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  • 4383 Days = 12 Years!

    4/21/2018 12:48:24 AM, by MAMADEE016

    = 626 weeks and 1 day = 105,192 hours = 6,311,520 minutes = 378,691,200 seconds Those hours, minutes & seconds could be different since I... Read more

  • Milestone on Day 4372

    4/9/2018 12:00:31 PM, by MAMADEE016

    It's just another Monday But this one come... Read more

  • 3/20~Day 4352 ~ Getting to be that time

    3/21/2018 1:00:23 AM, by MAMADEE016

    3 Months since my last blog. I miss it. But I had to write something to someone today. Everything seems to be hitting hard at the moment. A new s... Read more

  • What’s important

    2/27/2018 7:50:26 PM, by NFSISTER

    Two years ago today I started wheezing. Four days later I went to the doctor after I got lightheaded and lost my breath reading a story to the t... Read more

  • Another year older

    2/21/2018 10:37:31 PM, by NFSISTER

    So today is my birthday 🎂. I’ve been gone forever, or so it seems. It’s been an interesting time for me. After 6-8 asthma flares in the last ... Read more

  • It's Only 1 Pound

    1/10/2018 9:09:01 AM, by MSPALMR1123

    I wake up this morning feeling very positive about my progress, but boy how quickly that changed. I stepped on the scale and to my surprise I had... Read more

  • The journey continues!

    1/9/2018 6:18:32 AM, by LISAGEGARE

    I've been working on losing pounds since Oct.1, 2017, that's also the day my husband had his 2nd heart attack. I lost 18# so far.... Read more

  • Staying Focus

    1/8/2018 9:37:52 AM, by MSPALMR1123

    It has been a week and I feel great. I have learned some very good information. One is that being accountable for everything that goes in my mout... Read more

  • 1st week

    1/7/2018 8:15:30 PM, by ROBYNG46

    Well today is day 6 and I've been concentrating on my eating habits, especially staying away from soda. I've been doing pretty good, haven't had... Read more

  • 12/21 ~ Day 4263 ~ 11+ YEARS!

    12/21/2017 12:37:16 PM, by MAMADEE016

    LONG TIME! That's how long I've been (somewhat) mindfully trying to lose weight & get healthier! Success? Nope! Failure? Nope! Read more

  • It really is time. Ive reached my breaking point.

    7/10/2017 1:00:15 PM, by DANIELLESAUTUMN

    Even though I havent been active on Spark, I still need it sometimes to get my thoughts out. I never realized in my journey how much blogging hel... Read more

  • Morning.

    7/8/2017 6:10:42 AM, by DEEBREF52

    I woke up after only 5 hours of sleep and can't go back to sleep. Saturday morning its to early to get up. Especially with my grandson sleepi... Read more

  • 7/7/17

    7/7/2017 11:55:41 AM, by DEEBREF52

    All the 7's. Must be a lucky day. Think i will buy a lottery ticket!... Read more

  • Coach assignment 7/6

    7/6/2017 6:27:54 AM, by DEEBREF52

    Five words that describe how i feel today! Tired Bloated Exhausted Hurting Crappy Not exactly one of my better days! I hate... Read more

  • 7/5. Dreary day!

    7/5/2017 3:12:52 PM, by DEEBREF52

    Cloudy Dreary Drizzling! Thats todays weather! Had an eye appt this morning. Everything is great! But i hate being dilated it takes for... Read more

  • 7/4

    7/4/2017 10:06:09 PM, by DEEBREF52

    All i have to say is happy 4th of July happy independence day!! Hope you have a great day!... Read more

  • Beautiful day!

    7/3/2017 5:40:18 PM, by DEEBREF52

    Today was moms 84th birthday. My sister and i took to a local restaurant for lunch! The best taco salad around and you can order 1/2 order.... Read more

  • Tomorrow

    7/2/2017 9:48:39 PM, by DEEBREF52

    Tomorrow is my moms 84th birthday! My sister and i are taking her out to lunch. Its hard to buy her a gift, when she wants something she goes a... Read more

  • Binge!

    7/1/2017 11:23:55 PM, by DEEBREF52

    First time in 3 and one half months! I did not sleep go last night! Was up alot. Normally I have handled it fairly well. I have sleep proble... Read more

  • Coach assignment! 6/30.

    6/30/2017 5:04:05 PM, by DEEBREF52

    Talk about 1 thing i am really good at! I think i am good at a lot of things. But i need to pick 1. Organizations of parties, get toget... Read more

  • Coach assignment 6/29

    6/29/2017 8:52:01 PM, by DEEBREF52

    How do you know that you have had a good workout? When I feel strangely tired and a little bit energetic at the same time. Also when I get ... Read more

  • The end!

    6/28/2017 8:48:59 AM, by DEEBREF52

    Finished last day of spark coach! Where to go from here! I learned alot! Should i take a new track or start all over? Decisions decis... Read more

  • Vacation!

    6/27/2017 1:16:57 AM, by DEEBREF52

    Was great! Convention and Wisconsin Dells. 4 days lots of walking! Followed the 80%/20% rule was good 80%of the time the other 20% i was on va... Read more

  • Convention!

    6/24/2017 9:20:51 AM, by DEEBREF52

    At my convention for the rural carriers Union! First time. Now that i am retired i can actually go! Brought along a friend and there is en... Read more

  • Rain! Again!

    6/22/2017 5:03:07 PM, by DEEBREF52

    What a rainy cool day! Don't really feel like doing anything! The last several weeks have been the most rainy in a really long time! At least ... Read more

  • Coach question? 6/21

    6/21/2017 5:13:42 AM, by DEEBREF52

    5 reasons to exercise? 1. Helps to tone and to strengthen muscles makes me stronger and able to walk and stand longer 2 it helps improve h... Read more

  • Coach question 6/20

    6/20/2017 11:25:55 PM, by DEEBREF52

    Clothes shopping makes me feel? Aweful i hate it nothing fits and i wear a giant size! On the plus side! I have lost 31# and i am go... Read more

  • Again! Enough already!

    6/19/2017 3:46:33 AM, by DEEBREF52

    2:42 am been awake for 1 hour and 12 min. I could probably sleep if i put down the phone and get off of spark people. This site is addictive!... Read more

  • Wedding!

    6/18/2017 9:07:33 PM, by DEEBREF52

    I love them! My cousin got married she is so happy! It was supposed to be last year on June 11th but she got breast cancer and when she fin... Read more

  • New plan!

    6/17/2017 3:50:56 PM, by DEEBREF52

    I wrote it all out then i lost it darn! Hate when that happens! Started this journey on march 15th took 2 months 2 lose 17 pounds. Yeah!... Read more

  • Great day!!

    6/16/2017 8:14:57 PM, by DEEBREF52

    Had a really fun day with my daughter! Shopping and out for lunch! The weather is fine and is supposed to turn rainy and warmer! So i really ... Read more

  • Rise and shine!

    6/15/2017 4:03:25 AM, by DEEBREF52

    Awake since 10pm. After 2 hours of sleep. Have been sleeping pretty decent lately. So here it is 3am i am finally getting tired! And hope... Read more

  • My plan

    6/13/2017 11:26:14 AM, by DEEBREF52

    Since i am a bariatic patient! Had stomach stapled 35 years ago! I have been doing some research! I need to get back to bariatic basics. Highe... Read more

  • Coach question for today 6/12

    6/12/2017 6:03:57 AM, by DEEBREF52

    What fitness goal are you working towards now? SinceI am not allowed in the pool yet my only goal is to get off my butt and do anything that... Read more

  • Coach assignment 6/ll

    6/11/2017 9:13:33 PM, by DEEBREF52

    What would i do if i had an extra hour each day? My first thought was darned if i know! I am retired. I have time to do what i want. An ex... Read more

  • Hot!

    6/10/2017 7:01:11 PM, by DEEBREF52

    Hot hot hot thats our weather for the next week! Should be 70 for june in upper Wisconsin. But weather guy says 89 to 92 for the next week. O... Read more

  • Soon!

    6/9/2017 1:34:14 AM, by DEEBREF52

    I really reallllllly miss being able to get in the swimming pool! Had surgery almost a month ago. Dr says at least another month! We have to mak... Read more

  • Coach? 6/8

    6/8/2017 4:29:13 AM, by DEEBREF52

    What does health mean? Living life to the fullest! What ever your abilities are at which ever point of life you are in! Getting the most out... Read more

  • Coach assignment 6/7

    6/7/2017 7:21:43 PM, by DEEBREF52

    Favorite quote that inspires me? Tomorrow is a brand new day! A new chance to begin again and to get it right! ... Read more

  • Coach question 6/6

    6/6/2017 6:19:00 PM, by DEEBREF52

    Who has been your biggest support!! My sister! We are trying to both lose about the same amount so we support each other!!... Read more

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