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  • Time Does Heal

    2/29/2016 8:14:00 AM, by SJHARRIS53

    Last October, horseback riding with three friends, Ombre, my Tennessee Walking Horse, fell near the end of the 12 mile trail. I was fine, but af... Read more

  • Choices and Consequences

    2/9/2016 8:26:00 AM, by SJHARRIS53

    Last night the call came that a former student, and son of a former coworker, had died of a drug overdose. He was raised in Christian home, with... Read more

  • Sometimes it's the Little Things....

    10/30/2015 9:02:28 PM, by SJHARRIS53

    My horse has been having lameness issues for the past five weeks. I have gone from having him barefoot and riding with boots to putting shoes on... Read more

  • Living in the 80s....

    8/31/2015 9:28:19 AM, by SJHARRIS53

    My grown children grew up in the 80s, and look at me dumbfounded at times when I don't have a clue about the music or movies of that period. I j... Read more

  • Morning on the Deck

    8/28/2015 8:05:11 AM, by SJHARRIS53

    Sitting on the deck each morning, coffee in hand, has become one of the favorite luxuries retirement has allowed me. Today it's overcast with a ... Read more

  • The Wait is Over! (But the Weight is Still Here...)

    8/24/2015 8:04:24 PM, by SJHARRIS53

    My new saddle is here! After the UPS man delivered it, I unpacked it and put it on a saddle stand and climbed aboard. Before I actually put it ... Read more

  • Going Custom!

    7/10/2015 8:37:59 PM, by SJHARRIS53

    After 14 months of lots of riding, my Tennessee Walker has muscled up quite a bit, to the point the saddle I purchased last year no longer fits h... Read more

  • Hollywood Has Come to Town!

    5/24/2015 6:23:49 PM, by SJHARRIS53

    Our little town, Ball Ground, Georgia, is abuzz with excitement, as it is one of the main locations for the filming of "Mena," a movie about th... Read more

  • Big South Fork

    4/21/2015 7:51:10 AM, by SJHARRIS53

    In November of 2013, a friend and I traveled to the Cumberland Plateau to ride horses in the Big South Fork Recreational Area in Tennessee, an ar... Read more

  • What used to embarrass me is now a trophy!

    3/18/2015 6:06:16 AM, by TARACHELLE

    I hated physical exertion in high school. I mean really HATED!! I opted to take chemistry over again as a senior rather than be forced to do PE... Read more

  • 18 workouts strong

    3/17/2015 1:16:02 AM, by TARACHELLE

    I read recently that it takes 21 days to start a new habit. I've been meeting my goal of a workout every morning and 30 min or cardio activity e... Read more

  • Long time 'eh?

    3/14/2015 10:56:05 AM, by JENNBY23

    Well.. Here it is... I am back... am I going to try hard to keep up on this again? Yes I am! Why did I stop last year, well that's simple.. Thin... Read more

  • Miracles

    3/12/2015 6:37:42 AM, by TARACHELLE

    I have started running. Now this is incredible. I refused to play basketball in high school even though I was 6 ft tall because my face turned r... Read more

  • First Yoga Class

    2/14/2015 10:21:24 AM, by SJHARRIS53

    My daughter invited me to attend a beginners' yoga class with her this morning. The instructor is one of her clients (my daughter is a massage t... Read more

  • Riding "High"

    2/9/2015 8:03:07 AM, by SJHARRIS53

    Last Friday, at my request, a gaited horse trainer/clinician came out to observe me ride Ombré. I wanted his honest feedback on both of us, and ... Read more

  • Endomondo App

    1/27/2015 10:12:31 PM, by SJHARRIS53

    One of my main goals this year is to maintain consistent exercise, and track what I do. One problem with the Spark Tracker is that it doesn't al... Read more

  • A Win Win!

    1/14/2015 1:14:18 PM, by SJHARRIS53

    Exercise is the reliable way to get my heart rate going, but finding a good bargain is a close second! The bulk of my grocery list is made up of... Read more

  • Five Years

    1/10/2015 9:12:29 AM, by SJHARRIS53

    I joined Spark People five years ago this week. I didn't begin to utilize this site until October of 2013, so for almost four years, I wasn't c... Read more

  • An Imperfect, Perfect Christmas

    12/26/2014 9:30:01 AM, by SJHARRIS53

    Colds and flu are to be expected this time of year, and our family is experiencing our share! Christmas Day, our middle daughter awoke with a 1... Read more

  • Resetting my Internal Clock

    12/14/2014 8:46:51 AM, by SJHARRIS53

    For close to thirty years, my alarm clock was set for 5:10 each weekday morning. I retired from teaching in June of 2013, and thought it might b... Read more

  • Game Plan for the Season of Overeating!

    12/1/2014 10:04:05 AM, by SJHARRIS53

    I looked back at my weight loss during November/December of last year... I was totally focused and distinctly remember going to parties and sippi... Read more

  • Life Long Learner

    11/25/2014 3:49:33 PM, by SJHARRIS53

    As a retired school teacher, I can fully appreciate the impact attitude has on a student's ability to succeed. I have taught gifted students who... Read more

  • The Gift of Each Day

    11/12/2014 7:49:42 AM, by SJHARRIS53

    Yesterday was a perfect fall day, one of those gifts that will be remembered once winter really settles in. Carole and I loaded our Tennessee Wa... Read more

  • Uphill/Downhill

    10/22/2014 9:23:05 PM, by SJHARRIS53

    Anyone who reads much of what I blog about here knows horses are an incredibly important part of my life. A year ago I got serious about losing... Read more

  • Record Rainfall

    10/14/2014 9:42:27 PM, by SJHARRIS53

    Torrential rains have preceded a cold front that has moved from Arkansas east to the Atlantic over the past few days. Last night and today, the ... Read more

  • Hmmm...

    10/10/2014 9:44:23 AM, by SJHARRIS53

    I am back to tracking my food, and have begun doing more traditional workouts like the treadmill along with my other usual daily physical activit... Read more

  • Discount Buying is Derailing Me!

    9/28/2014 9:40:46 AM, by SJHARRIS53

    For me, loving a bargain has recently proven detrimental to weight loss. Several months ago, I took advantage of a good deal on membership at on... Read more

  • Busy Retirement!

    9/21/2014 9:04:41 AM, by SJHARRIS53

    August marked the beginning of my second year of retirement, and my husband just ended his career in the lumber business begun by his grandfather... Read more

  • Inside or Outside Cat?

    9/14/2014 10:30:02 AM, by SJHARRIS53

    Meet Lucy, the newest member of our family: After years without a cat, ... Read more

  • Mountain Getaway

    8/26/2014 10:20:54 PM, by SJHARRIS53

    My DH and I were invited by friends to spend a few days with them in Helen, Georgia. It is a small mountain town that has been transformed to lo... Read more

  • Caution: Weight Loss Side Effects!

    8/5/2014 5:14:10 PM, by SJHARRIS53

    I often laugh at the commercials for medicines when the announcer lists all the possible side effects... yet, I am discovering that weight loss ... Read more

  • Christmas in July

    7/20/2014 8:23:46 PM, by SJHARRIS53

    A few days ago, my six year old refrigerator quit working. After scrambling to get the freezer contents downstairs in the basemen... Read more

  • Autumn Tease in the Middle of Summer

    7/17/2014 4:11:27 PM, by SJHARRIS53

    North Georgia is experiencing a few days of incredibly low humidity and temps - unheard of in July! Today a good friend and I hauled our horses ... Read more

  • Sleeping Well after Online Shopping

    7/9/2014 9:33:49 AM, by SJHARRIS53

    Anytime I am contemplating a large purchase (or even small ones), I am obsessed with researching to gather all the facts and information I can to... Read more

  • Cleaning Out and Moving!

    7/7/2014 6:39:18 PM, by SJHARRIS53

    After more than 40 years in the lumber business, my husband is calling it quits. The land the lumber yard is on has been purchased by the city..... Read more

  • Bluebird Blues

    7/1/2014 8:53:03 AM, by SJHARRIS53

    Wild birds have long been an amazing source of enjoyment for me, with bluebirds at the top of the list. Back in the late 80s and early 90s, one ... Read more

  • Both Kinds of Friends

    6/25/2014 9:17:25 AM, by SJHARRIS53

    After spinning my wheels for about seven weeks, this week I have returned to harder workouts to get the scale moving downward again. My weight l... Read more

  • Back to Basics, Take #2!

    6/22/2014 10:37:59 PM, by SJHARRIS53

    Over the past seven weeks, my weight has gone up and down a few pounds, as I blogged about before. Right now I am hovering near the 180 mark - a... Read more

  • Flag Day Birthday

    6/14/2014 12:35:36 PM, by SJHARRIS53

    My mom turns 87 today - Flag Day. Since last August, she has been living in a memory care assisted living facility. Last June 15, the day after... Read more

  • Saddle Shopping

    6/6/2014 3:53:55 PM, by SJHARRIS53

    I needed a new saddle. Even though I had three in the tack room, none "fit" Ombre. My research told me that his shorter back required a saddle ... Read more

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