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  • Workout

    5/15/2018 4:09:11 PM, by MAMABEAR989

    Had a great morning workout did arms and cardio today.... Read more

  • Exercise Schedule

    5/15/2018 4:06:03 PM, by MCOOPERMOM

    This is for my own personal use. I am posting it here for keepsake. I am exercising 25 minutes right now, working on moving up to 30 minute... Read more

  • I'm a sloshin'

    5/15/2018 4:05:45 PM, by ADDYNBO

    Biggest challenge today...not 30 4th graders who have a major case of spring fever (6 more days, but who's counting??), not food--feeling satisfi... Read more

  • My life

    5/15/2018 3:52:30 PM, by BIGRENTMAN

    Today at 7:00 AM my uncle died. He was very sick. Please pray for our family ... Read more

  • A New Chapter

    5/15/2018 3:52:00 PM, by MISSISSIPPIMOM3

    I went to a crawfish boil Saturday night at my neighbor's house. She was telling me about doing the Warrior Dash a few months ago. The more I lis... Read more

  • Sunny Savannah?

    5/15/2018 3:42:44 PM, by STARTING-ANEW

    AAHHHH...Here in Savannah with my son and daughter ln law....so nice to see them and get away for awhile....Things are just getting on my nerves ... Read more

  • Sunny Savannah?

    5/15/2018 3:42:42 PM, by STARTING-ANEW

    AAHHHH...Here in Savannah with my son and daughter ln law....so nice to see them and get away for awhile....Things are just getting on my nerves ... Read more


    5/15/2018 3:37:40 PM, by ANHELIC

    RIGHT AND TRUE Then Peter said, "Ananias, how is it that Satan has so filled your heart that you lied to the Holy Spirit ad have kept for yo... Read more

  • May Day, May Day !!!

    5/15/2018 3:32:47 PM, by DEBIGENE

    WOW I can hardly believe it's the middle of May already !!! Didn't it just start? And now in 15 days it will be the 1/2 way point of this new y... Read more

  • Tuesday trudging along tenuously

    5/15/2018 3:32:24 PM, by NANCYPAT1

    Today was another rough day. Two students were sent home after they had major behaviors - one threw his desk and broke the top off it, the other ... Read more

  • Gotta build that nest - 5-15-18

    5/15/2018 3:31:44 PM, by KOFFEENUT

    And if that means I gotta pull out hair from this horse's mane to do it, so be it! Read more

  • Sand Lilies and Mazama Ash

    5/15/2018 3:21:05 PM, by ALIHIKES

    My friends Lynne, Hanne and I hiked a new trail in the Oregon Badlands last week. New trails are always exciting!!! Particularly lower elevation ... Read more

  • Again and again

    5/15/2018 3:20:55 PM, by FITNESSFOUNDME

    Sometimes you get knocked down and you just have to g... Read more

  • Feel so slow

    5/15/2018 3:18:38 PM, by AHTRAP

    Peeking back at the entry from Sunday, seems like I was at a low point (hence the title, a take off on the beautifully sad Porcupine Tree song, F... Read more

  • random

    5/15/2018 3:11:14 PM, by SOFT_VAL67

    hot and humid. well thats the weather report for the day. it sure beats freezing ice and wind. had a great dreadmill walk and enjoyed a lovel... Read more

  • Tuesday Thoughts

    5/15/2018 3:10:43 PM, by TVAUGHN57

    Starting with Sunday, our Pastor's wife preached. I could watch her but couldn't hear very well so I will have to re-watch the service on YouTub... Read more

  • Resistance to Fitness Tracking--WHY???

    5/15/2018 3:06:14 PM, by SPARKLEIGH61

    I am on Day 67 on this site. I have tried new things. I have tracked my Nutrition like a Boss Queen! I have joined challenges, groups, posted to ... Read more

  • Works for me

    5/15/2018 2:56:33 PM, by CYCLISTA58

    I have recently started doing something that seems obvious. I have been making a list of things that work for me and things that don't work for ... Read more

  • Slow Tuesday

    5/15/2018 2:48:53 PM, by NWME4EVRMARYANN

    Got some yard work done yesterday. Sprayed for ants and weeds, so 2 complete trips around the yard. Worked a little in the house. Cleared ... Read more

  • I feel like an athlete

    5/15/2018 2:37:16 PM, by LEATON1900

    Yep, this weekend's training was great. I swam Friday 1,200 yards. I went to a yoga flow class Friday night. I biked Saturday 17 miles (a new ... Read more

  • Wondering about inactive teams

    5/15/2018 2:36:32 PM, by LINDYINDA

    I have wondered for some time now, why Spark keeps inactive teams. I was looking at teams under " fitness and exercise " , " walking ". There ar... Read more

  • Day 113 - On track

    5/15/2018 2:34:00 PM, by NDSTOIC44

    I'm still chugging along on track with my plan. Yesterday I went out to dinner with my husband and skipped my workout. But it was our last n... Read more

  • #100daysofwhy - Day 27

    5/15/2018 2:27:51 PM, by CLEE2830

    Day 27: To have my coworker continually tell me how proud she is of me! :) Best motivation ever! ... Read more

  • Failure = Staying Down

    5/15/2018 2:26:01 PM, by CROCHET2002

    Something I'd never thought about before is that failure is not the act of falling down. It's in staying down where failure will rear it's ugly h... Read more

  • jokes and things I learn from my Mother

    5/15/2018 2:25:29 PM, by CANDOK1260

    This is our assignment for the Aspire and Inspire sparkteam: What are some special memories you have of your mom or life lessons you have learn... Read more

  • SOON ...

    5/15/2018 2:19:05 PM, by JOANN25

    My mom is getting closer to the end. She is still hanging in there but not eating and sleeping all the time. At least she is not in pain and lo... Read more

  • Thyroid Sunshine

    5/15/2018 2:03:55 PM, by SASSISPRING

    I saw my new doctor today. He has a very thick accent and I struggle with understanding his words. I’m hoping the more I meet with him, the mor... Read more

  • Tuesday

    5/15/2018 2:03:24 PM, by COOP9002

    hope your day is going well. We are enjoying a beautiful day here in mid-Maryland. it was great to get out for a run this morning. Blessings... Read more

  • Fourteenth Weekend Fasting Cycle and Home Project

    5/15/2018 2:02:05 PM, by SKATER787

    This weekend I had a home project of putting stain on the fences using a sprayer. I worked on Sat and stained about 100 ft of fences in 4 hours p... Read more

  • OMG

    5/15/2018 1:46:00 PM, by JESMOI

    219 lbs!😱😱😱... Read more

  • Perfect Mate

    5/15/2018 1:45:49 PM, by IMEMINE1

    At a local coffee bar, a young woman was expounding on her idea of the perfect mate to some of her friends. β€œThe man I marry must be a shini... Read more

  • Time Keeps Ticking....(w/pics)

    5/15/2018 1:45:02 PM, by RUFFIT

    Well just to let you know our first born, Danny, graduated College on Friday. There were many happy and extremely emotional moments for me. I t... Read more

  • Reflections

    5/15/2018 1:27:13 PM, by EO4WELLNESS

    Some of my earliest memories are of being amazed wi... Read more

  • Unconventional non-scale "victories"?

    5/15/2018 1:12:07 PM, by HEALTH_4_LIF3

    I didn't write this blog yesterday because I didn't think I had anything to write. I was feeling under the weather on Friday, and frustrated. ... Read more

  • hello again

    5/15/2018 1:11:50 PM, by LIZARDREAMING

    So finally made it back down to the 220 I was before the family got here. Have also made a break through in my e- Bike (Trike) riding; had b... Read more

  • Consider...

    5/15/2018 12:52:12 PM, by MARINGAL

    It is truly uncanny how we try so hard not to be uncomfortable in our own skin. And how easily we venture out finding something that will pacify ... Read more

  • Update - Strength Training Hurts :(

    5/15/2018 12:46:53 PM, by MSBARBARATAYLOR

    I was able to get into the Oral Surgeon on Friday and they scheduled my extractions for June 1st. It's pretty much exactly two weeks away. I'm de... Read more

  • Think, Think, Think... Oh Bother.

    5/15/2018 12:40:51 PM, by CROUCHINGFLEA

    Yes, I love Winnie The Pooh! It was my favorite cartoon when I was little. Still is. I've been researching more on gastric bypass... Read more

  • Some Random Thoughts

    5/15/2018 12:27:47 PM, by CHIRUKEN

    Wow...my SparkFriends must be wondering what the heck happened to me! I’ve been mostly absent from my usual haunts...the various SparkTeams that... Read more

  • Words of Wisdom

    5/15/2018 12:09:03 PM, by CLO333

    Every day brings new wonders! πŸ›πŸ¦‹πŸŒž (I should have th... Read more

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