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  • Never give up

    6/21/2018 7:25:44 AM, by TZAPP22

    Do you ever feel like just giving up? While I have been diligent in spending time writing out my thoughts daily, I haven't been responding t... Read more

  • Weather

    6/21/2018 12:17:28 AM, by ZRIE014

    Another nice day in the low 70s. It is 64 outside and 71 inside. Temperature does not vary very much at all from day to day.... Read more

  • When comfort food gets healthy

    6/20/2018 10:48:55 PM, by ALLIEOOPS2

    This morning my mom called bright and early to tell me my dad had been admitted to the hospital with atrial fibrillation. He’d ... Read more

  • Feeling Good

    6/20/2018 12:14:58 PM, by DONDAIN

    I am feeling good about my health and myself. I am working on making improvements to both. I am happy though so that is a good thing.... Read more

  • Finding my zone..

    6/20/2018 8:05:32 AM, by TZAPP22

    This morning was my first real workout with my new "myzone" fitness belt. Although I fumbled through the set up and I wore it yesterday when I st... Read more

  • Weather

    6/20/2018 12:11:48 AM, by ZRIE014

    It was a nice day. Tonight it was cool outside for a get together. It is 65 outside and 71 inside.... Read more

  • Staying Serious

    6/19/2018 3:46:03 PM, by DONDAIN

    So for the past two weeks I have limited my gluten and sugar intake. I feel a lot better and have lost about 5 pounds. I am continuing to drink m... Read more

  • Happiness is an accomplishment

    6/19/2018 4:43:03 AM, by TZAPP22

    Afternoon herbal tea has become a frequent part of my daily existence.. I have multiple flavors at my disposal depending on what strikes my mood.... Read more

  • New Wave

    6/19/2018 2:47:52 AM, by NITEMAN3D

    I have a new wave of Doctor stuff coming up. I seem to be well healed regarding both the first eye surgery and the two hernia repairs, so now it... Read more

  • Weather

    6/19/2018 12:11:50 AM, by ZRIE014

    Another nice day compared to the mid-West. It was only in the low 70s. It is 65 outside and 72 inside.... Read more

  • Father's Day Fluke

    6/18/2018 9:42:03 AM, by TZAPP22

    My husband belongs to a hunting/fishing club and on Father's Day every year they do a club fishing trip. Some wives get annoyed because it's fat... Read more

  • Weather

    6/18/2018 12:10:03 AM, by ZRIE014

    It was another nice day compared to the mid-west. It is 60 in the morning and high 60s as the high. It is 63 outside and 73 inside.... Read more

  • Stairway to Heaven

    6/17/2018 3:30:09 PM, by TZAPP22

    There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold.. I found myself surrounded by all that glitters today when I met up with a friend and we hik... Read more

  • Weather

    6/17/2018 12:11:43 AM, by ZRIE014

    It was the first June gloom day this month. It was only in the mid-60s overcast today. It is only 61 outside and 68 inside.... Read more

  • My first blog- Losing our home because of disability discrimination

    6/16/2018 7:04:34 PM, by ANGELDIAMOND122

    Hello all, I would have liked my first blog to be a light, breezy and motivational one but I'm dealing with something this last month I never tho... Read more

  • Another Busy Day

    6/16/2018 6:18:56 PM, by TSISQUAUSDI

    Wow. Time really does fly when you're having fun! Today turned out to be a cooking and canning day. I when to the grocery store and got a ... Read more

  • Don't stop believing...

    6/16/2018 9:34:11 AM, by TZAPP22

    It was a lovely Friday, Hopped on the computer and the day just took off, work was steady and the morning flew by, I looked at the clock as... Read more

  • Weather

    6/16/2018 12:13:31 AM, by ZRIE014

    It was another nice day in the mid-70s. It was overcast in the late afternoon. It is 66 outside and 71 inside.... Read more

  • Catching My Breath....

    6/15/2018 9:45:53 PM, by TSISQUAUSDI

    This won't be a long blog today, Sparkies - I've been up to my corpulent buttox with stuff to do, and still have more to finish. I'm in the ... Read more

  • Just peachy

    6/15/2018 7:36:30 AM, by TZAPP22

    Woke up yesterday with a renewed vision. Went to the 7am kickboxing class in the original location since it was right up the street from whole f... Read more

  • Weather

    6/15/2018 12:15:14 AM, by ZRIE014

    It was another nice day. It was overcast late in the morning and then in the late afternoon. It is 67 outside and 72 inside.... Read more

  • I remember...

    6/14/2018 6:20:01 AM, by TZAPP22

    Round and round we go where it stops nobody knows.. ah but we do - don't we? No secret I've been struggling and I have been avoiding my meetings ... Read more

  • Weather

    6/14/2018 12:19:38 AM, by ZRIE014

    Another nice day in the lower 70s. It is 66 outside and 73 inside.... Read more

  • What is this animal?

    6/13/2018 12:23:39 PM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • Ain't nothin gonna breaka my stride..

    6/13/2018 7:44:31 AM, by TZAPP22

    Remember that song by Matthew Wilder.. Ain't nothin gonna breaka my stride, nobody's gonna slow me down.. I've got to keep on moving.... I h... Read more

  • Weather

    6/13/2018 12:12:32 AM, by ZRIE014

    It was another one of those day in the 70s. It was foggy in the morning. It is 65 outside and 73 inside.... Read more

  • What do I want most?

    6/12/2018 9:28:11 AM, by HEALTHYME98

    On this weight loss journey, I have had many ups and ... Read more

  • The blame game...

    6/12/2018 7:34:31 AM, by TZAPP22

    On Sunday we had a substitute priest because ours was on retreat. During the homily, he focused on the the first reading which was from Genesis,... Read more

  • Weather

    6/12/2018 12:12:28 AM, by ZRIE014

    Another nice day in the 70s. It is humid. But not normal June gloom. It is 68 outside and 73 inside. It is warmer tonight.... Read more

  • Hiking to new attitude

    6/11/2018 10:00:15 AM, by HEALTHYME98

    My family and I just returned from a brief vacation to the mountains. Read more

  • Take the recipe and make it your own...

    6/11/2018 7:13:15 AM, by TZAPP22

    Went to a bridal shower yesterday and they provided recipe cards to return for the bride.. You don't see that as much these days with the interne... Read more

  • Weather

    6/11/2018 12:14:18 AM, by ZRIE014

    It was another nice day in the mid-70s. It is 66 outside and 72 inside.... Read more

  • I'm better than all right!

    6/10/2018 10:17:16 AM, by TZAPP22

    If you've read my posts, you know a few things.. they tend to be several paragraphs long, I am happy 98% of the time, I love my family, kickboxin... Read more

  • Weather

    6/10/2018 12:12:23 AM, by ZRIE014

    It was in the mid-70s today. It is 66 outside and 73 inside.... Read more

  • I've lost my center

    6/9/2018 9:46:40 AM, by TZAPP22

    The scale is moving in the wrong direction. No matter what I do, I am gaining weight and I find myself getting frustrated. I have re-set so man... Read more

  • Glidecycle -to walk or run carrying only half your weight

    6/9/2018 9:14:39 AM, by CTUPTON

    www.glidecycle.com/ This came up on my FB page this morning. They also make a treadmill attachment for rehab or exer... Read more

  • Weather

    6/9/2018 12:25:42 AM, by ZRIE014

    Another nice day. It was sunny but not hot. It is 67 outside and 73 inside. The outside temperature is the warmest.... Read more

  • He always sees me...

    6/8/2018 7:45:06 AM, by TZAPP22

    Let me start this off by saying I am happily married to my high school sweetheart and have no interest in another man or woman for that matter. I... Read more

  • Weather

    6/8/2018 12:11:18 AM, by ZRIE014

    It was a little warmer today, but still nice. It is 64 outside and 70 inside.... Read more

  • Our intent....

    6/7/2018 11:29:30 AM, by TZAPP22

    For over a year now I have posted my thoughts every single day, until yesterday.. Due to crazy timing circumstances and my inability to post from... Read more

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