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  • Blah!

    6/19/2018 6:13:07 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Heat got to me last evening ……… isn't even officially summer and it was a miserable night! Thankfully there won't be a repeat! Have a meetin... Read more

  • World Cup Fever!

    6/18/2018 11:04:20 PM, by AHTRAP

    So there aren't many perks to unemployment, but being able to watch World Cup soccer games during the day, when they're being played in Russia, w... Read more

  • Not too shabby......

    6/18/2018 5:59:55 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Event went well though I did get a mild sunburn (better round up that sunscreen that I know I have around the house for next time)……...the worst ... Read more

  • Hectic Saturday coming up......

    6/15/2018 6:19:49 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Actually had to drop some activities to focus on more pressing ones - some weeks are feast, and others......well, not so much...… At least t... Read more

  • A slight derailment.......

    6/13/2018 6:15:23 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    …..but not without a "good side" - after several years of not being able to do so, I gave blood yesterday, which meant the usual post-donation "a... Read more

  • Interesting observation........

    6/12/2018 6:01:43 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Tried a piece of cake yesterday - the kind that would regularly trip me up (chocolate, ya know)……...and I did NOT find it all that fantastic! Som... Read more

  • Step it up?

    6/11/2018 3:15:57 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Sounds like a good idea, doesn't it? And yet it's sooooooo challenging for many of us...……..for me, it seems that momentum grinds to a halt fairl... Read more

  • Hooligan adjacent

    6/9/2018 3:51:38 PM, by AHTRAP

    So the local soccer team I cheer for is AFC Ann Arbor, the Mighty Oak, who play in the NPSL, in the 4th tier of the US soccer pyramid (which begi... Read more

  • Relief and gratitude.......

    6/9/2018 9:20:18 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Major event went well - though my practical side didn't think there would be a problem, the emotional side wasn't quite so sure, so the sense of ... Read more

  • Status re: sweets

    6/8/2018 5:44:44 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Had a few small cookies last night (leftovers from earlier in the week) - but there's nothing left in the house as of now that can tempt me, and ... Read more

  • Semi-NSV......

    6/5/2018 3:27:06 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Had one slice of meringue pie last night, but DID successfully avoid the morning temptation that's been dogging me for some time now...….so I gue... Read more

  • Again?

    6/4/2018 3:44:25 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Yep! Again! This time I'm focusing on this aggravating devil "sweet tooth" that has been dogging me for some time now - there are things tha... Read more

  • Blah :(

    6/2/2018 7:48:06 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Since certain decisions were made by others, things have not been comfy @ home - need to figure how best to endure (weekends are the *worst*)……….... Read more

  • June Goals

    5/31/2018 11:12:13 AM, by WHYNOTSOON

    Here we are one month later! My goals for this month was to reach onderland and get out of the obese category. And the weight goal was 189. I did... Read more

  • So much for a daily entry

    5/31/2018 3:01:54 AM, by AHTRAP

    That notion pretty much died as soon as it was uttered, from a lack of thinks to say. And no, there's no typo in that previous sentence. But I ha... Read more

  • Woo-hoo!

    5/30/2018 6:11:21 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Finally did my normal floorwork routine - with NO discomfort at all …… no dizziness/lightheadedness - I'm *pleased as punch*! ... Read more

  • Monday - still chill (so far)

    5/28/2018 7:41:02 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    DD requested to "bond" - not sure how best to do so as she likes to go out to eat and I'm not feelin' the need to go out...…..and I also have one... Read more

  • Comfortable Sunday

    5/27/2018 7:28:40 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Rain came in as forecast - made for much better sleeping :) - the low-key weekend continues, which is fine......... Read more

  • First Goal

    5/26/2018 7:59:24 PM, by OKIEUPNORTH

    Every time I've tried to lose weight I have failed.... miserably. I would start out, see some results, be happy about those results, then that li... Read more

  • Holiday weekend

    5/26/2018 3:16:57 PM, by RASPBERRY56

    Nice mix of work and pleasure - got a semi-extended workout in (still no floor work, but maybe in a day or two I'll try again)……….a bit on the ho... Read more

  • Crimes against fashion and/or humanity

    5/25/2018 12:28:59 PM, by AHTRAP

    So my dad uses a lawn care service to keep the lawn m... Read more

  • Why can't people just THINK before they SPEAK?

    5/25/2018 5:59:26 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Have had to deal with a lot of "verbal garbage" being spewed lately - and I'm NOT HAVIN' ANY OF IT! NOT. ONE. BIT! ... Read more

  • Today was a good day

    5/24/2018 7:46:39 PM, by AHTRAP

    Perhaps I'm jinxing it by using the past tense at 7:3... Read more

  • So Let's Get (re)Started

    5/24/2018 1:03:37 PM, by OKIEUPNORTH

    My phone crashed awhile back and I forgot to download the SP app again.... I didn't even think about doing this online- just totally went blank! ... Read more

  • FRUIT!

    5/24/2018 5:55:40 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Family member bought a LOT of *fruit* yesterday - figures since for some unknown reason I'm not getting a lot of fruit in the ol' diet...…...hope... Read more

  • Notorious

    5/22/2018 8:18:17 PM, by AHTRAP

    Going to the Michigan Theater in a few minutes to watch a flick about a Supreme being, a wanna be super hero, and an all around Notorious charact... Read more

  • Tuesday

    5/22/2018 5:41:51 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Dizziness has stopped - but I'm still gonna play it safe and avoid floor exercise for a few more days (I do cardio with no issues)…...need to fig... Read more

  • ANOTHER lousy weekend........

    5/21/2018 5:51:16 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Was given info that REALLY TICKED ME OFF - and I'm not sure exactly how to handle it …….. there will be consequences, though - mark my words! ... Read more

  • Last day as the Answer

    5/20/2018 4:33:21 PM, by AHTRAP

    Douglas Adams, before he died, wrote a book called the The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, which is fortunate, because it would have been quite... Read more

  • Getting my Shakespeare on

    5/17/2018 11:13:01 PM, by AHTRAP

    Tonight's entertainment was predicated by a sponsored ad on Facebook. Most of the time, I ignore the sponsored ads, save to wonder why FB decided... Read more

  • Feel so slow

    5/15/2018 3:18:38 PM, by AHTRAP

    Peeking back at the entry from Sunday, seems like I was at a low point (hence the title, a take off on the beautifully sad Porcupine Tree song, F... Read more

  • Classic Monday :(

    5/15/2018 4:42:53 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Got the stressful issue handled quickly and nicely - but then the workplace pretty much hammered me with volume - thank goodness I didn't commit ... Read more


    5/14/2018 5:10:28 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Yet more tech issues (in a somewhat different sense) - this time it's gonna cost me WORK TIME (and I do NOT TOLERATE that well AT ALL)! Ther... Read more

  • The cycle, it is vicious

    5/13/2018 10:44:27 PM, by AHTRAP

    Had a day of celebrations today, what with Mother's Day coinciding with my parents' 45th anniversary. Add to that my nephew's birthday being tomo... Read more

  • "Today, it's all about YOU!"

    5/13/2018 1:52:57 PM, by _RAMONA

    Even before I was a 'mom' I realized some things... the need for 'mothering' and being 'mothered' is not bound by time, age, distance, or circums... Read more

  • Spark issues

    5/12/2018 5:48:11 PM, by BIGPAWSUP

    I had hoped to do a long blog to explain my comments earlier in the week. But as usual my plans are not working. Perhaps I’m just being sentime... Read more

  • So, ummm, err...

    5/11/2018 6:03:33 PM, by AHTRAP

    Issue with trying to post regularly is not having much of anything to say. There's a reason the blogs were so sporadic prior to last week ... Read more

  • If it is to be, it is up to me

    5/10/2018 5:00:17 PM, by AHTRAP

    It was an easy drive down to Columbus today. Decided against stopping to see something I'd also skipped when I was down here last month, due to i... Read more

  • In the dead of the night

    5/9/2018 11:58:44 PM, by AHTRAP

    Frankly, given my night owl tendencies, I've posted deader into the night before, but I'm putting up a pretense at a daily blog entry. Missed out... Read more

  • So tired

    5/8/2018 3:53:06 PM, by AHTRAP

    Ever had one of those days where the sun was shining, everything seemed lined up for success, and you were just unable to get things moving, just... Read more

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