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Blogs by Members of SP Class of November 30- December 6, 2008

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  • Regarding the 6 week body maker over

    5/1/2018 7:41:18 PM, by JASBUS88

    Okay, I kind of fell off the diet. But I lost 14 lbs and my AC1` went from 8.5 to 7.4. So even though I didn't do it for a whole 6 weeks, It hel... Read more

  • Six week body make over

    4/7/2018 6:23:16 PM, by JASBUS88

    I started the 6 week make over 3 days ago. So far so good . Other than the dry tuna fish , it's not bad. It is 599 calories a day , but you eat 6... Read more

  • It is time to do something about it.

    10/6/2016 9:55:23 AM, by NOMOREOINKING

    I am back here because I need to get it done. I have gained so much weight since I left the site, up to 278 pounds. I have a hard time reaching m... Read more

  • New blog, new diet

    8/21/2016 9:32:36 AM, by SILKEBARROW

    About the end of June, I was done with diets. I mean, really done. I've decided to stay fat and sick. To avoid my husband nagging, I've looked at... Read more

  • How long does it take?

    5/24/2016 11:54:23 AM, by JASBUS88

    I started walking, I have a friend that drives all the way into town just to walk a 1/4 a block with me. Well I have gone to a half block the sec... Read more

  • Been a while!

    4/12/2016 11:06:10 AM, by REDTEDDY

    I have not been on here a while and there has been a very good reason :). I am currently 11 weeks pregnant and been suffering from all the sympto... Read more

  • Hello everyone!

    3/4/2016 1:31:33 AM, by NINABORIQUA

    I hope you are all feeling, moving and doing well!! For those of you that know about the weight loss challenge at my job, tomorrow is the last we... Read more

  • Scales

    2/29/2016 7:32:14 PM, by BEAUTYFLAW

    Do you have a scale in your home? If so what kind? I would love a doctor scale but I'm sure they're a fortune. I was thinking about taking my mea... Read more

  • Day 9

    2/29/2016 3:42:07 PM, by TAV0120

    I know this is supposed to be a blog, but I am using it more like a journal, so that I can look back and see what ups and downs I had and what ca... Read more

  • Half way through day 3

    2/23/2016 1:10:22 PM, by TAV0120

    Started on this journey again on Sunday. Normally I feel great the first few days, very positive, and full of fire and motivation. Yesterday wa... Read more

  • Here we are again, not feeling very hopeful

    2/22/2016 9:40:31 AM, by TAV0120

    Here we are again. Haven't been on spark since last fall sometime. Once again life just got too busy and I put aside my healthy eating and exer... Read more

  • Eating healthy on a budget

    2/20/2016 10:00:38 AM, by BEAUTYFLAW

    How much do you usually spend a month on groceries for 2 people or even just yourself? I spent $124 on 29 items yesterday. Can it be done cheaper... Read more

  • Exhausted!

    2/11/2016 10:24:32 AM, by REDTEDDY

    Wow! This facilitation is rough on the emotions. Even though I have shared my story with other groups, it is always so draining when talking abou... Read more

  • My apologies

    2/10/2016 1:25:09 PM, by NINABORIQUA

    Hello all wonderful sisters, I hope you are all doing well!! I wanted to apologize for not responding to some of you comments and for not checki... Read more

  • Grumble...grumble...grumb

    2/1/2016 9:22:04 AM, by REDTEDDY

    So struggling with the sicky-woo's this week. Need to work though so just dragging myself through today. Lucky I enjoy my job or it would be even... Read more

  • What a week!

    1/25/2016 10:49:47 AM, by REDTEDDY

    Aarg! Had a bad week, and to top it all off, I rolled over last night in my sleep and gave myself a black eye on the corner of the side table... ... Read more

  • Slow Saturday...

    1/16/2016 9:39:49 AM, by REDTEDDY

    Well... slow working day. But it is OK. Listening to Blues and Rock while I wait. So starting to feel good. Got up to my goal of 30 minutes per e... Read more

  • Keep on moving it...

    1/14/2016 9:33:03 AM, by REDTEDDY

    So is has been a while. Just got my mini stepper and in a week have gone from doing 5 minutes a day to doing 40 minutes a day. Tough job conditio... Read more

  • Feeling pretty good for small victories!

    1/8/2016 5:20:06 PM, by NINABORIQUA

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to check in with you and see how everyone is doing. I weighed myself yesterday morning and I have lost 4.4 pounds ... Read more

  • On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

    12/28/2015 8:36:24 AM, by SILKEBARROW

    3 ounces of lean meat - this is a serving size in almost most diets. It's big like a deck of cards or the old iPhone. When going out this is alwa... Read more

  • On the second day of Christmas...

    12/27/2015 10:25:16 AM, by SILKEBARROW

    my true love gave to me... two digital scales One is for weighing my food and one for weighing myself. I must say, I don't have the heart to ... Read more

  • Twelve days of Christmas...

    12/26/2015 9:24:55 AM, by SILKEBARROW

    We all know the song, but the true twelve day of Christmas are the days between Christmas and January 6. So I will post something everyday. ... Read more

  • Sooooo hoooot!

    12/5/2015 7:32:14 AM, by REDTEDDY

    Wow! It is incredibly hot in the Cape lately. But it gives me a good excuse to keep my water intake up. Was so cross at my cat, she was playing a... Read more

  • Today...

    12/4/2015 8:36:42 AM, by REDTEDDY

    So my husband and I are trying to get pregnant and I have 1 week left before I can test. And I hate waiting!!! It is so frustrating waiting for t... Read more

  • Just another day.

    12/3/2015 7:48:03 AM, by REDTEDDY

    Well today started off very well. Now as I sit at home doing a job that I both love and fear. It is so strange that most of my thoughts are so co... Read more

  • Nice to just write sometimes...

    11/27/2015 5:06:12 AM, by REDTEDDY

    Well the home business is going well. I am taking a much needed 'easy time' break. I was so wiped out and I think I had a bit of a burnout! The f... Read more

  • rough days...

    10/11/2015 6:38:38 AM, by REDTEDDY

    Well there has been a lot of change in my life lately and the stress is enormous! Now I am setting up my work from home business, trying to get p... Read more


    5/22/2015 12:11:36 AM, by GOODHEALTH4EVER


  • Going down in size

    3/1/2015 12:46:59 AM, by BEAUTYFLAW

    I'm trying to estimate what size I'll be in April - May so I can order a swim suit. I'm a 18 now. I guess if I keep losing 2 pounds a week I'll b... Read more

  • Time and time again

    1/20/2015 2:44:16 PM, by PASCUALINA

    Can't believe it's been almost 6 years!!! wow!!! Well... I lost the weight (got down to 133lb), got a boyfriend, eventually got pregnant, could... Read more

  • True Highest Weight

    12/19/2014 12:11:54 PM, by NOMOREOINKING

    Hello, everyone! I know it's been a LONG time since I've been on this site, but I needed to record my weight and do some updating. My true highes... Read more

  • Quick update

    12/7/2014 2:47:49 PM, by FRAGILEPETALS

    Last week was so hectic, I'm still trying to catch my breath. This won't be a long post today, feeling too tired to put my thoughts together pr... Read more

  • What a week!

    11/29/2014 5:01:55 PM, by FRAGILEPETALS

    This past week has been quite challenging nutrition-wise. I did a lot of binge eating of high carb and high calorie foods. Yes, it even included.... Read more

  • Fall Frenzy Goals

    9/15/2014 2:22:32 PM, by TAV0120

    Setting realistic goals has never been an easy task for me. Each time I put my mind to losing weight the first thing I do is try to figure out h... Read more

  • Better late than never, RIGHT?

    9/15/2014 1:20:36 PM, by TAV0120

    So here it is 5 days into my first challenge I have been a part of in almost a year, and I am just getting started. I told myself when I signed ... Read more

  • Shakeology

    9/6/2014 2:00:20 AM, by BEAUTYFLAW

    Not really a blog. More of a question. Is there anything on the market like Shakeology but cheaper? Or anyone know how to get Shakeology for less... Read more

  • Sugar

    3/15/2014 1:33:21 PM, by JASBUS88

    I finally got my sugar under control again. my reading where anywhere between 200 and 400 which is really bad. I was drinking a cinnamon tea befo... Read more

  • Sit ups

    3/14/2014 2:00:20 AM, by JASBUS88

    Wow forgot how hard sit-ups were to do if you do them the right way, lol. I started out doing sit ups on the side of my bed, my feet on the flo... Read more

  • 2014 Yay...I guess

    2/23/2014 9:19:21 AM, by BEAUTYFLAW

    I guess if you check out my page you'll notice I left in summer 2012. Well I got a serious injury from overly working out. I've been really afra... Read more

  • Feeling scared

    2/3/2014 1:08:48 PM, by JASBUS88

    I have been wanting to blog about this for a while and every time I start to think about it I tear up, so I have been putting spark people off. I... Read more

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