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  • Excited about life

    12/19/2017 7:12:00 AM, by TONYA76

    I’ve lost 35 pounds so far with weight watchers. I’m not stopping either. The 220’s are only 4 pounds away. I’m just so excited. Life is looking ... Read more

  • Mad walking

    11/24/2017 3:12:10 PM, by BRIGHTERDAYS4U

    Ok, so I'm mad. Mad at hubby for some stupid remark he made that I am not going to repeat here. Suffice it to say it was mean and uncalled for. I... Read more

  • Inefficient laundry

    11/21/2017 4:26:45 PM, by BRIGHTERDAYS4U

    It's getting too cold outside to walk and hubby doesn't want to drive into town to do mall walking so I've been inventing ways to get exercise in... Read more

  • Feeling hopeful

    11/11/2017 9:55:11 AM, by TONYA76

    Since I joined Weight Watchers I have lost 27.4 pounds which is 10% if my original body weight. I’m so excited and happy. The 230’s are right aro... Read more

  • Milestone

    10/16/2017 3:26:46 AM, by BRIGHTERDAYS4U

    I'm proud of myself. I met a milestone today and got into my size 20 jeans. That may not sound like a very good milestone to a lot of people but ... Read more

  • Feeling Good

    10/6/2017 10:37:12 PM, by TONYA76

    So I joined Weight Watchers on August 13th. My ex boyfriends mom paid for me. It was a slow emotional start but it was the best thing I did. I've... Read more

  • nutritionist says

    7/24/2017 3:43:41 PM, by BRIGHTERDAYS4U

    more water slim fast Fridays vitamins switch off with cereal canned fruits, cooked vegies more protein ... Read more

  • Living with Titanium

    5/9/2017 9:25:54 PM, by QUENNEVILLE

    Well, it is now 2017 and I have gone through my second hip replacement. This means that both my hips are now of titanium material. I'm living i... Read more

  • Is it Friday yet?!

    3/8/2017 3:12:45 PM, by DOTTY7267

    Today has been a pretty trying day for me diet-wise. I had quite a bit of bread/carbs today. I am still without Pepsi, which is going on 2 weeks ... Read more

  • Still Holding Strong!

    3/2/2017 1:04:03 PM, by DOTTY7267

    I've been with Sparkpeople for quite a while now, and I thank them for the relationship. I've drifted and come back multiple times. This site has... Read more

  • Need to hook up the Wii.

    2/26/2017 8:29:12 PM, by SIMPLYSHERRY

    I have had the Wii for a long time and used to have it plugged in. We used it all the time until a person told me that the Wii is just a glorifi... Read more

  • Love the skin your in.

    2/21/2017 10:26:04 AM, by SIMPLYSHERRY

    I have always been self conscious of the way I look. Remembering being teased as a child by the so called "popular" crowd. Then I grew older an... Read more

  • Feeling Optimistic

    2/17/2017 10:21:14 AM, by TONYA76

    I had my three month blood work and checkup this week. I lost 11 pounds and my A1C went down from 8. Something to 6.7. My only issue now is a fat... Read more

  • My new start.

    2/12/2017 6:40:06 PM, by SIMPLYSHERRY

    I am trying to start anew again. I usually do good at first but I seem to fall off the wagon easily. Today I believe I have done well. I have ... Read more

  • Still don't like to look at myself in the mirror

    2/10/2017 1:28:25 PM, by TONYA76

    So things did not get better for me as the year went on. Last summer my daughter came home from her fathers with head lice, and they knew about b... Read more

  • Don't like myself!!!!

    6/27/2016 10:28:00 AM, by TONYA76

    I'm having a hard time liking myself. This year has sucked from the beginning. To start my boyfriend just up and left saying he'd be back but mov... Read more

  • Back at it!

    2/15/2016 8:20:36 PM, by LDYBTH

    ... Read more

  • Challenge Weigh-in

    1/15/2016 8:03:06 PM, by SARRIV128

    They've started a "biggest loser" challenge at my work and today was the initial weigh-in. Definitely some room for improvement!... Read more

  • I'm back

    1/12/2016 10:34:44 AM, by SARRIV128

    It's been a while...like a few years while but I'm back to try spark people again. Maybe a little community support in addition to my family will... Read more

  • Plan, Plan, Plan

    10/17/2015 7:01:18 PM, by CMDOUBLE

    I find it so much easier to plan my meals the day before I actually have them. Planning the night before, especially when working the next day, ... Read more

  • Sometimes it feels impossible

    10/15/2015 9:52:11 PM, by CMDOUBLE

    I hate the fluctuating scale! Maybe I should not be weighing myself every day. I know I should not be weighing myself every day. But it is hab... Read more

  • It's Amazing What A Day Can Make

    10/11/2015 11:47:21 AM, by CMDOUBLE

    Yesterday I blogged about being kind of stuck. This morning was weigh in for one of my challenges. I was up a pound and a half. Ugh. But it d... Read more

  • Quote of the Day

    10/10/2015 8:12:28 PM, by CMDOUBLE

    Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there. - Will Rogers I like this quote. I can relate to it. After a... Read more

  • Day 21

    10/8/2015 4:20:09 PM, by CMDOUBLE

    Oh how I hope I can keep this up. It has been working so far and I am happy. But I have been here before. Something snaps and I am right back ... Read more

  • Day 3 - October Challenge

    10/8/2015 12:36:11 PM, by DOTTY7267

    Well, I've been pretty good about returning to the gym... Read more

  • Just a little song I wrote

    10/7/2015 7:38:23 AM, by CMDOUBLE

    I have no idea why or how I came up with this song, but it popped into my head so I am sharing it here. Kind of rap it out! DON'T FLUCTUA... Read more

  • Today I begin again!

    10/6/2015 4:34:26 PM, by DOTTY7267

    I've been inactive for the past several months while I've completed my degree, which was a goal that I accomplished in August. . . .yeah me! Anyw... Read more

  • Eating Out

    10/4/2015 8:28:13 AM, by CMDOUBLE

    So, I am on day 21 after starting over with Sparkpeople...again. I have lost 13 pounds since my highest weigh in on August 19th (started Sparkpe... Read more

  • Back Again

    9/27/2015 7:45:34 AM, by CMDOUBLE

    I am back. I have not been active on Sparkpeople since 2011. I had to quit. Not entirely true, but I had to quit my challenges and working out... Read more

  • lbs lost & bp lower

    9/9/2015 7:24:20 PM, by SOULREBEL403

    A few months ago my feet were super swollen and I was grossed out so I took a pic of me standing on the scale - 337. Using the stations at store... Read more

  • Morning Walk

    6/14/2015 6:59:49 AM, by SOULREBEL403

    Went to bed early last night (midnight, gasp!) and awoke this morning at 4. I felt rested and after farting around online for a while I decided t... Read more

  • Life Goes On

    2/26/2015 5:28:10 PM, by PLCOHRAN

    I am learning many lessons at this time in my life. I am thankful for them all and I work at translating them into my journey towards better hea... Read more

  • preferences

    12/9/2014 11:01:59 AM, by JELABEDI

    Over the years I've learned how to substitute several foods for things I wouldn't put in my body. Now most of you are gonna think sugary sweets ... Read more

  • fitness videos

    12/4/2014 2:09:26 PM, by JELABEDI

    Is there a way to save our favorite vids do we can find them again? ... Read more

  • I'm having a "Yes, but..." day.

    11/17/2014 9:11:31 AM, by JELABEDI

    Well we all have them. The day when everything we read generates a negative reaction. I have just deleted 6 sentences here that I typed because t... Read more

  • October Fitness Plans

    10/1/2014 2:23:40 PM, by DOTTY7267

    Here I go, if I don't post them I feel less accountable for my actions, so I'm posting. 1. October 4 - Sista Strut on the RiverWalk and Gr... Read more

  • Got bike. . . .will travel!

    9/29/2014 2:21:03 PM, by DOTTY7267

    The last two weekends have been pretty busy with mini goals I've set for myself to keep me motivated as well as in a healthy mindset. On the 14t... Read more

  • Starting Again, Again!

    7/29/2014 11:02:28 AM, by DOTTY7267

    Well, it has been quite a while since I've been back and active on this site, but the one thing that I know, is that when I get serious about my ... Read more

  • That was easy...part 2...

    7/3/2014 6:38:05 PM, by DRAGONS.R.COOL

    Yes, I wanted to update myself on this "pop" thing. Well, I am STILL pop (soda) free. I started to go without pop in Feb 2011. It is now Jul... Read more

  • It's been a Week now!

    6/29/2014 7:11:42 PM, by PLCOHRAN

    I started using the tracking again last week and lost 2 lbs. That was all good. Now my goal is for 2 more lbs this week. A couple of things I ... Read more

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