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  • Atrial fibrillation

    4/28/2017 9:24:23 AM, by DIAMORROW1

    I have atrial fibrillation and am wondering how many other folks here have this. Looking for support and to share ideas. Would love to hear how... Read more

  • Bummed

    2/20/2017 10:16:17 PM, by KERRILANDON

    I'm breaking a 9 day streak of workout minutes I fell hard rollerskating last night. I'm bruised pretty badly after sitting at my desk at work th... Read more

  • I'm feeling really good

    2/15/2017 8:53:21 PM, by KERRILANDON

    I've been logging food again for about a month now. Joined a gym, got a Fitbit and have been truly motivated to reach my goals each... Read more

  • Spring!!!

    3/20/2016 12:13:40 PM, by SHEENADEE

    The title pretty much says it all. I am very happy to see Spring arrive. Yay Spring! ... Read more

  • Distractions

    3/17/2016 1:11:13 PM, by SHEENADEE

    I certainly don't blog very often; but, have decided to try some shorter more frequent blogging for a while. I recently started going through th... Read more

  • July Goals

    7/2/2015 1:46:05 PM, by SHEENADEE

    1) Get to bed by 1AM. 2) Close the kitchen at 9PM. 3) Do yoga 3x per week. #3 is the only one that should be relatively easy for m... Read more

  • PAWSE - 5/27/15

    5/27/2015 2:08:47 PM, by SHEENADEE

    PLAN/PREPARE for the coming week. - Starting this week, I will post my dinner plans here. This has really helped me in the past to actually make... Read more

  • PAWSE - 5/20/15

    5/21/2015 1:12:54 AM, by SHEENADEE

    My first PAWSE for BLC Round 28: PLAN/PREPARE for the coming week! - I planned a few dinners and will have leftovers with salads the other ... Read more

  • Who am I??

    5/16/2015 3:35:10 PM, by DIAMORROW1

    It has been almost 3 months since my husband died. I have been surviving I guess. I am going to the gym 3-4 days a week and that has really hel... Read more

  • PAWSE - 3/4/15

    3/7/2015 2:36:07 PM, by SHEENADEE

    Plan/Prepare - Act - Write - Set - Engage For PLAN and PREP, I am continuing my weekly dinner planning and also scheduling fitness and havi... Read more


    3/7/2015 2:25:17 PM, by SHEENADEE

    A BLC leader shared this Ralph Marston post today. I found it so personally motivating and inspirational that I wanted to share it here, and thi... Read more

  • PAWSE - 2/25/15

    2/26/2015 10:43:29 AM, by SHEENADEE

    Plan/Prepare - Act - Write - Set - Engage Continuing my weekly dinner planning, based on what I already have in the house so no shopping re... Read more

  • Devastated and sad

    2/25/2015 8:44:44 PM, by DIAMORROW1

    On Monday my husband of 18 years died suddenly during a routine surgery. I am lost and devastated. I am trying not to eat myself through this. I ... Read more

  • PAWSE - 2/18/15

    2/20/2015 11:47:31 AM, by SHEENADEE

    Plan/Prepare - Act - Write - Set - Engage I lost 1/2 pound this past week; but, do not feel like I really earned it. I had fewer workout m... Read more

  • PAWSE - 1/28/15

    1/29/2015 12:16:43 AM, by SHEENADEE

    Plan/Prepare - Act - Write - Set - Engage I lost another pound this week, so I am declaring that a great success. :) I finally feel 90% ... Read more

  • PAWSE - 1/21/15

    1/23/2015 1:47:36 PM, by SHEENADEE

    Plan/Prepare - Act - Write - Set - Engage The first part of the past BLC week, I did well; but, then really slacked off the fitness the latt... Read more

  • PAWSE - 1/14/2015

    1/15/2015 11:57:44 PM, by SHEENADEE

    My first PAWSE for BLC Round 27: PLAN/PREPARE for the coming week! - I cleared out some junk food (well, gave it to hubby to take down to... Read more

  • Recipe Challenge - Apple Celery Salad

    11/7/2014 11:38:50 AM, by SHEENADEE

    I need to post a healthy recipe for a WIO team challenge so here it is. I have seen several versions of this recipe; but, this is the one I make... Read more

  • NOvember Goals

    11/1/2014 3:55:08 PM, by SHEENADEE

    Another challenge from my BLC team. These challenges sure have me blogging more than usual. I'm not complaining; the blogging really does make ... Read more

  • Inspiration

    10/31/2014 12:27:04 PM, by SHEENADEE

    My team got this assignment for a challenge we're doing: Who or what inspires you? Each team member write a blog about someone or something that... Read more

  • BLC 26 Vision Board

    10/17/2014 1:05:56 PM, by SHEENADEE

    This is my vision board for the remainder of BLC 26. I took the one I crea... Read more

  • BLC 26 - PAWSE Week 3 & Surveillance

    10/4/2014 12:53:12 PM, by SHEENADEE

    Combining my PAWSE blog and the Weekend Challenge blog into one. PLAN/PREPARE for the coming week! -- I've planned 1/2 my meals for the nex... Read more

  • BLC 26 - PAWSE Week 1

    9/17/2014 4:52:41 PM, by SHEENADEE

    BLC 26 started today. I'm excited for this round to be starting up and am feeling very motivated to fully participate with my team and the chall... Read more

  • Video Workout Day

    8/21/2014 12:32:01 PM, by SHEENADEE

    Spark Friends! I have doing pretty good with working out regularly, and am happy about that. I try to mix it up a bit so some d... Read more

  • I'm back!

    7/28/2014 5:03:02 AM, by EIFERDOODLE

    I was just reading my lasat blog entry, and wow. What a place I was at a few years ago, and how much life changes so quickly. I'm almost ... Read more

  • Milestone birthday

    6/16/2014 3:26:44 PM, by DIAMORROW1

    Today I am celebrating my 60th birthday. I am blessed to be here and know that the years ahead will be the healthiest I can make it. Exercise i... Read more

  • BLC 25 Vision Board

    6/12/2014 5:46:35 PM, by SHEENADEE

    Part of our BLC Hopscotch challenge is to create and share a vision board f... Read more

  • Jungle ABC's of Me

    4/30/2014 1:10:19 AM, by SHEENADEE

    Posting for my TENACIOUS JUNGLE TIGERS - Jungle ABC's of Me: A is for ABOVE and BEYOND...Does competition give you an extra push? -- Absolut... Read more

  • Living in a fastfood crackhouse

    12/9/2013 12:15:59 PM, by RAYNEVALO

    It has been awhile since I have been on here. I was much more successful and happy. All of sudden I fell off the Spark wagon, so to speak. I c... Read more

  • Glad to be alive

    10/27/2013 5:40:05 PM, by DIAMORROW1

    I had a very scary medical incident recently that was my wake up call. Labor day weekend I landed in the hospital with multiple blood clots in bo... Read more

  • Test Blog

    10/23/2013 1:23:15 PM, by SHEENADEE

    Sorry if you make a trip here to see this. I'm just trying to test out something. I'll come back later to update with a "real" blog. ... Read more

  • Challenge Blog - Struggles and Successes

    10/11/2013 6:21:10 PM, by SHEENADEE

    I don't blog all that often (as you can see); but, now two in one day?!? I'm in a challenge and picked up this assignment: "What steps do y... Read more

  • Missing Bruce

    10/11/2013 12:51:02 PM, by SHEENADEE

    It is 22 years ago today that my brother Bruce died. I miss him every day. I can't help but think about what he would be like in his middle age... Read more

  • BLC 22 Review

    8/26/2013 10:03:39 AM, by SHEENADEE

    The assignment is to review my performance in the (almost) 12 weeks of Biggest Loser Challenge (BLC). As part of that, I am reposting my origin... Read more

  • Needing to relax!

    8/6/2013 10:27:32 AM, by CONNIESUIT

    I am very stressed about the situation with our house in AL. I am having a lot of anxiety/panic. Unfortunately, when my mind focuses on something... Read more

  • BLC First Half Reflection

    7/19/2013 11:18:03 PM, by SHEENADEE

    The assignment is to reflect on the first 6 weeks of the Biggest Loser Challenge (BLC), what did I do well, and what could use some work. I tho... Read more

  • BLC Goals

    6/8/2013 11:42:50 PM, by SHEENADEE

    I'm participating in the Biggest Loser Challenge for the first time and here are my goals for this 12 week challenge: Lose 12 p... Read more

  • Starting again

    6/6/2013 1:48:57 PM, by KERRILANDON

    Word is that I am going to have 2 more kids in the next month. What in the hell????... Read more

  • Hello Body, it's nice to get to know you.

    2/17/2013 10:12:57 PM, by GABBYROSE

    Wow, how can you live in the same body for over 53 years and not even know it? I started a weight loss journey in Sept 2011 and I've learned so m... Read more

  • My Unexpected Source of Motivation

    2/17/2013 5:40:03 PM, by SHEENADEE

    One of my favorite inspirational quotes is this one: I even had that ma... Read more

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