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  • Help??

    3/8/2016 2:46:50 AM, by HUMMINGBIRD0331

    Anyone?... Read more

  • Day 9 or 10. not sure where I am now.

    1/17/2016 10:43:08 AM, by BEZZA56

    Anyway.. funny I finally found my old Spark Page.. which is fine but totally sucks since I have gained weight... even the weight that I lost back... Read more

  • Day 8

    1/16/2016 12:35:50 PM, by BEZZA56

    Well I am doing a little bit better today.. yesterday was a very dark sad day for me. Taking Mystical Mouse to the vet to send her over the rain... Read more

  • Day 7

    1/14/2016 7:04:06 PM, by BEZZA56

    I skipped a day.. haven't felt up to blogging. I have fur babies. 3 of which are very old cats. One is 20 and has declined in the past few mont... Read more

  • Day 5

    1/12/2016 6:56:58 PM, by BEZZA56

    Cold day today. Took over an hour for me to get to work. Was going to stop by my Mom's but after making my deposit at the bank and the teller ... Read more

  • Day 4

    1/11/2016 4:24:21 PM, by BEZZA56

    Not doing as well as I should today but I am not gonna beat myself up. Had to work one of my part time jobs this morning. Took me half an hour ... Read more

  • day

    7/19/2015 12:38:43 AM, by IVYMON

    Well my phone is back on and I feel like crying Cus my kids r being butts. Over a game that I ended up making them get rid of on their phones. I ... Read more

  • sleep...phone

    7/12/2015 7:15:35 PM, by IVYMON

    Well I did get sleep but I don't feel that it was enough. I also won't be able to post or log food for a week. During the time that I'm not at h... Read more

  • my birthday

    7/11/2015 2:02:01 AM, by IVYMON

    I thank all the people who have and do wish me a happy day. My wife will be working kids will be at friends so hopefully I have a quiet day all t... Read more

  • today

    7/10/2015 12:53:28 PM, by IVYMON

    I just got a food processor and a blender so it will be easier for me to make some things. I know that I will use it but I don't know where im go... Read more

  • life

    7/9/2015 6:10:50 PM, by IVYMON

    Well I don't have a day off this week ending the with 56 hours. So I can make ends meet. But its what I have to do for my family which doesn't le... Read more

  • work

    7/8/2015 2:01:03 AM, by IVYMON

    I'm taking a minute to blog. I'm about a quarter of the way threw and well I'm so tired that it isn't funny. I hope that I will get an energy boo... Read more

  • sleep

    7/7/2015 10:11:45 AM, by IVYMON

    I just wish people would understand y on the days I can sleep I do. I average 4hrs a day. Cus I have a bunch of lazy asses in my house. I just wa... Read more

  • go for a walk or not

    7/7/2015 5:20:06 AM, by IVYMON

    I'm trying to descide if I want to go for a walk or if I just want to lay down for a few hours and get up to watch jay. If I go for a walk I'll ... Read more

  • up and hungry

    7/7/2015 3:41:58 AM, by IVYMON

    I'm at work and am hungry for something other than what I brought with me tonight. Ugh and the one item that I do want is 470 cal. So I'm not goi... Read more

  • good night sparks friends

    7/5/2015 1:00:12 AM, by IVYMON

    Well here's a run down of my day. Went to work. At too small of a store to walk much around. There was nothing to do. So I was bored all day. Ca... Read more

  • only friend

    7/4/2015 3:10:56 AM, by IVYMON

    I guess ur my only friend right now I can't sleep and I work at 8am. All I want is some one to talk to. Well I guess my blog is my only friend. ... Read more

  • upset

    7/4/2015 1:39:21 AM, by IVYMON

    Today was a good day up until tonight. All I want to do right now is cry. I'm so upset n I don't really know why. The littlest things r upsettin... Read more

  • family fun

    7/3/2015 2:13:42 PM, by IVYMON

    Well I'm spending the day with the family. We r going to see fire works and run around for a while. I'll be chacing a 2yrold for the rest of the ... Read more

  • time

    7/1/2015 6:38:13 AM, by IVYMON

    I didn't have much time to blog last night but here it goes. I took a salad to work with me carrots cherries and mix veggies. I ate all of it and... Read more

  • weight

    6/30/2015 3:00:36 PM, by IVYMON

    Well I'm not happy with the scale. It says I gained 5.5 lbs. Ugh. I just wish something would work. ... Read more

  • today

    6/30/2015 12:01:28 AM, by IVYMON

    I went to the dentist. He put me on antibiotics. And scheduled another appt. So that wasn't so bad. Cud have been worse. He didn't check my weigh... Read more

  • me

    6/29/2015 3:36:29 AM, by IVYMON

    I don't really have a title for this. I'm just having a hard time getting and staying motivated. I have bipolar. Depression. Seizures. So it mak... Read more

  • weigh in

    6/28/2015 11:22:57 PM, by IVYMON

    Only three more days till I see my Dr. So I will post my weight then. ... Read more

  • blah

    6/24/2015 12:01:28 AM, by IVYMON

    I'm having such a blah day. I don't want to do anything. Much less talk to any one. Ugh I hate these days... Read more

  • work

    6/21/2015 9:25:32 PM, by IVYMON

    Well after 21 hours total of work. I was able to get sleep. Totalling at 15 hours. And I'm off yo work again. Then taking the kids to the zoo tom... Read more

  • work

    6/20/2015 4:26:36 AM, by IVYMON

    Well I'm working on ending a 14 hour shift. Then I have to go to bed and get up in less than 6 hours just to do it again at noon thankfully its o... Read more

  • I'm doing it!

    5/23/2015 3:49:52 PM, by LADY_SNOW

    It's taken way to long, but I am finally doing it. I have logged in over 30 days. Which means I have been tracking my food and staying on track w... Read more

  • Standing At The Crossroads

    4/18/2015 12:19:06 AM, by SHAREBEAR74

    Dear Self: This is the crossroads, M... Read more

  • Day 8

    4/15/2015 10:07:57 AM, by ALLIE4993

    2 pounds down and I can feel a difference. Small changes can make an impact helping to drive your motivation to reach that BIG goal. One day at a... Read more

  • Day 6

    4/13/2015 11:39:36 AM, by ALLIE4993

    Temptation struck big time this weekend and I certainly indulged. Too many drinks and too much food. In my mind I have this conversation with mys... Read more

  • Day 3

    4/10/2015 10:13:33 AM, by ALLIE4993

    1 pound down! I feel like I should be more excited about that. I mean it's 1 whole pound!! 3500 calories!! I suppose it is because I haven't done... Read more

  • Day 1

    4/8/2015 10:04:34 AM, by ALLIE4993

    Time to get to it...again. It sucks saying that...again. You have all the hope in the world that this time will be it to make a change, unt... Read more

  • My afternoon with Kola

    3/14/2014 10:06:06 PM, by JDSSQUIRREL

    I got home to a boy very happy to see me. He purred and purred and purred. He couldn't decide which ear or my face to lick first. He tries to ... Read more

  • It's snowing again....yuck

    3/12/2014 9:13:23 PM, by JDSSQUIRREL

    The whole day has been yuck. Had to get up during the night for some Tylenol. Lady had me in a twist almost all night sleeping and she would no... Read more

  • Today

    3/9/2014 6:37:39 PM, by JDSSQUIRREL

    I watched the Nascar race...Dale Jr was in the lead and ran out of gas right at the end...that's how we are if we do not get the right blend of f... Read more

  • Better today

    3/7/2014 10:17:19 PM, by JDSSQUIRREL

    Today the pain level was soo much better. I went out to dinner with my friend. It was tempting to eat a huge meal...I had the calories and stuf... Read more

  • Today ...

    3/6/2014 7:08:18 PM, by JDSSQUIRREL

    Well with the pain level I don't want to move. With the fatigue I want to sleep. Part of the problem...Lady wants the middle of the bed and I m... Read more

  • Today is hard

    3/4/2014 12:43:42 PM, by JDSSQUIRREL

    This would go so much better if I were home and running my grocery list but I told ma (my friend's mother that I'm house sitting for) to buy what... Read more

  • Online again for a while

    3/1/2014 11:37:45 PM, by JDSSQUIRREL

    I really wish I were online all the time. When I was able to do the tracking everyday I lost weight. I'm so hit and miss now it is driving me c... Read more

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