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  • Same River

    10/23/2017 11:00:23 AM, by HULK76

    There is a Greek philosopher who said: "You can't step in the same river twice." To me, his meaning is that life flows. It does not stop for you... Read more

  • Back on the Wagon (Again)

    3/27/2017 12:35:23 PM, by GYMRATMOM

    I can't believe another year has passed. In the last few months, I've put on another 15 pounds after an emotional "crash and burn." It's been a g... Read more

  • Banana island day 11

    3/20/2016 5:47:35 AM, by INGRIDSLIM

    In the weekend I'm always doing very well with food and sports. Got 12508 steps in before 10:30 am. Going to make a nice salad soon. Weekends are... Read more

  • Long Time Absent

    1/27/2016 9:16:34 AM, by GYMRATMOM

    Wow, I've been away from this site for a long time! Can't believe it's been 6+ years. A lot has changed in that time. My marriage got continually... Read more

  • Motivation harder to find

    9/23/2015 8:30:34 PM, by JOJOMONSTER

    So in January of this year I decided I needed to lose some weight again. (I think I was 130lbs or more) I started daily walking and counting calo... Read more

  • Day 14...

    8/16/2015 2:54:28 PM, by MISSG818

    I entered this weekend feeling week about my dieting. Last night, hung out with friends, but got sidetracked during my birthday celebration. ... Read more

  • Day 11

    8/13/2015 7:32:33 AM, by MISSG818

    Up at 4am and pushing weights at 4:30am. Kick butt workout this morning (i.e. squats @ 90# , T-bar squats @150#, DB deadlifts w/@25 ... Read more

  • Day 10...

    8/12/2015 7:07:26 AM, by MISSG818

    Good Morning, I weighed myself and the scale did not move... Ugh! I decided not be concerned with the scale as my body fat is decreasing. I t... Read more

  • Day 9...

    8/11/2015 7:30:28 AM, by MISSG818

    ... Read more

  • Day 8...

    8/10/2015 6:58:14 AM, by MISSG818

    Today was a great morning. The alarm clock rang at 4:00 a.m. and I quickly got ready to go to the gym. When I arrived, I was met by a man and wo... Read more

  • Day 7

    8/9/2015 2:46:59 PM, by MISSG818

    Rest day....... Read more

  • Day 7...

    8/9/2015 2:09:35 PM, by MISSG818

    Rest day. ... Read more

  • Day 6...

    8/8/2015 7:37:59 AM, by MISSG818

    Woke up this morning anxious about weighing myself as I felt lighter. Weighed myself, down .4 (157.0). Saturday is errand day, so I am very bus... Read more

  • Day 5...

    8/7/2015 6:57:14 AM, by MISSG818

    Woke up at 4:15am feeling energized. Kick butt on leg day and enjoyed by typical breakfast. Thinking back to my alternative sweet potato pie, I... Read more

  • Because feeding your body crap won't make you feel fabulous!!!

    8/6/2015 2:48:43 PM, by JENNEGRON0

    Self-defeating actions. Oh, man am I good at them! I'm also extremely lazy sometimes.... I planned a delicious lunch box today! Snacks ... Read more

  • Day 4

    8/6/2015 7:21:58 AM, by MISSG818

    Today I woke up at 3:50am to go to the gym. This is a new gym, so I was hoping there would be 1-2 people. I was right. When I entered there wa... Read more

  • Whole30ish and conclusions

    8/5/2015 10:59:37 PM, by JENNEGRON0

    I tried to post a couple blogs, but none of them would upload. Very frustrating. I stopped whole30 on Sunday because of a couple reasons: the amo... Read more

  • Day 3

    8/5/2015 5:20:21 PM, by MISSG818

    Day 3 went extremely well. I was able to take a cat-nap, so I feel energized to hit cardio tonight. This morning the scale did not move, but I ... Read more

  • Day 2...

    8/3/2015 7:06:24 AM, by MISSG818

    Yesterday was the day of commitment as I have fully recovered from surgery and received a bill of good health from Dr. O, I decided to kick butt ... Read more

  • Back After 4 years

    8/2/2015 11:24:44 AM, by MISSG818

    I decided to re-connect to my SP. I went through three years of being successful with my weight loss, then last year things changed. I had to t... Read more

  • Whole30ish - Day 10 and 11

    7/30/2015 9:08:37 PM, by JENNEGRON0

    Full disclosure: I broke the sugar detox yesterday. But, it was to try out my new running gels and not to eat every chocolate in sight. Actually,... Read more

  • Whole30 - Day 9 (Long post - I need some opinions, please weigh in!)

    7/29/2015 7:25:54 AM, by JENNEGRON0

    Reflection/Question moment: I learned of a career opportunity that sounds like it matches everything I want in the next chapter of my life and c... Read more

  • Whole30 - Day 8

    7/27/2015 8:28:15 PM, by JENNEGRON0

    Today was a good day. I researched some volunteer opportunities before going to work, put away some laundry, and prepped for a meeting I have to... Read more

  • Whole30 - Day 7

    7/26/2015 6:13:06 PM, by JENNEGRON0

    Today's post will be brief - I am running behind on my discussion board responses for my class! It has been a very busy day. Church, lunch, massa... Read more

  • Whole30 - Day 6

    7/26/2015 9:22:24 AM, by JENNEGRON0

    When things do not go as you've planned, it can be very frustrating... Yesterday I "ran" (and by that I mean, jogged extremely slowly and w... Read more

  • Whole30 - Day 5

    7/25/2015 1:06:27 PM, by JENNEGRON0

    Yesterday wasn't too bad. I bargained with myself a little and attempted to make a heavenly, but clean, dessert for my dinner guest. This isn't c... Read more

  • Whole30 - Day 4

    7/24/2015 8:55:30 AM, by JENNEGRON0

    Playing catch up here. Yesterday was an extremely loooong day at work so, I didn't take any pictures after breakfast. No work out, either. Tempta... Read more

  • Whole30 - Day 3

    7/22/2015 9:26:09 PM, by JENNEGRON0

    A little reflection time... in my line of work, we very rarely are praised for the hard work we do. It is expected of us. Period. The last few ye... Read more

  • Whole30 - Day 2

    7/21/2015 7:52:45 PM, by JENNEGRON0

    Today I had to remind myself that just because I was bored I didn't need to eat. I also forgot to take a late afternoon snack so when I got home ... Read more

  • Whole30 - Day 1 (Part 2)

    7/20/2015 8:33:53 PM, by JENNEGRON0

    Today went well. I had to check myself a couple times at work to combat the habitual snacking of popcorn and chocolate. But I did it! Here's what... Read more

  • Whole30 - Day 1 (Part 1)

    7/20/2015 8:27:25 AM, by JENNEGRON0

    Like many people on here, I lost my way...again... ... Read more

  • 1/1/2013

    7/5/2015 8:54:20 PM, by SASSINA

    That day was a turning point in my life and it started with one little statement, It takes 30 days to make a habit. I started using the tread cl... Read more

  • Training. 3/8 - 3/15

    3/8/2015 10:52:58 AM, by JENSFITJOURNEY

    Training. 3/8 - 3/15 March totals - Miles - 115.15/300 Rowing - 14,000m /50,000m Loss - Weight - .2 lbs, Measurements - .75, Arms a... Read more

  • Back to Fitness

    2/16/2015 4:33:07 PM, by SNOWANGEL2012

    Its been awhile since I have been on Sparkpeople. I have missed it and all the great people on here. :) I have been slacking in the fitnes... Read more

  • A hard day but it's DONE!!!!!!'

    1/22/2015 7:27:33 PM, by JENSFITJOURNEY

    733 calories burned today. 29.5 miles on the bike. 3 day total - 2,731 calories gone for good 😄 Totally exhausted but proud I worked hard. ... Read more

  • Training Log 1/20 - 1/21

    1/21/2015 2:10:55 PM, by JENSFITJOURNEY

    Awesome workout today!! Pushed hard and I feel amazing, well totally zonked but amazing 1,231 calories burned! Bodypump and incline intervals ... Read more

  • Sick...

    1/12/2015 1:24:51 PM, by JENSFITJOURNEY

    my little girl and I are sick. Will be back at it soon. ... Read more

  • Day 11 Training is DONE!!!

    1/9/2015 6:17:53 PM, by JENSFITJOURNEY

    Finally getting back and it feels great! Day by day I am getting stronger and I know before too long I will be where I used to be and who knows, ... Read more

  • 2 Months in My journey

    3/3/2017 8:36:57 AM, by AMYSTORD1

    Two months ago I decided to make a change. I was 188 feeling weak and not fitting into anything. The last 2 years I had knee injuries and a broke... Read more

  • strong is the new skinny

    7/14/2015 3:54:33 PM, by AMYYMCA

    I struggle with my body image. Like most people I'm sure. Focusing on being strong and healthy. Looking at the positive things about myself.... Read more

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