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Blogs by Members of SP Class of September 9-15, 2007

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  • Taking it slow

    5/21/2018 11:59:29 AM, by SCHADWE

    The weather finally got better and I started gradually working up to my 15 min walk during my 30 min lunch. I had made it to the 12 min mark, pu... Read more

  • April 11, 2018

    4/11/2018 12:09:47 PM, by BLUEEYESCANADA

    I need to update everyone on my last blog. My cousin's husband went to hospital Jan 02, 2018, he passed away on Feb 07 in hospice. This has be... Read more

  • I won!!!

    4/2/2018 11:09:28 PM, by ARNINE

    Well I didn't actually win the weight loss contest I ... Read more

  • Conquering

    3/13/2018 12:41:53 PM, by ARNINE

    Conquering the demons one at a time. 1. Eliminated the junk food snacking. Done yeah 2. Reduce alcohol consumption. Friday night treat. Done... Read more

  • Content

    3/7/2018 8:10:01 PM, by ARNINE

    I can honestly say I'm the most content I've ever been. I finally have a job I like, not loaded with stress or full of deadlines. I've been suc... Read more

  • 4 weeks down

    3/5/2018 8:08:08 PM, by ARNINE

    Starting week five feeling excited. I've had four consecutive weeks of loss on the scale and am close to 20 lbs lost. The first 10 was late las... Read more

  • Starting week 4

    2/26/2018 7:38:30 PM, by ARNINE

    Down over 6 lbs and have been on target with my goals most days. Finally have decent enough weather to walk out side and man I'm taking advantag... Read more

  • First intentional carb lol

    2/22/2018 7:59:27 PM, by ARNINE

    So I'm on a South Beach and just started adding good carbs back into my diet. Made a roast, baby potatoes and carrots in the instant pot for the... Read more

  • Week 2

    2/17/2018 7:54:47 PM, by ARNINE

    Well this week didn't go as well as planned but I didn't completely fall apart. Finished the week down a pound or two. So not a failure.... Read more

  • Struggling today

    2/12/2018 8:57:25 PM, by ARNINE

    Whoever figured out the nickname dreadmill had it nailed! I can hardly wait for the snow and ice to get off the roads and have enough day light ... Read more

  • Week 2.

    2/11/2018 4:32:45 PM, by ARNINE

    So the first week went really well and resulted in a 4.2 lb loss. So this week I'm stepping things up. New step goal is 11,000 per day for a w... Read more

  • Week one down.

    2/10/2018 11:58:04 PM, by ARNINE

    This week has been one of the best I've ever had with keeping my eating and drinking on plan and exercising. It's been strangely easy. Not like... Read more

  • It's working

    2/9/2018 10:32:12 PM, by ARNINE

    I started the week with just a few goals in mind. I wanted to get at least 10000 steps a day in for a total of 70000. I only need to get 6300 s... Read more

  • On a roll

    2/8/2018 6:21:03 PM, by ARNINE

    Finally have put most of the pieces together. 5 days of exercise, 5 days eating on plan and 5 days of water intake goals met. This is a great s... Read more

  • Full speed ahead

    2/7/2018 9:24:44 PM, by ARNINE

    Enjoying the ride so far feeling really good. Hope this feeling lasts for the Long haul. Giving up alot of my vices, beer, chips and all my sal... Read more

  • Meeting goals

    2/5/2018 8:48:25 PM, by ARNINE

    Set a few daily goals for myself. Will add a few each week. So far so good.... Read more

  • So it begins.

    2/4/2018 12:55:08 PM, by ARNINE

    Weighed in at 171.8 with a bmi of 30 today. Started off with a nice omlette for breakfast and 30 minutes on the treadmill. Feeling really good ... Read more

  • A fresh start

    1/29/2018 9:00:12 PM, by ARNINE

    Gearing up for a weight loss contest I work. I'm not participating to win or going to worry about where I fall in place but using it as a motiva... Read more

  • Preparing

    1/28/2018 11:02:50 PM, by ARNINE

    Getting my self mentally and physically ready to start my South Beach journey. Kicking it off by participating in a weith loss contest at work. ... Read more

  • January 14, 2018

    1/14/2018 2:10:45 PM, by BLUEEYESCANADA

    It has been very stressful the past few weeks and I am going to let everyone know why I haven't been on here much during this time. My one... Read more

  • Life's changes

    12/25/2017 3:14:53 PM, by MARINEME

    So, on December 20th I was admitted into the hospital until that following Friday. Turns out I have pancreatitis, so the doctors want me on low f... Read more

  • December 24, 2017

    12/24/2017 5:12:07 PM, by BLUEEYESCANADA

    Today hubby and I got as much food made as possible. Tomorrow all we need to do is cook the turkey, ham, stuffing and potato. We are Blessed t... Read more

  • December 22, 2017

    12/22/2017 4:26:28 PM, by BLUEEYESCANADA

    This morning hubby and I went to the school where 2 of our grand kids attend. It was for a dancing contest for the grade 7 & 8 classes. Our gr... Read more

  • December 21, 2017

    12/21/2017 3:25:55 PM, by BLUEEYESCANADA

    We went to visit a good friend who had knee replacement surgery last week. She is still in a lot of pain but able to move a lot better. It was... Read more

  • December 20, 2017

    12/20/2017 6:25:52 PM, by BLUEEYESCANADA

    What a busy day we had today. We started off at the hairdresser at 10:00 and then I had my Fibroscan at 12:30. We then dropped some food off... Read more

  • December 18, 2017

    12/18/2017 4:32:59 PM, by BLUEEYESCANADA

    Our family party turned out great. We had a lot of people and that is what we love. There were no Christmas decorations up because of the "flood"... Read more

  • December 13, 2017

    12/13/2017 8:25:11 PM, by BLUEEYESCANADA

    Today has been a very busy and productive day. More cleaning from our "flood" and other things we have been cleaning out. Made a trip to the... Read more

  • December 12, 2017

    12/12/2017 11:33:33 AM, by BLUEEYESCANADA

    We have a winter wonderland outside today. This is our first accumulation this year. I was enjoying it with no snow but this is Canada after all.... Read more

  • December 11, 2017

    12/11/2017 3:57:46 PM, by BLUEEYESCANADA

    We are starting to get a bit more snow. We have been lucky so far and the roads are still clear. Today I decided to go through my cupboards ... Read more

  • December 10, 2017

    12/10/2017 1:31:12 PM, by BLUEEYESCANADA

    Our great-granddaughter Madyson is 9 years old today. It is so hard to believe how fast she is growing. I was hoping to see her today but she is ... Read more

  • December, 8, 2017

    12/8/2017 12:57:29 PM, by BLUEEYESCANADA

    I was hoping to have our Christmas decorating done by now but the past few weeks have not been good to us. I had just finished do... Read more

  • December 7, 2017

    12/7/2017 10:28:59 AM, by BLUEEYESCANADA

    Wow!! I can't believe how long it has been since I have posted a blog. I do find it very important to keep in touch on here but I have been tryin... Read more

  • Where did my time (BODY) go....????

    8/16/2017 11:52:30 AM, by 5KIDSNIRAK

    The last time I created a Blog entry on SP was in 2009 ... do what...???? where did 8 years of my life go??? One thing is for certain that during... Read more

  • Bonus Wheel

    5/15/2017 12:18:04 PM, by SCHADWE

    ... Read more

  • New day, new week.... fingers crossed this one goes better

    3/13/2017 12:41:08 PM, by SCHADWE

    Last week the wind storm that effected the mid-west and north east blew through. We lost power between 2-3 pm EST Wednesday March 8th. Thankfu... Read more

  • 208 lbs lost

    3/10/2017 6:18:26 PM, by SIDSMOM1

    I didn't realize that its been such a long time since I last posted. So currently I have lost 208lbs and almost done. I'm 154 lbs. I'm going f... Read more

  • Finished walk

    1/3/2017 1:39:10 PM, by KOFNYE

    @brighton estates 1.50 mile in 35 minutes. Details at... Read more

  • December 20, 2016

    12/20/2016 1:27:42 PM, by BLUEEYESCANADA

    I am going to be so happy to see 2016 leave. There has been too many people pass on this year although there has also been a few good times also.... Read more

  • December 6, 2016

    12/6/2016 4:54:07 PM, by BLUEEYESCANADA

    I am sorry that I never let you all know that our niece's hubby is home. He has only been home for a few days but is still on many meds. He still... Read more

  • November 02, 2016

    11/2/2016 12:13:19 PM, by BLUEEYESCANADA

    We are still waiting on news of our niece's hubby. His blood pressure is up a bit and they are still running tests. At this time they don't know ... Read more

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