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  • 2 more weigh ins...

    6/15/2016 8:29:39 PM, by MJL2010

    Down everytime....except camping weekend. .. was up .2 lbs! Not too bad! Not sure about this week but hopefully another loss, even if it's a litt... Read more

  • 18,000+ steps Saturday!

    5/23/2016 7:04:38 AM, by MJL2010

    Girl scout camp this last weekend. Still kept up on logging my food... 18,000 hiking Saturday! Feels good!... Read more

  • BL 3 tomorrow. ..

    5/18/2016 8:00:46 PM, by MJL2010

    3rd place biggest loser last week. Yikes! Not planning on another 5 lb loss week... but a loss would be good. Not as active as I would have likes... Read more

  • Week 1 BL

    5/12/2016 8:09:55 PM, by MJL2010

    Downs 5.2 lbs !!!!!!... Read more

  • Biggest loser

    5/9/2016 6:57:18 PM, by MJL2010

    Neighborhood edition! Weigh in #2 is Thursday. Tracking food on my spark app makes a HUGE difference... you don't realize all the little things w... Read more

  • 03.20.16 Update

    3/20/2016 8:00:11 AM, by DPK1210

    Well, I finally worked out today! I rode my bicycle for 4 miles and 32 minutes. I know that that's not very good I guess as far as miles per hour... Read more

  • 2/4

    2/4/2016 7:32:42 PM, by MJL2010

    Ok, so I haven't got back into the habit of blogging again. last week was new start. 3 days worked out, moderate. Not kicking butt yet! This week... Read more

  • 1/27 DAY 2

    1/27/2016 11:12:16 PM, by MJL2010

    So i'm back at it. Word for the year is PURPOSE, for so many things. With purpose to be healthier me again, better mom/roll model, to feel good, ... Read more

  • 12.15.15 Not exercising enough

    12/15/2015 10:51:30 PM, by DPK1210

    After my RNY a month and a half ago, I have lost 33.5 lbs, which is so awesome and amazing to me, but I'm still not exercising as much as I shoul... Read more

  • Down 24 lbs since surgery - 22 days ago!

    11/24/2015 7:25:27 PM, by DPK1210

    And I must say that I'm enjoying this journey, and nothing about it has been very difficult. I have only gotten sick and thrown up once, which ... Read more

  • Gastric Bypass surgery 11.02.15

    11/2/2015 12:09:46 AM, by DPK1210

    I'm having gastric bypass tomorrow at 1 o'clock p.m. at Marian Medical Center here in Santa Maria California. About 6 months ago I had a consulta... Read more

  • Feeling Positive

    10/6/2015 10:59:47 AM, by GOLIONS

    Well, so far so good. I have been logging my food, working out, eating healthy and planning like I used to. I know this weekend will be a bust ... Read more

  • Working it...

    10/4/2015 8:24:58 PM, by GOLIONS

    Its still hard but I am working on my path. I have been accountable this week and that is moving in the right direction. My dinner meals are pl... Read more

  • Finding my way...

    10/1/2015 2:00:53 PM, by GOLIONS

    Well, it has been about three years since I posted. During that time I was living a dual life but was on a very healthy trajectory. Unfortunate... Read more

  • Here I am once again!

    4/28/2015 12:19:07 PM, by DEANNABOYD

    Well here I am once again trying to get healthy. I have been reading all of my blog posts starting all the way back when I started SP a longgg ti... Read more

  • Sick of this weight....

    4/19/2015 10:05:05 AM, by NICEVILLEMOM

    I have been at this on and off for 10 years I am having such a hard time trying to loose weight and I am just sick of it! I am trying agai... Read more

  • woohoo!

    3/19/2015 10:38:33 PM, by MJL2010

    5 day streak!... Read more

  • moving...

    2/23/2015 10:34:35 PM, by MJL2010

    still moving! just wish it didn't take 2-3 days to bounce back from the pain. chemo certainly did a number on me... but it's been 9 months. i tho... Read more

  • missed a couple days...

    2/16/2015 9:00:42 PM, by MJL2010

    went up north this weekend and wasn't able to blog from my phone. took a 3 mile walk in the single, possibly negative digit temps! but my 2 gi... Read more

  • day 8 still moving

    2/9/2015 9:41:25 PM, by MJL2010

    one week back on track 4/7 days... good start only doing 20 minutes so I'd like to get back to 6 days a week. when my stamina is back up i'd li... Read more

  • day 6 and 7 ...

    2/8/2015 8:51:12 PM, by MJL2010

    20 min stairmaster... day 6 added 10 flights up to level 5 ...51 flights 20 mins stairmaster... day 7 random hill level 2 50 flights... Read more

  • day 2

    2/3/2015 8:06:21 PM, by MJL2010

    got up first thing and did 20 minutes on stair master... really miss the elliptical... but better than nothing... thats another story. last nig... Read more

  • happy new year!

    2/2/2015 8:26:56 PM, by MJL2010

    I'm back! decided that jan 1 wasn't new years for me...too cliche... and too many goodies around still. i was in a low point the last couple mo... Read more

  • Busy day today...Just kept going!!!

    10/15/2014 1:58:37 AM, by DACROAKE

    Today for some strange reason that is unknown, but maybe it is the steroids the doctor put me on for 5 days, I just couldn't stay still. I got so... Read more

  • It's A Start!!!

    10/14/2014 12:20:53 AM, by DACROAKE

    Today I ordered a new Talking Digital Scale. I am not sure if I am going to like it Talking to me, but maybe it will help me stay on track, we wi... Read more

  • Time to Jump Back on the losing Weight Wagon!!! NO MORE SLIPS!!!

    10/13/2014 12:18:16 AM, by DACROAKE

    It has been a very rough year for me and I know I have not been here with my Sparkpeople support team since August 2013. My year really started f... Read more

  • day 1 again!

    10/1/2014 8:19:32 PM, by MJL2010

    short walk and 20 minutes on the elliptical. wanted to stop after 10... but pushed through! building stamina back up... Read more

  • day 9 challenge

    9/9/2014 9:40:33 PM, by MJL2010

    oral surgery did not keep me down. dirty 30 challenge complete for today... Read more

  • day 7

    9/7/2014 8:04:50 PM, by MJL2010

    played basketball with the girls and finished day 7... Read more

  • day 6

    9/6/2014 6:37:28 PM, by MJL2010

    3.25 mile walk and 30 dirty challenge... done!... Read more

  • day 4

    9/4/2014 9:39:46 PM, by MJL2010

    As they say...BOOM!... Read more

  • day 2

    9/2/2014 10:06:55 PM, by MJL2010

    almost gave into exhaustion today... extreme weight loss was on the tv when i sat down on the couch... got it done!... Read more

  • day 1

    9/1/2014 11:23:49 AM, by MJL2010

    joined a dirty 30 challenge! day 1 complete!... Read more

  • starting over...

    8/30/2014 2:03:06 PM, by MJL2010

    cancer got me down, but i won... starting again. 15 mins on the elliptical and 44 minute walk... Read more

  • Gratitude

    8/14/2014 12:29:26 AM, by ALLISONMOM

    Tonight I am just going to do gratitude list God Family Friends Love Spark People Support Day 24 quit smoking Having job Ho... Read more

  • Tired

    8/12/2014 11:19:54 PM, by ALLISONMOM

    Didn't sleep well last night so FBS was up this morning. Of course right now it's way too high anyways. Didn't want to exercise while at work t... Read more

  • Really Good Day

    8/11/2014 10:46:30 PM, by ALLISONMOM

    Let's start with Ally she had testing at school. She came out of it feeling good about it. That she had done the best she ever had. I di... Read more

  • Gratitude

    8/10/2014 1:40:01 AM, by ALLISONMOM

    Just doing gratitude way past time for bed. God Family Love Friends Spark People Support Huggs Andi... Read more

  • Good and Tough Day

    8/8/2014 11:27:22 PM, by ALLISONMOM

    Day started out good. But as the day went on my toes started hurting real bad it was hard to walk. Need some ideas on what to do considering I ... Read more

  • Ally update

    8/7/2014 8:26:13 PM, by ALLISONMOM

    Ally is now 16 and no she is not responsible enough to drive. 2 years ago she was diagnosed bipolar too. And it has been a struggle finding the... Read more

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