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  • Unexpected Temporary Spring

    3/1/2018 8:10:21 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    We've had a few days of glorious spring "teaser" weather here . . . but apparently that's coming to an end later today with a return to winter as... Read more

  • Reading the Comments . . .

    2/28/2018 5:42:05 PM, by WATERMELLEN

    on my blog yesterday is at least as interesting as reading the blog! Thanks to every one of you who "weighed in". I value and respect your ... Read more

  • Should We/Can We Ignore Politics?

    2/27/2018 7:39:02 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    facturer/article3811... Read more

  • Now Back to Work!

    2/26/2018 8:21:15 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    There's a glorious pot of supper soup in the fridge . . . black bean and rice with tomato, corn, bell pepper and celery, carrot, onion, cilantro.... Read more

  • And: Back to Spark!!

    2/25/2018 11:53:58 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    What a wonderful break!! We were birding in Costa Rica and it was a fabulous two weeks. A birding company set up an itinerary for us (accommodat... Read more

  • Day 3

    2/20/2018 6:14:31 PM, by MRSGOETZMAN

    Well I usually update everything right before bed, but it’s only 5pm and I’m over my cals by 152. I do really good until someone offers me food I... Read more

  • Day 2

    2/20/2018 12:44:10 AM, by MRSGOETZMAN

    Not too shabby. Finished the day with 238 cals remaining for the day. I, however, may or may not have come across my kids’ Valentine’s Day candy ... Read more

  • Another try

    2/18/2018 10:49:22 PM, by MRSGOETZMAN

    Today is day 1. I got on the scale and it was 203.6. I haven’t weighed this much since I had my last baby. I’ve put most of the extra weight on o... Read more

  • Goals Review

    2/14/2018 3:26:53 PM, by CATREBEL

    I started 2018 with these fitness goals: 1.) run 4 days per week 2.) strength train and cross-train at least 2 days per week 3.) do yoga at... Read more

  • I asked!

    2/12/2018 1:59:17 PM, by PSALMISTLD

    So after major storms, I'm back! I was going to change my "profile statement" but thought better of it because 1. my reason remains the same... Read more

  • Spark Break

    2/11/2018 6:35:50 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    . . . . but I'll be back!... Read more

  • Friday!

    2/9/2018 5:56:01 PM, by WATERMELLEN

    I like Friday evenings. Pulling into my snowy driveway, safely home. And it's still light out there! The days are getting longer! Greet... Read more

  • Losing Friends When You Lose Weight

    2/8/2018 6:26:44 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    ct_key=d4e6f6b26aca2... Read more

  • The Post

    2/7/2018 6:12:07 PM, by WATERMELLEN

    the-post/22754/ Went to see Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks in The Post, sneaking out on a work nigh... Read more

  • Too Old to Wear Jeans?

    2/6/2018 7:55:26 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    old-wear-jeans-191226360.html I admit it: succumbed to the click bait. And: UK survey ind... Read more

  • Changing Up Exercise

    2/5/2018 7:58:57 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    Really feels good to change up the exercise a bit -- even if the exercise itself (sticky XC skiing) is less than optimal. I always prefer e... Read more

  • Second Ski!!

    2/4/2018 8:20:48 PM, by WATERMELLEN

    Got some fresh wax and tried skiing again today but . . . still not much glide. It was sticky and slow. Still wonderful to be out there in... Read more

  • First Ski

    2/3/2018 4:17:50 PM, by WATERMELLEN

    It was lovely to get out there . . . but gotta say, not optimal ski conditions. Not a whole lotta snow and my wax was all grip no glide. ... Read more

  • This Could be the Weekend . . .

    2/2/2018 7:56:41 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    . . . for a first XC ski!! Right now it's -20C and that's WAY too cold. But: we have some fresh snow, probably enough for skiing: and forec... Read more

  • Swiss Cheese

    2/1/2018 6:12:02 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    Really appreciated all of the sympathy and commiseration yesterday, Sparkies. I'm clearly not the ONLY one who finds this MAINtaining thing hard... Read more

  • Why Isn't This Easier????

    1/31/2018 7:07:01 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    JEANKNEE's thoughtful and detailed comment on yesterday's blog really caught my attention. Here's just a part of it. "I am keenly aware th... Read more

  • How Much More? Shout Out to KRISZTA11

    1/30/2018 7:30:22 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    al.asp?blog_id=6457494 How much more can I eat and still get away... Read more

  • Better Together

    1/29/2018 8:14:19 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    on/article37749290/ ... Read more

  • Split Pea Soup

    1/28/2018 10:00:39 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    Split pea is a French Canadian speciality. And it's been a long time since I made a pot. I decided to tweak the recipe. Some lean sausage... Read more

  • Learning to be Kinder

    1/27/2018 10:50:03 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    Kindness. The older I get the more I believe kindness is the fundamental ethical value. And learning to be kind? A life long process. ... Read more

  • AWOL

    1/26/2018 4:17:15 PM, by WATERMELLEN

    It's sunny. And mild here today: +2C. I coulda kept on working. But: I didn't. Came home, changed into my cords and warm sw... Read more

  • The Dorito Effect: Shout out to GENIE-B

    1/25/2018 9:14:01 PM, by WATERMELLEN

    al.asp?blog_id=6455859 Such a fascinating series of blogs reviewi... Read more

  • Carpe Diem

    1/24/2018 6:10:56 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    There was a tiny sliver of "nice" weather yesterday: +4C and sunny. And: it coincided with a break in my schedule. So I grabbed it for a lunch ... Read more

  • Dramatic Weather

    1/23/2018 8:08:29 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    We had bucketing rain AND lightening about 2:30 a.m., sustained for quite a while -- and although there's still a bit of snow out there this morn... Read more

  • "Lose 50% more with Premium"

    1/22/2018 7:59:15 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    That was the enticing promise on my Start page this morning. Didn't click to open the link but . . . I'm maybe a bit sceptical. I'm not a... Read more

  • Delights: 1CRAZYDOG!

    1/21/2018 9:59:34 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    Today for some reason my mouse is not permitting me to "right click" and "cut and paste": but I really wanted to provide the link to 1CRAZYDOG's ... Read more

  • A Long Day . . .

    1/20/2018 8:47:23 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    . . . stretches out enjoyably ahead of me. I was up early early because DH needed to head to the city for a day long program . . . And so ... Read more

  • Weight Loss Plateau and Strength Training

    1/18/2018 7:41:57 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    -loss-plateaus/article37591332/ Les... Read more

  • NUOVAELLE and the 5%

    1/17/2018 9:02:01 PM, by WATERMELLEN

    al.asp?blog_id=6451646 What a great blog by veteran (almost 9 yea... Read more

  • Finally a Run!

    1/17/2018 3:59:21 PM, by CATREBEL

    Tuesday morning we got another round of snow, about 2 inches on top of what we got last Friday. The previous snow/ice had not melted! This mornin... Read more

  • 50,000

    1/16/2018 8:08:02 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    Yes, I KNOW that (according to Trivia A) that's the average number of calories people burn cleaning their houses each year. OK then: there... Read more

  • 5th Day of No Running 😖

    1/15/2018 9:29:34 AM, by CATREBEL

    My last day to run outside was last Wednesday because of the weather! I do not have a treadmill and I have not been able to run outside because o... Read more

  • Blue Monday

    1/15/2018 8:19:40 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    pressing-day.html The third Monday ... Read more

  • Supper Soup!!

    1/14/2018 11:55:08 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    Decided on a pot of chicken noodle soup with broad egg noodles, lots of celery and carrots, mushrooms and fresh dill plus poultry seasoning, peas... Read more

  • Hit the Gym . . .

    1/13/2018 5:00:02 PM, by WATERMELLEN

    After three loads of laundry -- including sewing a button back on a favourite thick red cotton sweater. It was sunny here but still WAY too ... Read more

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