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  • Your Worth It Comes From God

    5/28/2018 1:10:08 AM, by JUANI_01

    This is a poem that I wrote that God put on my heart a number of years ago. I think it is so important to be healthy and take care of our bodies.... Read more

  • An entire year has gone by...

    5/27/2018 9:38:54 PM, by STRAPHARIA

    and I haven't been active in the SP community but I was raising my little ones and attending school full time; basically just living a chaotic st... Read more

  • Internal Turmoil

    5/27/2018 1:19:57 AM, by PEREZJPRZ19

    So I've been feeling kind of lonely and let down lately. Very much so that I was depressed for a whole week. Why? Well as you already know f... Read more

  • Committed and Motivated, with some Jazz!

    5/26/2018 4:31:45 PM, by JORIEFM

    "There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when it's convenient. When you'r... Read more

  • Smaller Goals

    5/25/2018 8:53:38 PM, by DREAMERSPIRITT

    Well… it seems the plans outlined in my last blog were a bit too ambitious. I managed to find some shapewear, so I can still wear the dress... Read more

  • 5/25/18 workout

    5/25/2018 8:15:42 AM, by LR237787

    Swimming: 400 free warm up 4x25 free stroke count 8x50 free odds: paddles Evens: 8 kicks per pull 10x100 free odds: 3/5/7/3 breathing pattern... Read more

  • 5/24/18 workout

    5/24/2018 1:38:06 PM, by LR237787

    Swimming: 300 free warm up 4x25 free stroke count 5x50 odds: free, paddles Evens: free, 8 kicks per pull (8x100, 4x200, 2x400, 1x800) free, b... Read more

  • Day 1 "Detoxing" from Dr Pepper

    5/23/2018 10:19:07 PM, by SAMMEB17

    I started drinking water around 3am last night. (Nigh... Read more

  • Beginning again and again

    5/23/2018 8:29:55 AM, by ROOFANGEL

    I'm not erasing anything on here even though part of me says start fresh. You have failed so many times in the past WHY have the memories where e... Read more

  • 5/23/18 workout

    5/23/2018 8:09:08 AM, by LR237787

    Spinning: 68 min Circuit training: arms, legs, core, cardio- 28 min... Read more

  • 5/22/18 workout

    5/22/2018 8:36:23 AM, by LR237787

    Swimming: 300 free warm up 4x25 free stroke count 8x50 odds: paddles Evens: dolphin kick 200 easy 10x100 free on 2:00 200 easy 4x500 free on 1... Read more

  • 5/21/18 workout

    5/21/2018 12:03:58 PM, by LR237787

    Spinning: 74 min Circuit training: arms, legs, core, cardio- 28 min... Read more

  • Helloo Week 3. Progress looks good on you!

    5/21/2018 10:23:04 AM, by MAY_TO_MAY

    So it has been a full 2 weeks of sparking. I feel... incredible. I've been on and off sparkpeople and weight watchers since I was about 15. And I... Read more

  • Back on track

    5/21/2018 5:32:31 AM, by SAMMEB17

    I fell off the wagon around Christmas time. And jus about gained all of the weight back. At first I felt discouraged since I had "lost" my spark ... Read more

  • Lost 100 pounds in a year

    5/20/2018 9:34:00 PM, by BLUEEYEDSIN23

    I was 254 lbs and I got to my goal weight of 150 lbs.... Read more

  • Numbers

    5/20/2018 2:00:40 PM, by MARAKINNEY

    So this past week I found out that I was down another eight pounds according to my dietitian. This made me feel pretty good. The next day I got m... Read more

  • Over and Over Again

    5/19/2018 6:05:59 PM, by AGENTPANDA

    It's been a while since I blogged on here or talked about my journey in general. Honestly, I feel ashamed and embarrassed. I know so much about... Read more

  • Oh No!

    5/19/2018 2:13:26 PM, by DREAMERSPIRITT

    Oh drat… I seem to have regained some pudge! I really need to fit into a dress before a friend’s wedding in late June, so I need to buckle down. ... Read more

  • Two Week Update: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    5/19/2018 9:05:31 AM, by PEREZJPRZ19

    So I forgot to blog last weekend. My life is pretty boring for the most part, so you didn't really miss much. I did get a Garmin for mother's day... Read more

  • 5/18/18 workout

    5/18/2018 8:14:34 AM, by LR237787

    Swimming: 300 free warm up 4x25 free stroke count 8x75 kick/drill/swim, in IM order 4x300 (50 fly, 50 free, 50 back, 50 free, 50 breast, 50 free)... Read more

  • 5/17/18 workout

    5/17/2018 9:41:41 AM, by LR237787

    Swimming: 200 free warm up 4x25 free, stroke count 8x50 free, odds: paddles Evens: lateral kicking (1x500, 2x400, 3x300, 4x200, 5x100) free, ... Read more

  • 5/16/18 workout

    5/16/2018 8:31:15 AM, by LR237787

    Spinning: 75 min Circuit training: arms, legs, core, cardio, 30 min... Read more

  • break for awhile...

    5/15/2018 11:09:44 AM, by BEACHCALSIX

    Gonna be gone for awhile. We're in the middle of a move and several other things going on. I've been stressed to the max and just need to get thr... Read more

  • 5/15/18 workout

    5/15/2018 8:28:20 AM, by LR237787

    Swimming: 300 free warm up 4x25 free, stroke count 8x75 free, kick/drill/swim (400, 500, 600, 700, 800) free, back half faster, longer, stronger ... Read more

  • Up and down the rollercoaster again

    5/14/2018 6:56:47 PM, by FARENC

    Well, here I am again. Last year I lost almost 40lbs, getting back under 260lbs for the first time in a few years, only to sabotage myself this p... Read more

  • #1: The Lies

    5/14/2018 4:41:55 PM, by EMILYSEA25

    I have been trying to lose weight since I was 10 years old. Now, 12 years later, I do believe 10 was too early to be concerned with body image.... Read more

  • 5/14/18 workout

    5/14/2018 8:28:16 AM, by LR237787

    Spinning: 63 min Circuit training: arms, legs, core, cardio 30 min While I was circuit training a woman said to me, "good work!" Which made me s... Read more

  • Happy mothers day!

    5/13/2018 11:03:54 AM, by NIKKILETTEF

    Happy mothers day to all.... Read more

  • 5/11/18 workout

    5/11/2018 8:21:40 AM, by LR237787

    Swimming: 300 free warm up 4x25 free, stroke count 6x200 (50 free, 50 back, 50 free, 50 breast) 10x100 free on 2:00 400 free easy 5x200 free on 4... Read more

  • Making changes

    5/10/2018 3:11:47 PM, by KNOSE99

    So for the last 2 week i have been eating better and I joined a gym. I was at 269lbs and now I am 260lbs. I have a long way to go but i feel exci... Read more

  • I Like It!

    5/10/2018 1:45:44 PM, by MARAKINNEY

    So I don't know how much I weigh in this very moment. AND I don't care. I mean, I do care how much I weigh. I will find out how much I weigh on T... Read more

  • 5/10/18 workout

    5/10/2018 8:18:08 AM, by LR237787

    Swimming: 300 free warm up 4x25 free stroke count 12x50 odds: flutter kick Evens: dolphin kick (8x100 free 4x200 free 2x400 free 1x800 free) ... Read more

  • Workin it.

    5/9/2018 10:36:10 PM, by NEMOLOVESDORI6

    I am 9 years post op with gastric bypass. I have gone from 280 to 160 Then I was put on Lyrica and gained back up to 235 I made an appointment wi... Read more

  • Day 3 back on spark

    5/9/2018 9:39:56 AM, by NIKKILETTEF

    Day 3 back and going strong. It's been a little difficult planning and eating right with two under two but so far I'm doing ok. Going to keep wor... Read more

  • 5/8/18 workout

    5/9/2018 8:19:18 AM, by LR237787

    Spinning: 65 min Circuit training: 30 min arms, legs, core, cardio 2 women came up to me while I was circuit training and commented on how fit ... Read more

  • Starting again

    5/8/2018 11:51:05 AM, by NIKKILETTEF

    I'm trying to get on track again. Been a spark user for years but have not stayed with it. It's time to make some real changes. I'm tired of bein... Read more

  • 5/8/18 workout

    5/8/2018 8:21:44 AM, by LR237787

    Swimming: 200 free warm up Time trials: 2x50 free 2x500 free 2x200 free 2x100 free (I forget the times- will post them when I get... Read more

  • Trying new foods updates (also fancy cheese!!!)

    5/7/2018 9:35:10 PM, by OTEMPURA

    So one of my goals this year was to try new foods and ... Read more

  • 5/7/18 workout

    5/7/2018 8:23:01 AM, by LR237787

    Spinning: 60 min Had to leave class early to get Lab work done, which sucked and also I could do circuit training 😣😣😣😣 Tomorrow is time tri... Read more

  • Plank Challenge Day 1

    5/7/2018 6:57:51 AM, by NERDMIGA

    I was watching a YouTube video about 30 days of planks and the people were like “I’m going to try the whole 3 minutes!” And when they started the... Read more

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