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  • ...I'm Back!

    4/22/2018 10:04:16 AM, by MRSMAGNIFICENT

    Well, I haven't gained, which I should give myself a lot of credit for! I'm back after a very long hiatus, but my struggle with weight loss ... Read more

  • I won!

    4/18/2018 8:38:49 PM, by WIGIRL74

    Being the only person (aka: human hockey puck) to knock down all the blocks, I won 4 tickets to a game next season. Read more

  • I did it!!!

    4/18/2018 8:36:53 PM, by WIGIRL74

    For many years I wanted to participate in an on ice activity during intermission at a hockey game... On 4/14 I finally had the opportunity to do ... Read more

  • Feeling Accomplished...

    3/25/2018 12:50:02 AM, by WIGIRL74

    What a day... Dressed up as the Easter bunny (again for the 3rd year in a row) for the Easter event @ work. Had an awesome time! The kids lo... Read more

  • Why I luv SparkPeople (Cont. from Insurance Company Weight-Loss Program)

    3/22/2018 11:56:01 PM, by WIGIRL74

    ‘Never underestimate the power of passion.’ (Unknown) Today is: ‘National Goof Off Day’. :P On this day in history: - (1621) 1st... Read more

  • Insurance company weight-loss program...

    3/22/2018 11:40:19 PM, by WIGIRL74

    ‘Never underestimate the power of passion.’ (Unknown) Today is: ‘National Goof Off Day’. :P On this day in history: - (1621) 1st... Read more

  • Motivated

    3/20/2018 11:07:59 PM, by WIGIRL74

    'Quitting is not an option.' (Unknown) Today is: 'National Alien Abductions Day.' (Any abductees out there?) On this day in history: ... Read more

  • Exhausted...

    3/19/2018 8:11:38 PM, by WIGIRL74

    'Never take anything in life for granted, no matter how big or small; for it's often the little things that matter most.' (Unknown) Today is... Read more

  • Constantly on the Go...

    3/18/2018 10:08:19 PM, by WIGIRL74

    'Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning how to dance in the rain.' (Unknown) Today is: 'National Awkward Momen... Read more

  • Spring Cleaning - Day 2

    3/17/2018 10:44:50 PM, by WIGIRL74

    'I believe in living today. Not in yesterday, nor not in tomorrow.' (Loretta Young) Today is: Submarine Day (All together now... 'We all liv... Read more

  • Spring Cleaning - Day 1

    3/16/2018 7:56:33 PM, by WIGIRL74

    'What lies behind you & what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you' (Ralph Waldo Emerson) Today is: 'Everythi... Read more

  • Feeling motivated...

    3/15/2018 11:35:33 PM, by WIGIRL74

    'Nothing is impossible, the word itself says "I'm possible!" ' (Audrey Hepburn) Today is 'Buzzards' Day' (?!? Who comes up w/ these things?)... Read more

  • Getting on Track

    3/14/2018 11:53:45 PM, by WIGIRL74

    'She believed she could. So she did.' (Unknown) Today is: 'National Potato Chip Day' - Celebrate if you must, splurge & eat 1-5 chips. ... Read more

  • Staying on track...

    12/6/2017 11:18:14 PM, by WIGIRL74

    I'm congratulating myself because I have kept to my exercise schedule since November 1st. Yes, it's been somewhat difficult to do so & invo... Read more

  • Weird Weather...

    12/4/2017 10:28:50 PM, by WIGIRL74

    Today, we broke the temperature record for December 4th in Milwaukee, WI. Today's high was 65 degrees (last year on this day it was 6o degrees). ... Read more

  • Accomplishment

    12/4/2017 12:02:07 AM, by WIGIRL74

    Today, I created my exercise schedule for the upcoming week. In doing so, I looked back & was impressed that I managed to exercise 5-7 days per w... Read more

  • Feeling overwhelmed...

    12/3/2017 12:10:16 AM, by WIGIRL74

    Feeling overwhelmed & it's not even Christmas yet... Saw the work schedule for the next few weeks... Starting 12/11, we're all working manda... Read more

  • Feeling great!

    12/1/2017 8:58:37 PM, by WIGIRL74

    Traveling to visit my friend in the hospital was supposed to be an hour drive, but due to road construction turned into a 1 1/2 hour trip. ... Read more

  • Feeling great!

    11/30/2017 11:14:33 PM, by WIGIRL74

    Followed up with my oncologist this morning... Walking in, he asked what I was doing there. Not sure why he asked, I replied, "Becaus... Read more

  • Relieved...

    11/30/2017 12:19:25 AM, by WIGIRL74

    Talked to my friend in the hospital (she had a stroke Sunday night) tonight. She's improving... No surgery needed, just physical therapy; wh... Read more

  • Devastated... Another reason to live healthy.

    11/29/2017 12:03:19 AM, by WIGIRL74

    Today started like any other day... Breakfast Work (till 4:00 pm) Get cleaned up Dinner My original plan after dinner was to exer... Read more

  • Variety is the Spice of Life

    11/27/2017 9:34:38 PM, by WIGIRL74

    The day I signed myself up for my insurance company's weight loss program was the day I returned to Spark People. Last time, I lost the weig... Read more

  • Finding time to workout...

    11/26/2017 10:38:51 PM, by WIGIRL74

    Yesterday, I went straight from work to the arena to attend a hockey game. Arriving early, I met up with some friends... The three of us wa... Read more

  • Rough Day...

    11/25/2017 12:54:37 AM, by WIGIRL74

    Today started off really good... Stepped on the scale to discover I only gained 0.4 lbs. eating Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. Squeezed in a... Read more

  • Day 20... I DID IT!!!

    11/23/2017 10:24:28 PM, by WIGIRL74

    For the first time in many years, almost everyone showed up for a holiday meal... 9 people in all. We all had a great time visiting. The food was... Read more

  • Day 19... At last!

    11/23/2017 12:25:03 AM, by WIGIRL74

    Super excited! Today, I received the free weight loss kit from my insurance company in the mail. Lots of cool things... Single serve blende... Read more

  • Day 18... Working in a bakery is deadly.

    11/21/2017 11:47:37 PM, by WIGIRL74

    Holidays are the absolute worst time of the year to be working in a bakery. With numerous new holiday items for sale, employees are encouraged to... Read more

  • Day 17... It's coming.

    11/20/2017 11:41:53 PM, by WIGIRL74

    What a busy day @ work today! Lots of baking, lots of packaging to be done. Yet, my co-workers & I found a way to liven things up... 1 squa... Read more

  • Day 16... I did it!!!

    11/20/2017 12:14:59 AM, by WIGIRL74

    Despite there being nothing but chaos at work today, I did something today I haven't done in years... I sprinted up / down 2 flights of stairs (s... Read more

  • Day 15... What's there not to understand?

    11/19/2017 12:34:31 AM, by WIGIRL74

    I'm making a conscious effort to lose weight by eating healthier, becoming more active, and exercising more. In doing so, I'm utilizing the free ... Read more

  • Day 14... Exhausted

    11/17/2017 11:41:15 PM, by WIGIRL74

    Just finished eating a small dinner after a grueling day @ work. I worked the counter by myself for 4 hours... Yeah, I know it doesn't soun... Read more

  • Day 13... The chaos begins...

    11/17/2017 12:30:19 AM, by WIGIRL74

    Tis the season to give thanks... Then, within a few weeks, it's fa-la-la-la-la-ba-h-um-bug. (j/k). No, seriously with all the holidays fast ... Read more

  • Day 12... Motivated to succeed

    11/15/2017 11:47:08 PM, by WIGIRL74

    Last night, I received some shocking (yet not so shocking) news from a very good friend of mine who I've known for 20+ years. As mentioned, ... Read more

  • Day 11... The streak continues

    11/14/2017 11:00:45 PM, by WIGIRL74

    'Successful people know the difference between patience & procrastination.' (Quote Soup) Talking with some co-workers today, I was surprised... Read more

  • Day 10... Change in schedule

    11/13/2017 8:58:43 PM, by WIGIRL74

    Today, I was scheduled to work the early shift @ work (6 am - 2 pm). With my whole afternoon open, I slept in until 4:00 am, skipping my morning ... Read more

  • Day 9... The streak continues...

    11/13/2017 12:14:56 AM, by WIGIRL74

    Started my morning early exercising w/ Coach Nicole (video) again. I'm turning this into a healthy habit because it gets me pumped up / energized... Read more

  • Day 8

    11/12/2017 12:20:25 AM, by WIGIRL74

    Tis the season to develop new (healthy) habits... Woke up early again this morning to start my day exercising w/ Coach Nicole (video). Toda... Read more

  • Energized... Day 7

    11/10/2017 5:41:01 PM, by WIGIRL74

    I had another day off of work today... Decided to make up for 'slacking' yesterday by focusing on eating healthy & exercising more today. Ex... Read more

  • R&R... Day 6 (cont.)

    11/9/2017 11:08:05 PM, by WIGIRL74

    As always, I was happy to arrive home from my friend's house. In doing so, I threw on my workout clothes & did another 30 minutes of cardio... An... Read more

  • R&R (Rest & Relaxation)... Day 6

    11/9/2017 5:13:46 PM, by WIGIRL74

    Day off of work today... Woke up early to return a call to my cardiologist regarding a refill on one of my prescriptions. I'm at a loss thou... Read more

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