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  • Th & Fr

    4/21/2018 12:02:39 AM, by PIPPAMOUSE

    I totally forgot to blog yesterday. Oops Food check in: yesterday and today, both pretty good. Today, based on my schedule and what we chose... Read more

  • Day 47kicking the can’t

    4/20/2018 11:42:14 PM, by MADAMEJEANNE

    List things you say you can’t do. I can’t break my weight plateau. I can’t get rid of the rolls on my abdomen. I can,t improve our marriage... Read more

  • Day 47kicking the can’t

    4/20/2018 11:42:14 PM, by MADAMEJEANNE

    List things you say you can’t do. I can’t break my weight plateau. I can’t get rid of the rolls on my abdomen. I can,t improve our marriage... Read more

  • Day 46 if not food as #1 then what

    4/20/2018 11:36:06 PM, by MADAMEJEANNE

    Make a list of 10 important things with food at the top. 1. Foood 2. My relationship with the Lord 3. My dh 4. My family 5. My health a... Read more

  • Beautiful Sunshine

    4/19/2018 4:28:31 PM, by PACEKA1

    The sun is shining so brightly that it makes the snow almost glow - sends such a bright reflection that it's hard to see when you... Read more

  • Light My Fire

    4/19/2018 11:03:09 AM, by RUNNER4LIFE08

    There are moments in your life that really make you think. This happened not once but twice to me yesterday. It was the sign I needed...... ... Read more

  • Wednesday

    4/18/2018 11:04:59 PM, by PIPPAMOUSE

    Fitness check in: Today was just a strength training day. I did legs. The much hated leg day. I did two SP videos today. They were a bit more kne... Read more

  • Day 45 importance of meals

    4/18/2018 1:37:31 PM, by MADAMEJEANNE

    1. Specific times food is important Anniversary, holidays, birthdays 2. Specific times - Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Our birthdays, ou... Read more

  • Day 43 I choose to of 100 days of weight loss

    4/17/2018 11:23:34 PM, by MADAMEJEANNE

    1.start catching times when you say “ I have to..... and change it to “I choose to......” Today and last night my dh was pushing me and totally... Read more

  • Tuesday

    4/17/2018 9:32:10 PM, by PIPPAMOUSE

    Fitness check in: Kids were gone at school and I was able to get in my cardio workout. I did a couple of spark videos again. I did one that I did... Read more

  • April Goals

    4/17/2018 6:58:31 PM, by CATS_MEOW_0911

    Long time, no check in...I will hold off on progress pics until next month. For the rest of April, my goals re: -IF 14-16 hours every d... Read more

  • Monday

    4/17/2018 12:29:10 AM, by PIPPAMOUSE

    Fitness check in: got my cardio in as is scheduled for today. It wasn't as long or as intense as I was thinking when I made the schedule. Recover... Read more

  • What I discover about me.

    4/16/2018 7:34:42 PM, by LIZLOVEROSES

    April 16th, 2018 what i discover is that we all have habits to something. Once we forms these habits we can’t stop nor break it. We take th... Read more

  • Digging out

    4/16/2018 10:51:13 AM, by PACEKA1

    We hunkered down yesterday - pretty much all day. Little Daisy ventured out only 4 times all day long and she wasn't too happy about it. Accord... Read more

  • Day 42 of 100 days of weight loss (Linda Spangle) Make it matter

    4/15/2018 11:35:35 PM, by MADAMEJEANNE

    1.make a list of why weight bothers you and rate it 1-10 Being a healthy weight to prevent diabetes 7 To get rid of my large muffin top. 7 ... Read more

  • Day 41 motivation

    4/15/2018 11:17:27 PM, by MADAMEJEANNE

    1. Motivation is a choice! 2. Tricks or ideas that have motivated you in the past A.special events- children’s weddings, Christmas etc. Sta... Read more

  • Snowmageddon Sunday

    4/15/2018 11:09:33 PM, by PIPPAMOUSE

    Yeah. Its still snowing. Fitness check in: I shoveled over a foot of snow for about 3 hours today. Yup. That became my cardio and my streng... Read more

  • Burried

    4/15/2018 11:56:13 AM, by PACEKA1

    Like so many others, we have experienced blizzard-like conditions this weekend. They were predicting 4 - 8 inches of new snow - as of this morni... Read more

  • Snowmageddon Saturday

    4/15/2018 12:54:53 AM, by PIPPAMOUSE

    Well, the forecast was right. We currently have about a foot of snow. And its still snowing. The current forecast is saying 4-5 more inches over ... Read more

  • Snowy friday

    4/14/2018 12:43:17 AM, by PIPPAMOUSE

    Fitness check in: today was a light day. I did some walking, I added extra steps to my day by parking far away from doors of stores. It wasn't me... Read more

  • The Robins are back

    4/13/2018 1:23:55 PM, by PACEKA1

    I've heard the lovely song of the Robins the past few mornings when I am outside with Daisy just after 6 a.m., but I hadn't yet seen one until to... Read more

  • 4/13/18

    4/13/2018 12:40:21 PM, by 266266

    life is going well, work is settling down. 153 today / 151-155 range this month . 162.4 on 1/1/18... Read more

  • Thurs

    4/13/2018 12:59:35 AM, by PIPPAMOUSE

    Fitness check in: I went for a walk with my 4 year old. Not as far or as fast as I would normally go. But it was fun. She and I did some running ... Read more

  • Day 39 texture of foods

    4/12/2018 8:32:48 PM, by MADAMEJEANNE

    1. Describe a texture of food you ate Pasta, meatballs, sauce- smooth and soft Lettuce was crispy 2. Favorite food- ice cream, smooth, and ... Read more

  • Wednesday

    4/12/2018 12:22:10 AM, by PIPPAMOUSE

    Fitness check in: I got my arm workout done. I actually like arm day. I worked on what would make up the other two days this week. Core and chest... Read more

  • Tuesday

    4/10/2018 11:49:05 PM, by PIPPAMOUSE

    Fitness check in: I wasn't really feeling into doing a cardio workout today. I feel a bit awkward doing it in the office watching the computer. B... Read more

  • Monday

    4/9/2018 11:16:10 PM, by PIPPAMOUSE

    Fitness check in: Today was leg day. Also known as day 1 of strength training reset. I haven't done much in the past 2 months. With a new challe... Read more

  • Day 36 a timer and asking other about pause, teaching pause

    4/9/2018 6:38:45 PM, by MADAMEJEANNE

    1. Set a timer for 20 min. Kind of funny since I have a protein bar for supper at work and ate it in 5 min. I will have to set a timer for my aft... Read more

  • Sunday

    4/9/2018 12:54:22 AM, by PIPPAMOUSE

    We are home from our little trip. We had a good time. Im glad to have started the 5% challenge, as it encouraged me to make some better choices t... Read more

  • Day 35 of 100 days of weight loss pause

    4/8/2018 10:53:40 PM, by MADAMEJEANNE

    1. Recognize when you naturally pause during a meal and think about whether you’re full 2. At a birthday party today I chose a smaller portion ... Read more

  • Fullness and identifying it

    4/7/2018 11:30:14 PM, by MADAMEJEANNE

    Day 34. Listening to you body 1. Today I ate lunch to point of satisfaction it was what I had but it was good 2. At dinner we went to a Chine... Read more

  • Friday, getting ready to leave.

    4/6/2018 2:31:18 PM, by PIPPAMOUSE

    T minus whenever my hubby gets home until we leave for our weekend trip. I have most everything packed up, just gotta load the car. And grab my t... Read more

  • Motivator of the Day?!? WOAH BABY!

    4/6/2018 8:52:35 AM, by MINICOOPER452

    What a wonderful honor. I certainly don't feel like I deserve it. I'm active on the teams that I'm on. I try to be encouraging and friendly, but ... Read more

  • #358 Computers

    4/5/2018 10:08:02 PM, by JAMER123

    Becky was 73 and just got her first computer. After her son spent over 2 hours teaching her how to use it, she was sure she knew everything there... Read more

  • Thurs

    4/5/2018 12:24:10 PM, by PIPPAMOUSE

    Before the Fall 5% challenge I did most of the pre-challenge activities that challenged me to prepare and reflect on myself. Before the Winter ch... Read more

  • Day 31 and 32 of 100 days of weight loss

    4/5/2018 11:32:52 AM, by MADAMEJEANNE

    Today I ate breakfast around 8. Since I didn’t eat very much yesterday I was very hungry -2 on the scale so I had a sourdough roll with butter. ... Read more

  • Why do I obsess over food?

    4/5/2018 11:21:03 AM, by DAWN220

    As I am reading a book that discusses eating disorders I am learning that finding out what started a person’s relationship with food is critical ... Read more

  • #357 Songwriter.

    4/4/2018 11:48:42 PM, by JAMER123

    Songwriter "Hey, Bob! You say you're a songwr... Read more

  • Wednesday

    4/4/2018 11:07:11 AM, by PIPPAMOUSE

    Well, it happened again....Today was supposed to be my "busy by being away from home day." But my son's OT was out sick today. So we changed our ... Read more

  • Day 28 Don’t eat food because it is there

    4/3/2018 10:42:21 PM, by MADAMEJEANNE

    1. Write I don’t eat food because it is “there”. 2. Memorize it and apply it At a sample in the store Do I really need to taste it? Is ... Read more

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