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  • Sparkcoach assignment: Blog/write about why I want to lose weight and develop a healthy life style!

    6/20/2018 8:21:52 PM, by MERRYJO1

    I want to lose weight: (1) I don't like being fat; it affects my overall health and appearance. (2) I want to set a better example for my son and... Read more

  • Pruning my apple tree

    6/9/2018 1:15:21 AM, by MDSCOORD

    Our favorite apple tree began to die starting at the tips of the branches. It has been such a good tree producing huge amounts of apples for us t... Read more

  • June 3rd

    6/3/2018 3:15:28 PM, by GABRIEL1948

    Ate Mexican after church. I did best that I could. 2 Chicken tamales, rice and beans. Came home and tracked the best that I could. Was within ... Read more

  • June 2nd

    6/2/2018 6:09:38 PM, by GABRIEL1948

    Made it through the birthday party! I only ate a small triangle piece of watermelon!!!!! I'm so proud of myself😁Not even a whiff of my favorite ... Read more

  • June 2nd

    6/2/2018 11:58:28 AM, by GABRIEL1948

    Have been much better on plan this week.Hoping to see a loss Tuesday morning, hopefully at least one lb. Have birthday party to attend today, b... Read more

  • May 31st

    5/31/2018 8:19:57 PM, by GABRIEL1948

    Been on plan last two days. Feeling very hungry at the moment but no calories left. Guess i'll have a glass of water. I'm hoping I can stick... Read more

  • May 30th

    5/30/2018 1:07:40 PM, by GABRIEL1948

    New day. Trying again. Making my food portions smaller. Trying to eat less carbs and sugar. Eat more veggies and fruit & lean meat 3-4 oz.... Read more

  • May 29th

    5/29/2018 2:12:16 PM, by GABRIEL1948

    Well my week end was a diaster! I gained back the 3 lbs I had lost! Thankfully it's a new week. So I've got to make better healthier food choic... Read more

  • May 28th

    5/28/2018 12:29:47 PM, by GABRIEL1948

    Today is a new day! I will try again. But I'm so so tired of trying to loose weight. 70 years old and trying since I was 30! Seems when I'm on ... Read more

  • May 27th

    5/27/2018 6:10:22 PM, by GABRIEL1948

    Disappointed in myself! I didn't make this week end through on plan. Didn't track any food today and ate way off. First time since starting. ... Read more

  • Unpleasant Experience

    5/26/2018 5:01:09 PM, by PGHMIMI1

    Coming home from my mini vacation, I had a less than stellar experience with TSA at the airport. I TOTALLY get that they are trying to do their ... Read more

  • May 26th

    5/26/2018 4:27:34 PM, by GABRIEL1948

    Wow it's 93 F here today HOT! I much rather have cool weather I can't take this! Thank God for air conditioning. How did we ever stand it with ... Read more

  • May 25th

    5/25/2018 7:49:40 PM, by GABRIEL1948

    I've a big fellowship dinner to face Sunday Evening. They are truly hard to go to and not over eat. I'm hoping that I'll have the will power to... Read more

  • Mini Vacation

    5/25/2018 2:30:59 PM, by PGHMIMI1

    Well, I would like to share that I had 4 days of ON PLAN eating. But that would be less than truthful. I did not go off the rails, and I made g... Read more

  • Another Day The Lord has made !

    5/24/2018 12:13:31 PM, by GABRIEL1948

    I will rejoice and be happy in it! I have my meals all planned out for today, and within my calories range! I've never went over them yet! Tu... Read more

  • 5/23

    5/23/2018 3:33:34 PM, by GABRIEL1948

    Today is good. On plan so far. Week end coming up, hope I stay in my calorie range. Hard when eating out. But I will do my best. 3 lbs down ... Read more

  • Weight Loss

    5/22/2018 1:36:20 PM, by GABRIEL1948

    Was feeling very discouraged, doing stinkin thinkin about quitting! But then I weighed! I've lost 3 lbs since starting SP. It's been 3 weeks sinc... Read more

  • New

    5/21/2018 8:21:51 PM, by GABRIEL1948

    I have been trying to loose weight for I don't know how long. Seems my entire adult life. And I'm I'm 70! I'm giving it one last shot with Spar... Read more

  • Celebration

    5/18/2018 10:39:26 PM, by PGHMIMI1

    I was honored to be invited to an adoption celebration. The daughter and husband of my dear friend were never able to have a child of their own.... Read more

  • Small Sustainable Changes Have Worked For Ima!

    5/14/2018 7:05:50 PM, by IMAVISION

    521 306Read more

  • Retired?

    5/12/2018 4:57:47 PM, by PGHMIMI1

    I wasn’t READY, but due to health issues, I had to retire in Sept of 2017. I really wanted to work 2 more years, but I guess God had other plans... Read more

  • Eating Out

    5/11/2018 3:01:21 PM, by PGHMIMI1

    Two nights this week, I was invited to eat out with friends. Wednesday, we went to an old favorite, and beforehand, I pulled up the menu on line... Read more

  • Not sore!

    5/9/2018 9:04:47 AM, by PGHMIMI1

    It’s been a very long time since I was striving to be active. When I came home from Chair Yoga for Seniors (ha!) - I was sore. I was worried th... Read more

  • Chair Yoga

    5/8/2018 2:05:03 PM, by PGHMIMI1

    My second class. Oh. My. Goodness!!! I am one of the younger students in this class and these ladies KICKED MY BUTT! I came into it knowing th... Read more

  • Treating myself

    5/7/2018 8:16:57 PM, by PGHMIMI1

    My daughter and son-in-love and 2 grandsons live in another state - about a thousand miles away. The older grandson is always asking me to ‘come... Read more

  • Changing my mindset

    5/6/2018 7:59:05 PM, by PGHMIMI1

    In the past, if I ‘blew it’ on my diet, I threw in the towel. I would tell myself ‘I will just start again on Monday.’ There was always some VA... Read more

  • Small Victory

    5/5/2018 8:20:48 AM, by PGHMIMI1

    I like to shop. Which doesn’t necessarily mean that I am buying something. I just like to move around and people watch. A mall is a pretty saf... Read more

  • How has Sparkpeople helped me since I started!!

    5/4/2018 2:15:35 AM, by MERRYJO1

    I think I may have mentioned this before but to me it is huge! I no longer have food binges lasting several days....three days to a week. I may... Read more

  • Motivation

    5/3/2018 2:06:37 PM, by PGHMIMI1

    Yesterday was pretty much a rest day. I joined the monthly challenge (walking) so I did that at least. Today, I need to pull the Velcro off my ... Read more

  • Motivation

    5/3/2018 2:06:29 PM, by PGHMIMI1

    Yesterday was pretty much a rest day. I joined the monthly challenge (walking) so I did that at least. Today, I need to pull the Velcro off my ... Read more

  • Obstacles

    5/2/2018 7:59:47 PM, by PGHMIMI1

    I have a dear friend and I have always enjoyed hanging out with her. However, I forget that she is NOT active or interested (anymore) in being ... Read more

  • 2 blocks

    5/1/2018 8:27:20 AM, by PGHMIMI1

    This morning, I can remove 2 blocks from the wall of Legos. If I had to name those blocks, I would call #1 “Resistance to getting off the couch”... Read more

  • 2 blocks

    5/1/2018 8:26:52 AM, by PGHMIMI1

    This morning, I can remove 2 blocks from the wall of Legos. If I had to name those blocks, I would call #1 “Resistance to getting off the couch”... Read more

  • Changing it up!

    4/30/2018 10:02:43 AM, by PGHMIMI1

    I am feeling good this morning! (And maybe a little smug?) I have been getting OFF the couch and MOVING! This time last year, I had so much pa... Read more

  • Sunny Saturday - Sunny Attitude!

    4/28/2018 1:27:30 PM, by PGHMIMI1

    I guess that makes it sound like I have a gloomy attitude when it’s not sunny, but that is not true. (I would be in BIG trouble in PA if it was!... Read more

  • Eeeeek!

    4/26/2018 10:44:58 AM, by PGHMIMI1

    I am doing a keto diet. When I was reading the blogs last night, someone mentioned Noatmeal. I looked it up and it sounded good. There were 3 ... Read more

  • Planning to succeed

    4/25/2018 11:21:26 AM, by PGHMIMI1

    I was having brunch with my friend last week. She is one of these smart, super organized and efficient women. After brunch, we were going to th... Read more

  • Finding my motivation

    4/24/2018 2:34:20 PM, by PGHMIMI1

    I have been on many diets. Sometimes I have success for a time, and then, whomp! I am right back to where I started (or worse). A little over ... Read more

  • Still dragging a bit...

    4/23/2018 8:18:33 PM, by PGHMIMI1

    So, I had the opportunity to spend some time here today, reading articles and posts and checking my food log. I did a little research on the bes... Read more

  • Phil 4:19

    4/22/2018 4:02:31 PM, by LITTLEBLOSSOM47

    My son is coming home soon and even though I'm 7... Read more

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