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  • Thoughts of the day

    6/18/2018 5:54:33 PM, by LINDSAYB2013

    I'm down 25 pounds since the beginning of the year - woohoo! My motivation has luckily been staying very strong, but I am coming off 3 days of "... Read more

  • Dr. Appt

    6/15/2018 10:15:55 PM, by K8TERTOTS

    I have been staying steady in the 175-178 range since my last blog. Today I went to my GP for a physical. The nurse when I got in the room asked ... Read more

  • Stats

    6/13/2018 3:04:31 PM, by ELYSIAN_DREAMS

    BP/ HR 06/13/18 101/75 & 94 N & N 201.8 lbs Yay!... Read more


    6/7/2018 4:37:05 PM, by K8TERTOTS

    New Low this morning - 175.8, so still fairly steady progress. We started up another steps challenge at work, so I'm really just trying to hit th... Read more

  • I can so I do...... so should you

    6/7/2018 7:53:50 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    Today at work someone my age asked for help because she couldn't pick up a box of ten pounds. I took what I had in my hands added it to the top ... Read more

  • "We are the lucky ones "..... " Just Older "

    6/3/2018 11:01:30 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    This morning was spectacular . Blue skies , birds singing ,my music lightly on. Early enough for shade but the sun was out bright but not yet ho... Read more

  • The 170's - Maintnance and Love for yourself

    5/27/2018 12:50:46 PM, by K8TERTOTS

    This, was definitely not a weight I thought I'd see again in my lifetime. This morning I woke up at 179.2 - I'm going to estimate that I haven't ... Read more

  • 257 to 180 Progress Pic

    5/24/2018 11:36:22 PM, by K8TERTOTS

    Thank you everyone who stopped to like or show love on my recent progress picture - you made me feel amazing! - I'll post it here to... Read more

  • Disappointed

    5/21/2018 1:40:30 PM, by ANTLIA

    I’m a bit disappointed. I weighted myself and I’m at the same spot I was last week :( Still, I’m starting a new and challenging week. I’ll be ou... Read more

  • Down a bit more!

    5/19/2018 4:25:22 PM, by K8TERTOTS

    Good Afternoon! I'm down another .4 this morning to 182.4, which is always nice to see a "new low"! I'm not losing as fast as I was,... Read more

  • Ughhh, Starting Over......

    5/14/2018 11:51:57 AM, by DENACARPER

    Day 1.......... Read more

  • The psychology of "ugh"

    5/11/2018 9:28:21 AM, by SHAKINGTHETREE

    I've been doing pretty well this week - stepped on the scale and, while I did not lose, I also did not gain. So, at least there's that. I'm... Read more

  • Still Rowing the Boat

    5/10/2018 4:59:50 PM, by K8TERTOTS

    I've thought about writing a few times in the last couple weeks but didn't have a whole lot to say, I'm just sort of still doing my thing. This m... Read more

  • 8 lbs down & feeling great!

    5/3/2018 5:31:14 PM, by HIHEARTHEALTHY

    So close to 10 lbs lost! 8 lbs down in 2.5 months! Excited to lose 2-5 more (quickly!) I have SO much more energy. Running has been SO good for m... Read more

  • I'm baaa-aaack...

    5/3/2018 2:34:21 PM, by SHAKINGTHETREE

    The last year has been kiiiiiiinda bad... It's funny how sometimes, bad situations don't happen in a catastrophic way. Sometimes, bad situa... Read more

  • May day it's time to start

    5/1/2018 8:14:30 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    Today is the first day of May, spring is on the way really it is so it's time to start.... Worrying less and doing more Move in , on, or jus... Read more

  • Technically

    4/22/2018 10:11:27 AM, by K8TERTOTS

    This morning my weight is at 188.4 - so I officially weigh less (by .2) than I did when I met my husband in 2007. I have never gotten back to, or... Read more

  • The 180’s

    4/17/2018 12:51:45 PM, by K8TERTOTS

    This morning I was at 189.4 - so I have made it to the 180’s... which I know was last seen in 2009, when I got to 189.8 as my lowest weight (so I... Read more

  • Turn it around Tuesday

    4/17/2018 9:18:49 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    I could say going to work at eleven sucks but if I really think about it it gave me the opportunity to go for a great walk where I saw bluebirds ... Read more

  • My Ticker Ran Off the Rails!

    4/15/2018 10:47:06 AM, by K8TERTOTS

    Hey all! Realized today that my "ticker" for how lbs I lost ran off the rails, I had the current "goal" at "198" but 198 was 3 weeks ag... Read more

  • Overwhelmed

    4/4/2018 9:29:17 PM, by K8TERTOTS

    Hey Everyone! To everyone who took the time to like or comment on the picture I added or my last blog with the picture, thank you so much, I was... Read more

  • Progress picture

    4/1/2018 11:57:56 AM, by K8TERTOTS

    Happy Easter everyone!! I haven't really taken progress pics this round, but I'm about 10lbs down from my lowest weight last round, so I present ... Read more

  • Onderland

    3/27/2018 3:56:43 PM, by K8TERTOTS

    198.6 this morning. I did it! I don’t know the last time I was under 200 - I’m thinking it was sometime in 2010. Definitely before I got marrie... Read more

  • How am I doing?

    3/20/2018 10:25:25 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    I got on the scale the other day and it said...111 Then I thought I weighed more yest... Read more

  • Work Prayer

    3/18/2018 6:48:29 PM, by LIVINGTHESPARK

    Work Prayer: All those who work in our corporation are spiritual, wonderful, God-like links in the chain of its growth, welfare, and prosperity. ... Read more

  • Servant Leader goal

    3/18/2018 6:46:42 PM, by LIVINGTHESPARK

    From The Servant Leader by Ken Blanchard On a daily basis, effective servant leaders realign their committment to their vision, purpose, pictur... Read more

  • Affirmations

    3/18/2018 6:40:00 PM, by LIVINGTHESPARK

    Affirm: I contemplate myself surrounded by the conditions I wish to attract in my life. I intend to keep my beliefs uppermost, and I refuse to bl... Read more

  • The Gym

    3/18/2018 11:06:53 AM, by K8TERTOTS

    The gym in the morning after St. Patrick’s day falls on a Saturday is a very quiet and empty place lol Now to get ready for my flight! Have an ... Read more

  • Inching closer

    3/17/2018 11:52:45 AM, by K8TERTOTS

    201.0 this morning... getting closer to “onderland”. Still going to the gym every other day. Went last night, hour of cardio between the elliptic... Read more

  • Starting again, AGAIN (post baby #3)

    3/15/2018 4:13:11 PM, by HIHEARTHEALTHY

    I'm back on Sparkpeople again after a break to have another baby. I am here and committed to lose the baby weight from this baby AND some of the ... Read more

  • As Low As I've been

    3/13/2018 3:45:40 PM, by K8TERTOTS

    202.0 this morning, which is the lowest weight I got to last time I did this. So I'm pretty excited that anything from here is the lowest weight ... Read more

  • Horray!!! I’m overweight!!!

    3/11/2018 11:37:26 AM, by K8TERTOTS

    203.0 this morning so I have officially crossed over again from being “obese” to simply being “overweight”. HOORAY! Yesterday I went to the gym... Read more

  • Borderline

    3/9/2018 9:15:15 AM, by K8TERTOTS

    Sooooo close! 203.4 this morning, so .4 away from not being obese anymore! lol maybe tomorrow I'll get it, we'll seeeeeeeeeee. Wednesday we... Read more

  • Celebrate Static Numbers

    3/7/2018 10:07:11 AM, by CHRISSY-50

    Inspiration: The other day a friend posted about being smoke free for 2 months (so happy for her!) and my step-daughter has been working hard and... Read more

  • Mid week catchup

    3/7/2018 8:23:36 AM, by K8TERTOTS

    Down to 204.8 this morning. I ended up going to the gym two days in a row, because I was doing the whole “every other day” thing, until the weath... Read more

  • Good Week, down 50.8 total

    3/4/2018 11:00:30 AM, by K8TERTOTS

    This was a good week, went to the gym every other day (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and yesterday), started the week at 208.4, and ended at 206.2. ... Read more

  • What kind of shape are you in ?

    3/3/2018 7:27:28 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    What kind of shape are you in? No, not pear or apple shape? Hopefully not out of shape either. How close are to ship shape? If you miss a ... Read more

  • Nailed it

    2/26/2018 11:34:21 AM, by K8TERTOTS

    Went to the gym last night- again nothing spectacular, 10 elliptical - stretched - 30 treadmill. I went, I did it, I got my 10k steps for t... Read more

  • Motivation

    2/25/2018 11:29:34 AM, by K8TERTOTS

    I'm going to go to the gym at some point today - I'M GOING, so I'm thinking of some reasons that I want to take this to the next level - - ... Read more

  • Gym success!

    2/24/2018 11:12:16 AM, by K8TERTOTS

    Well sorta! I went to the gym! lol which is half the battle! I did 10 min warmup on an elliptical, stretched, did another 30 on the treadmill, st... Read more

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