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  • OOOOps...it's been a while

    7/12/2017 11:22:39 PM, by NOTLEZA

    I've definitely lost track of this... it's been since 2009? Ok. lots has gone on since then and I will update more tomorrow. Hubby and I ha... Read more

  • Each Day

    8/22/2016 4:01:32 PM, by MOMMA_BEAR_69

    There is so much you can do with a day! Each sunrise brings a brand-new chance to solve a problem, heal a hurt, settle a difference, forgive a f... Read more

  • You are in Charge!

    7/8/2016 5:05:59 PM, by MOMMA_BEAR_69

    Sure, sometimes it seems like pressures or problems rule your life. But they do not! You do! In fact, you always have the final say, the bigg... Read more


    6/20/2016 8:34:37 AM, by MOMMA_BEAR_69

    Simply say Yes to success! Sure there may be obstacles in your path. But most often the greatest challenge in making our dreams come true is ou... Read more

  • Reflecting on 10 years

    5/12/2016 4:23:13 PM, by 56ROSE

    Today is my 10 year Spark Anniversary! It has been a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs. I'm proud to say that I've finall... Read more

  • Stress

    5/2/2016 9:21:05 AM, by MOMMA_BEAR_69

    There is so much you can do about stress! Stress can only claim all your attention if you let it. Instead you can set it aside for a little whi... Read more

  • You are moving in a positive direction

    4/15/2016 11:01:12 AM, by MOMMA_BEAR_69

    Whether your "tires" seem to be losing air or stuck in the mud, life can make you feel like you're going nowhere. But in fact, you are headed so... Read more

  • Good things!

    4/5/2016 8:59:11 AM, by MOMMA_BEAR_69

    You've come so far! You've made progress you haven't even acknowledged, developed talents you haven't tallied, come up with solutions you've shr... Read more

  • Encourage yourself

    3/11/2016 11:00:28 AM, by MOMMA_BEAR_69

    You deserve the same priceless gift you give other! You share so much! Compliments and compassion. Good advice and undivided attention. P... Read more

  • Victory!

    2/27/2016 9:35:38 PM, by 56ROSE

    Goal met! After ten years of Sparking, I have finally reached my goal weight! ... Read more

  • Mistake

    2/20/2016 8:33:03 PM, by 56ROSE

    So, I've been playing it safe most of this week with my food choices. I've been limiting myself to liquids and semi soft foods. This diet seems t... Read more

  • Celebrate You

    2/17/2016 8:28:06 AM, by MOMMA_BEAR_69

    Celebrate all that you are! It's easy to dwell on what we're not enough or too much and to focus on what we haven't got or what w're must plain ... Read more

  • Awareness

    2/13/2016 8:15:00 PM, by 56ROSE

    So, I'm starting to feel better & consequently my appetite has returned. I know that sounds like a good thing BUT with Gastroparesis a good appet... Read more

  • I need a normal life! Not going to happen. :)

    2/8/2016 8:38:37 PM, by 1KKATT

    *sigh*. So, Saturday I had an animal welfare supper to help out with. I am part of a group that raises money to do trap/neuter/release (tnr) an... Read more

  • Winter Carnival

    2/6/2016 10:21:15 PM, by 56ROSE

    So, tomorrow we're headed to McCall for the Winter Carnival. We'll ride the city bus downtown and then view the ice sculptures before checking in... Read more

  • 4 years later

    2/1/2016 6:37:55 PM, by 1KKATT

    Same weight...changed person....I'm happier with who I am. More comfortable. Do I want to lose weight? Sure I do. But that isn't what my life... Read more


    1/29/2016 10:39:18 AM, by 56ROSE

    So, when I originally bought my current scale, I set my weight goal to 179 ( 5 + years ago). T... Read more

  • Blessing in Disguise?

    1/23/2016 7:54:37 PM, by 56ROSE

    So, looks like I'm dealing with Gastroparesis as well as acid reflux. UGH! I'm limiting my fat to 40 grams daily and fiber to 10-15 grams daily. ... Read more

  • You are responsible for you.

    1/20/2016 8:27:54 AM, by MOMMA_BEAR_69

    Have a wonderful week and ENJOY whatever life bring... Read more

  • Winter Blahs

    1/16/2016 9:05:32 PM, by 56ROSE

    Winter has just begun and I'm already wishing for Spring! As I've aged, th... Read more

  • Never Quit Pledge

    1/16/2016 11:54:49 AM, by MOMMA_BEAR_69

    Please respond that you want your name added to the bottom of the list. Never Quit Pledge Today, I promise I will not quit. I p... Read more

  • This is the Year!

    1/9/2016 3:25:08 PM, by 56ROSE

    Well today I started using the Nutrition tracker again. Sometimes I forget that it is the best tool out there for monitoring & controlling eating... Read more

  • Happy 2016; Live Well...720 Days Sparking Positive

    1/1/2016 6:00:20 PM, by FVUSCMOM

    Over the past 720 days, I learned stand-up paddleboarding, hula-hooping, and ice-skating since January 12, 2014. I became and remain a Spirited U... Read more

  • Happy New Year 2016

    12/31/2015 8:31:29 AM, by MOMMA_BEAR_69

    Have a wonderful week and ENJOY whatever life bring... Read more

  • Take pride

    12/26/2015 8:39:43 AM, by MOMMA_BEAR_69

    Have a wonderful week and ENJOY whatever life bring... Read more

  • Christmas is coming...

    12/24/2015 10:03:07 AM, by MOMMA_BEAR_69

    Yes Christmas is coming. Let us remember the r... Read more

  • Saw this and had to share

    12/14/2015 9:33:24 AM, by MOMMA_BEAR_69

    This is so very true!!! Have a wonderful week and ... Read more

  • Erma Bombeck

    11/25/2015 9:14:09 AM, by MOMMA_BEAR_69

    Erma Bombeck was an American humorist who achieved great popularity for her newspaper column that described suburban home life from the mid-1960s... Read more

  • Just do your best

    11/11/2015 9:39:46 AM, by MOMMA_BEAR_69

    You're moving forward! There are times when you may feel stalled or stuck, like you're just spinning your wheels. But even then, there is so muc... Read more

  • Candy Temptations

    10/22/2015 3:22:32 PM, by 56ROSE

    Well, I succumbed to Whoppers, Milk Duds, and Twizzlers. The really good news is: It was actually disappointing! I think I can do wi... Read more

  • Sad Day

    10/10/2015 7:45:01 PM, by 56ROSE

    Our old cat, Butters, is still not doing well. He is losing weight; not eating or drinking much. We decided to give him pain medic... Read more

  • Mediterranean Struggles

    10/3/2015 11:55:17 PM, by 56ROSE

    So, I'm supposed to limit my red meat to one serving a month. Since I'm not a meat fan, I thought this would be relatively easy... not so! The "n... Read more

  • Mediterranean Musings

    9/24/2015 1:40:38 PM, by 56ROSE

    So, I've been fascinated with the Mediterranean diet for some time now. It incorporates so many of the foods that I like such as dairy, olives, w... Read more

  • Life Lessons

    9/18/2015 10:03:01 PM, by 56ROSE

    This has been a really hard, depressing week. Our old cat, Butters, has been to the Vet several times this week (twice just for hydration). He is... Read more

  • Plans Change

    9/12/2015 9:45:59 PM, by 56ROSE

    It's often said that "change is the only constant in life". We had planned a getaway for this weekend but our old cat, Butters, was obviously not... Read more

  • Farmers Markets vs. Pick your own onsite

    9/12/2015 7:11:21 PM, by WESTCHESTERGAL

    I live near NYC and just returned from a 2 week vacation in upstate New York. This is my opinion on the difference regarding the title topic. I... Read more

  • A Chill is in the Air

    9/5/2015 2:20:07 PM, by 56ROSE

    It is afternoon here in Boise and the temp remains in the 50's. I really do love the cooler weather but sometimes it is hard to adjust from the h... Read more

  • Fall is in the Air (and smoke!)

    8/28/2015 12:04:03 PM, by 56ROSE

    We have been under a hazardous air quality warning for almost 2 weeks now due to the smoke from multiple statewide (Idaho) fires. UGH! Luckily, I... Read more


    8/14/2015 8:49:56 AM, by MOMMA_BEAR_69

    Success is not an exclusive club. There is no secret handshake, code or test, and you don't need someone else or convince anyone you're worthy t... Read more

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