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  • My Own Nature Trail

    12/7/2015 6:35:29 AM, by BURNETTERULES

    On Thanksgiving my grandchild and his cousin went into our woods. I have not been down there in years. I stepped over logs and branches got caugh... Read more

  • Sudden Drop...

    11/20/2015 12:50:00 PM, by ALLEYCATTUS

    First of all, thank you everyone who commented on my ... Read more

  • Day 3 and counting!

    11/19/2015 2:31:09 PM, by ALLEYCATTUS

    Well, made it to day 3! I have lost small amounts, but... Read more

  • Second day...

    11/18/2015 2:15:13 PM, by ALLEYCATTUS

    First of all, to all my wonderful friends who commente... Read more

  • Starting over...

    11/17/2015 3:29:23 PM, by ALLEYCATTUS

    Hello, all! I know I have started over a few times ... Read more

  • Telling myself the Truth

    11/16/2015 11:04:07 AM, by MOMNAMEMANTOOTH

    So for almost 3 years I haven't been truthful with myself! I have gained a lot of weight back. I was 163 pounds the summer of 2013. So close to m... Read more

  • 10 minutes

    11/14/2015 8:23:44 AM, by BURNETTERULES

    I wrote down in my daily challenges to do 10 minutes of exercise before dinner. I had forgotten all about that. Yesterday I did it. I got on the ... Read more

  • Rainy days

    11/7/2015 4:34:25 PM, by BURNETTERULES

    My youngest son is staying with us a few days. He has been living with this girl for 5 years and he wants to break up. He says they need time apa... Read more

  • camper

    10/31/2015 1:57:48 PM, by BURNETTERULES

    We closed up the camper today. I was hoping we could get one more trip in but it did not happen. I am so busy with work. I am longing to retire b... Read more

  • chips are my weakness

    10/26/2015 6:26:43 AM, by BURNETTERULES

    I think I might have finally gotten enough chips. My husband got some out last night and brought them to bed. I thought about eating one then lis... Read more

  • Surprise Survey

    10/22/2015 8:10:18 AM, by BURNETTERULES

    In long term care we have the state and federal surveyors come in every year. If we have had a complaint called in then they will come in It is a... Read more

  • The Scales

    10/20/2015 6:48:39 AM, by BURNETTERULES

    All the information I get from trainers and blogs say. "Don't weigh every day! You will become discouraged and quit. " Well let me tell you I am ... Read more

  • Boss's day

    10/16/2015 7:38:45 AM, by BURNETTERULES

    I was really trying to eat healthy yesterday. I had really over done lunch. We had my favorite. Lasagna and salad. I ate only 2 bites of my garli... Read more

  • Spinzilla

    10/9/2015 7:53:09 AM, by BURNETTERULES

    Spinzilla is a competition for spinners to spin as much fiber as they can in one week. We break into teams. I spin fluff into stuff. I spin wool ... Read more

  • Walking through it!

    10/8/2015 9:04:00 PM, by MOMNAMEMANTOOTH

    So the past two days have been tough for me. Yesterday my four year old told me I had a big tummy. It was an accurate observation however, it cru... Read more

  • dancing

    10/5/2015 7:41:32 AM, by BURNETTERULES

    "Every girl loves to dance" my husband tells me. Dancing is good exercise. I was dancing in the kitchen yesterday while the washing machine sp... Read more

  • Everything is breaking

    10/2/2015 3:15:10 PM, by BURNETTERULES

    What a crazy 2 weeks I have had. My dishwasher started leaking. My niece did not have child care so I watched her 3 children that weekend. ... Read more

  • Obstacles

    9/24/2015 9:08:09 AM, by 2BHEALTHY3

    I seen a post this morning talking about weight loss obstacles and it got me to thinking about mine. Most people was naming one but I had a lis... Read more

  • Bipolar Disorder

    9/21/2015 7:47:42 AM, by BURNETTERULES

    My son is back from Charleston, paranoid and delusional. It has been 4 years since he has had an episode. He was enrolled in Law School but canno... Read more

  • Scale Schmel

    9/15/2015 9:54:50 AM, by 2BHEALTHY3

    I am in week 6 of lifestyle changes. Unfortunately the number on the scale is not one of them. Well, I can't really say that, I have lost 1 1/... Read more

  • Walk with my husband.

    9/13/2015 8:36:45 AM, by BURNETTERULES

    My dear husband is finally maybe getting the message. He took an actual walk with me down a very nice trail he found. His knee was a little sore ... Read more

  • little things

    9/7/2015 6:32:29 PM, by BURNETTERULES

    I was going to work this morning and heard clippiting clop. It was a deer running beside my car. That was a blessing. ... Read more

  • Getting outside

    9/5/2015 10:19:57 AM, by BURNETTERULES

    I have been getting outside every day this week to walk or bike. I did 67 minutes and hiked 3.5 miles. I was actually surprised I could go that f... Read more

  • Happy Birthday to ME!

    9/4/2015 7:15:36 AM, by BURNETTERULES

    I am 52 years old. I am 40 lbs over weight. I love to eat. I love my sons and my grandson. I love my alone time and my solitary walks. It is get... Read more

  • Outside

    9/1/2015 7:34:57 AM, by BURNETTERULES

    I have been walking in the afternoons up and around the hills again around my house. My smart phone app said I burned 265 calories. I said what? ... Read more

  • Planning and coping

    8/25/2015 9:11:53 PM, by BURNETTERULES

    I have decided that the meals my husband fixes are just too good. I cannot hardly resist. He loves to cook and loves to eat. I eat fairly well ..... Read more

  • Recumbent Bike

    8/24/2015 6:30:29 AM, by BURNETTERULES

    I have several pieces of workout equipment. When my sister moved out my husband and I fixed her room into a workout room. He has used it once or ... Read more

  • Motivation

    8/20/2015 6:02:20 PM, by MADEIT54

    I have missed a few days and have started and restarted my streak, Starting again. I am on step 3 of Spark Coach, so writing down my true moti... Read more

  • Feel better

    8/20/2015 6:56:19 AM, by BURNETTERULES

    Hey. I have been back since May and cannot seem to get started good,.. I am trying to eat better and move more and drink more water. I feel bette... Read more

  • New goal

    8/19/2015 9:41:54 AM, by 2BHEALTHY3

    This morning as I begin yet another week 2 day 5 I am filled with embarrassment. After I posted the blog Tired of starting over, stop quitt... Read more

  • Work again

    8/17/2015 6:26:40 AM, by BURNETTERULES

    I went to check on my building at about 10 AM and then planned to go shopping. When I got there they told me the new girl had walked out and one ... Read more

  • Stress

    8/14/2015 5:50:01 AM, by BURNETTERULES

    How do you manage stress? I have a hard job. Sometimes I wish it was not so stressful. I love it in many ways and sometimes am afraid I ca... Read more

  • Small slip 8/13

    8/14/2015 12:31:42 AM, by MADEIT54

    Did my work out today- No problem. Had a good breakfast that balanced my blood sugar. I had a protein shake before I left to do errands and also ... Read more

  • Making Progress

    8/10/2015 10:10:50 PM, by MADEIT54

    Headed for the chiropractor this morning- nothing really wrong. Just noted a few more pops and crackles in my neck and joints. He was very please... Read more

  • No Nap!!

    8/9/2015 11:56:14 PM, by MADEIT54

    It was a quiet Sunday. Did things around the house- cleaned, folded laundry, dishes- by hand then paled with the animals. However no afternoon n... Read more

  • Made in the USA

    8/9/2015 8:33:25 PM, by IMAVISION

    189 ... Read more

  • Justin to Charleston

    8/9/2015 8:25:34 AM, by BURNETTERULES

    We loaded Justin"s possessions on the back of the truc... Read more

  • I noticed!

    8/8/2015 11:52:31 PM, by MADEIT54

    I have noticed : My pile of clothes , for the Goodwill, that are too big is getting larger. My refrigerator is stocked with vegetables and fr... Read more

  • Happy Animals

    8/8/2015 1:03:50 AM, by MADEIT54

    I came home from work today and found all my animals talking to me. Dolly my longhair dachshund dropped her squeaky ball at my feet. My conure Sa... Read more

  • Day 4 and still doing well

    8/5/2015 11:52:11 PM, by MADEIT54

    Today I started with my glass of water and a cup of coffee then fixed breakfast- NS Turkey ham and cheese melt, 1 cup of roasted new potatoes and... Read more

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