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  • Weather

    6/14/2019 12:18:30 AM, by ZRIE014

    It was a nice cool day after being very warm early this week. It is 62 outside and 66 inside. It is nice and cool tonight.... Read more

  • I am excited ...

    6/14/2019 12:02:27 AM, by JOANN25

    Worked about 4 hours on music at the church. Have July about half planned so will continue tomorrow and try to get it in good shape. The goo... Read more

  • Cats ;-) 06/13/19

    6/13/2019 11:54:32 PM, by PDSLIM

    Norwegian forest cat, the pet of Vikings ww... Read more

  • Daily inspiration and Birth verse for June 13

    6/13/2019 11:47:08 PM, by LHLADY517

    Daily Inspiration: To be successful in the projects you undertake today, you must believe in yourself and your abilities even if you are walking... Read more

  • June 13th~another busy day

    6/13/2019 11:39:33 PM, by KATIE5668

    Isn't that what Spring / Summer are all about! The doing ,,the coming , the going and the fun! Well there is the work too but after a Winter co... Read more

  • 2019 Goals

    6/13/2019 11:36:02 PM, by TOMSTONE1

    30 exbike, 25 treadmill, more gardening and yard work. Another beautiful cool day, heat, humidity and rain return this weekend.... Read more

  • 6/13/19 - Bedtime

    6/13/2019 11:33:50 PM, by GORDON66

    I spent an hour pulling weeds out of the patio spacers. It was getting darker, so the birds had gone off to bed. I didn't want to keep them awa... Read more

  • Sparking The Best I Can

    6/13/2019 11:32:09 PM, by MCJULIEO

    Yesterday’s Spark experience left a lot to be desired as I did not, for the first time in ages, get 5 fruits and / or vegetables, although I DID ... Read more

  • Good day

    6/13/2019 11:27:40 PM, by DESSALYN327

    Good number of calories came from fat today. I'm okay with that--pistachios are yummy. Kiddo had softball, no consessions , so gas station was my... Read more

  • being positive

    6/13/2019 11:10:14 PM, by USMAWIFE

    being positive doesn’t mean you don’t face moments of negativity and doubt. Being positive is consistently and continuously rising above challeng... Read more

  • Tiny Victory

    6/13/2019 10:59:44 PM, by KGWINDER

    Scale down 2 pounds. 206. Spent morning in screaming pain. Called the doctor. Started bawling- couldn’t stop even after getting off the phone.... Read more

  • Speech

    6/13/2019 10:57:13 PM, by PATRICIAAK

    June is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Feast of the Sacred Heart (19 days after Pentecost) is on June 28th this year. So, at o... Read more

  • no kickstand

    6/13/2019 10:52:30 PM, by IMREITE

    My new bike arrived with no kickstand and flat tires. my poor dh spent a couple hours putting it together and taking the kickstand off the old b... Read more

  • Well That's Done...

    6/13/2019 10:43:22 PM, by DUCKTURNIP

    I just finished my much-dreaded Cost Accounting final. I have no idea how I did. I either did a whole lot better or a whole lot worse. It took me... Read more

  • Day 151

    6/13/2019 10:23:13 PM, by CUPKAKE137

    Looks like I have to go get a bone scan done ... Ugh hopefully will be good. Actually had dinner made for me for once. And had to deal with cra... Read more

  • just sayin’ … can you???

    6/13/2019 10:05:52 PM, by MTN_KITTEN

    I’m right on track and … walked again. We have the ... Read more

  • Day 73 - Running on empty...

    6/13/2019 10:01:33 PM, by RENEEGADE

    Exercised early for 100 minutes of exercise, done. Felt pretty tired afterwards (all day). Probably the heat. So looking forward to the weather... Read more

  • Changes

    6/13/2019 10:00:34 PM, by BETTYJOH2

    I have been a low-fat vegetarian for over 60 years until very recent. It all started this year, I got AFIB from taking a decongestant for what I ... Read more

  • Supermom

    6/13/2019 9:59:45 PM, by SUPERMOM207

    Today I'm sick sucks have a cold... Read more

  • Feeling good

    6/13/2019 9:57:42 PM, by VCAMBALIK

    I am feeling better overall with planning ahead my meals and snacks and walking 4 x this week. Doing a challenge helps.... Read more

  • Feeling good

    6/13/2019 9:57:12 PM, by VCAMBALIK

    I am feeling better overall with planning ahead my meals and snacks and walking 4 x this week. Doing a challenge helps.... Read more

  • Feeling good

    6/13/2019 9:57:01 PM, by VCAMBALIK

    I am feeling better overall with planning ahead my meals and snacks and walking 4 x this week. Doing a challenge helps.... Read more

  • Thursday, June 13, 2019

    6/13/2019 9:54:02 PM, by SMARTPOET06

    Worked out at gym this morning. 33 minutes on treadmill and 30 minutes strength training using the machines. No walking videos or exercise videos... Read more

  • Day 0: My Mental Health & Weight Loss

    6/13/2019 9:46:37 PM, by LADYROVER

    My last status was posted 644 days ago. If you do the math, that's over two years ago! I was in the EXACT SAME POSITION as I am today. I lost no ... Read more

  • Monk

    6/13/2019 9:42:45 PM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Monk, 2002-09, It’s a Jungle Out There The OCD detective with many, many phobias. Read more


    6/13/2019 9:37:37 PM, by AUTUMNWIND81

    I'm mapping out my plan this evening. Short term Spend one day a week pampering myself Work out 3 days a week at the gym Eat 4 serving... Read more

  • June 13, 2019

    6/13/2019 9:35:08 PM, by MUSICMOMOF2

    Happy Thursday! I am ready to crash tonight. It's been a long day and my mood is at that point where I'm annoyed with everything. Oh joy. ... Read more

  • Day Two

    6/13/2019 9:31:47 PM, by MAMA2EEEE

    I can't say that today was as fun as yesterday, but I did manage to go to the Y and spend over an hour in the pool. Here's to two days in a row!... Read more

  • Water

    6/13/2019 9:22:30 PM, by GEORGE815

    Fully hydrated... Read more

  • 10,000 steps achieved!

    6/13/2019 9:22:18 PM, by BATMANZ

    Not gonna lie when my Fitbit started to vibrate on my wrist and show a little celebratory meme, it was a nice thing to see.... Read more

  • Post an emoticon today

    6/13/2019 9:22:04 PM, by GEORGE815

    ... Read more

  • Time for a new mindset !

    6/13/2019 9:21:38 PM, by THIN133

    I have been fairly inactive on SP for awhile . I've been stuck in the same ups and downs and the same 15 pounds for way too long ! I'm certainly ... Read more

  • Blood sugar

    6/13/2019 9:21:13 PM, by GEORGE815

    Not a good reading this morning.... Read more

  • Maritime Provinces

    6/13/2019 9:12:37 PM, by SUSANNAH31

    My DH and I are heading north to visit the maritime provinces for the first time. We are booked on a 10-day tour that will take us to the main ... Read more

  • My fingers got lots of exercise today!

    6/13/2019 9:07:37 PM, by DETERMINEDJANET

    I am so ready to be on the sofa Sparking while th... Read more


    6/13/2019 9:01:17 PM, by I.M.MAGIC

    So... I am at home, recuperating from the second of two surgeries for another cancer. The first was the endometrial resection and biopsy, and thr... Read more

  • Day 163: It’s Five O’clock Somewhere

    6/13/2019 8:44:38 PM, by DIVAGLOW

    "Don't make a decision based solely on popularity. ... Read more

  • New Member Challenge

    6/13/2019 8:42:36 PM, by LADYGRIMSTRESS1

    Day 15 - I found my three quotes. I do feel a little self conscious maybe of posting them for people to read, but I will do it. "That... Read more

  • Motivation Issues

    6/13/2019 8:35:45 PM, by HUDZY28

    So I've been having a hard time with motivation lately. haven't even done my Baladea workouts since I finished the last set. But, I am working on... Read more

  • Just about tired out

    6/13/2019 8:27:36 PM, by MERRYPINK

    Still school searching. That is so stressful! Phone calls, interviews, visits, paperwork...I think we've found the right one, so almost done. Foo... Read more

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