many years and I don't expect any more for a few years. That happens when you work at a h... Read more

  • Merry Christmas

    12/12/2016 10:57:10 AM, by KESTRYLL

    Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our house to yours.... Read more

  • Rewarding Travel

    8/6/2016 12:01:24 AM, by DEWNESS

    Spent the week with my husband in Las Vegas. It was a business trip, but we certainly made it fun! No kids. Fun shows. AMAZING food!!! I didn't t... Read more

  • Grands Visit

    7/14/2016 10:08:02 AM, by KESTRYLL

    The grandchildren are with us for three weeks. I love when they are here, we sure do alot of exercising while they are here. Today we are walking... Read more

  • Fourth Of July

    7/2/2016 10:01:40 AM, by KESTRYLL

    Happy Fourth of July Weekend. We have the Madison Regatta her. Ofcourse, us locals have to work for a living! Have a great weekend!... Read more

  • Prayers For Orlando

    6/14/2016 11:58:47 AM, by KESTRYLL

    My heart goes out for the victims of the Orlando shootings. I have family there and it worries me often.... Read more

  • Goals: CHECK! Others still in progress

    5/14/2016 6:08:44 PM, by MGVJUBB

    Well, I've done it. I checked off 2 of my goals. On Ap... Read more

  • The Black and White Polka-Dotted Dress

    2/29/2016 5:47:08 PM, by MGVJUBB

    We went to a wedding last night, and I wore a really pretty black and white polka-dotted dress that I haven't been able to wear since we got marr... Read more

  • 6 Months In...

    2/16/2016 9:39:46 AM, by MGVJUBB

    Thursday was my little guy's 6 month check-up (not the... Read more

  • Company support

    2/10/2016 7:52:21 AM, by PEG6600

    Just read the article on standing desk. My company has them. Not just some departments, all. I am going to be 50 this year and I have the achi... Read more

  • So mad

    1/24/2016 12:47:29 PM, by KESTRYLL

    I love playing trivia on sparkpeople and pride myself on having a good score. Today I clicked false then answer and the screen jumped to true and... Read more

  • Busy days

    1/10/2016 12:27:16 AM, by MGVJUBB

    It's been a rough week. Kind of cruddy for running. I ran Tuesday, but that's it. Monday we had to take the baby to the ER after he fell and hit ... Read more

  • 2016 Goals

    1/3/2016 4:26:08 PM, by MGVJUBB

    I'm not writing Resolutions. Resolutions just get broken or forgotten by Feb. 1. No, this year I'm setting Goals. Goals are specific, measurable,... Read more

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