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  • it's tuesday

    4/17/2018 12:12:36 PM, by MOMMY445

    the weather has finally improved enough for me to venture out. my daughter went to school no problem this morning. she says hi to everyone! there... Read more

  • Tuesday...

    4/17/2018 10:46:10 AM, by TWEDEE777

    Lost my cousin yesterday. She had cancer. Saw her 3 weeks ago and she was doing pretty good. Never know how much time we have. Carpe diem!!... Read more

  • Spoiler...Faith

    4/17/2018 9:45:38 AM, by JLAMING263

    M. Russell Ballard Life can be filled with faith, joy, happiness, hope, and love when we exercise the smallest amount of real faith in Christ.... Read more

  • Transparency

    4/17/2018 9:26:23 AM, by STACYDICK1981

    Just going to be transparent this morning. I am struggling bad!! I came home from work yesterday at 3ish. Worked on a few things on the computer ... Read more

  • Turn it around Tuesday

    4/17/2018 9:18:49 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    I could say going to work at eleven sucks but if I really think about it it gave me the opportunity to go for a great walk where I saw bluebirds ... Read more

  • Hello

    4/17/2018 8:25:51 AM, by GRAZIELLA41

    Today I woke up and did another 30 min workout I don’t know what’s up but I’m definitely doing something for me 😀... Read more

  • Here comes the Sun!

    4/17/2018 5:02:54 AM, by JSTETSER

    Yesterday was just another snowy spring day! I'm loo... Read more

  • Diabetes the truth!

    4/17/2018 2:35:34 AM, by 1965KAREN

    I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2001. I was told that I had a small window of time to work on getting my weight down to turn things around. I di... Read more

  • 6 months

    4/16/2018 4:39:12 PM, by STACYDICK1981

    Today I saw my primary doctor. He brought up bariatric surgery. Last month I was a go ready to go. I was going to have it done. But here we are a... Read more

  • Momentum

    4/16/2018 10:48:09 AM, by JOHNMARTINMILES

    “You should never leave the site of a goal or an idea... Read more

  • Spoiler...Ministering

    4/16/2018 10:32:21 AM, by JLAMING263

    "Jesus said, 'I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep' (John 10:14). He provides for us the perfect example of what a true shepherd should be."... Read more

  • Today

    4/16/2018 9:55:35 AM, by GRAZIELLA41

    Hi everyone started my day today with a 30 minute workout Trying to get back on track with working out 😀... Read more

  • Monday...

    4/16/2018 9:03:56 AM, by TWEDEE777

    The beginning of another new week. Hope this one is better then the last. Focusing on spring cleaning, which hopefully will help me think less ab... Read more

  • On the lighter side

    4/16/2018 8:41:08 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    Sparkers... Read more

  • I'll be ready for the next time!

    4/16/2018 4:57:00 AM, by JSTETSER

    Well, I did it again. While eating out with my Mom ... Read more

  • Enjoying the journey more this time

    4/15/2018 9:49:11 PM, by SCHATZISMOM

    I'm trying not to get ahead of myself this time. I'm doing well so far; well truthfully, I'm only about 10 days in. But the process seems bette... Read more

  • Spoiler...Endure

    4/15/2018 2:15:38 PM, by JLAMING263

    "Just do the very best you can each day. Do the basic things and, before you realize it, your life will be full of spiritual understanding that w... Read more

  • Breakfast

    4/15/2018 11:27:17 AM, by STACYDICK1981

    For as long as I remember I have always looked at breakfast as a "sweet" meal. Why? Well as a child it was a Friday thing to grocery shop with my... Read more

  • Big Changes

    4/15/2018 11:03:34 AM, by KMACINLOVE

    Hello all. Just like the weather (which was nearly 80degrees a few day ago then went down to 40degrees the next day- it's 44 degrees now) my life... Read more

  • Sunday...

    4/15/2018 10:52:41 AM, by TWEDEE777

    A day to relax apparently because it is snowing again...come on spring!!... Read more

  • Perception

    4/15/2018 10:47:14 AM, by JOHNMARTINMILES

    “We are all different in the way we perceive the worl... Read more

  • On the lighter side

    4/15/2018 7:27:57 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    Good boy. Sparkers... Read more

  • Changes

    4/15/2018 6:14:59 AM, by JSTETSER

    Recently I got honest with myself and recognized that... Read more

  • Being honest 3

    4/15/2018 12:04:15 AM, by MNABOY

    Went to casino seafood buffet with a dear friend tonight. Asked him to keep me away from bread pudding before we entered. Oysters Rockefeller wer... Read more

  • Beauty

    4/14/2018 9:41:43 PM, by SUEB37

    You never know the beauty that lies in front of you until you look. I love seeing how the Lord has given us the beauty of warm weather, green gra... Read more

  • sleep journal

    4/14/2018 8:59:16 PM, by KASANNMIL

    Sleep journal – 4-9-18 I took a chewable melatonin. I got settled in bed with my eye mask on around 10:24pm. I fell asleep at 10:50pmish and ... Read more

  • journey to becoming a badass

    4/14/2018 8:55:22 PM, by KASANNMIL

    Day 401 Its Monday April 9, 2018. I continued painting a hot air balloon ride above the countryside scene. I read chapter 1 of part one of Auth... Read more

  • Taxes, budgets, papers, and other pains

    4/14/2018 1:24:14 PM, by NWME4EVRMARYANN

    I was so convinced that I would do the taxes earlier this year. Such is my world. ;-) This week-end is taxes, first and foremost. After ... Read more

  • Motivated

    4/14/2018 10:16:23 AM, by STACYDICK1981

    I woke up so motivated to make the best of this Saturday!!! I am ready to kick butt on my house, weightloss, and so on!!!! Now the rain just need... Read more

  • Spoiler...Choices

    4/14/2018 9:44:58 AM, by JLAMING263

    Dieter F. Uchtdorf When we are in the light, we can make righteous choices based on true principles. When we are in the light, we have “a perfe... Read more

  • @#$&* Computer

    4/14/2018 9:16:25 AM, by JOHNMARTINMILES

    First my office computer acts up because it thinks I have ignored it. Not my home computer has commenced a sympathetic work stoppage. To top it ... Read more

  • Saturday..

    4/14/2018 8:21:43 AM, by TWEDEE777

    Another day another mess up. Was doing so well, and then pizza and beer. Have to learn how to make myself accountable. New day new try. Have a fa... Read more

  • On the lighter side

    4/14/2018 8:06:55 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    Sparkers... Read more

  • This and That

    4/14/2018 6:33:54 AM, by JENNAR45

    It has been over a week since I have posted and I miss it! I am in the thick of my busiest Season at work ( Perennial Manager at a Garden Center)... Read more

  • Nerve pain in my feet

    4/14/2018 5:07:25 AM, by JSTETSER

    Dear Friends, I have been diagnosed with Type II Di... Read more

  • How Many Times

    4/13/2018 2:24:22 PM, by MWATTERS6

    I've lost count of how many times I have gone through the cycle of weight loss and gain. Every time I began a new diet I was sure I had hit rock... Read more

  • Colonoscopy

    4/13/2018 12:26:46 PM, by STACYDICK1981

    I had a colonoscopy this morning and beyond glad it is behind me!! I have a small tear in my colon but should heal up on its own!! So now I am fo... Read more

  • it's friday

    4/13/2018 11:58:44 AM, by MOMMY445

    i am getting some errands done this morning. then the rest of the day is not planned. i do that at least once a week. it is a way to relax and un... Read more

  • Spoiler...Family

    4/13/2018 10:27:01 AM, by JLAMING263

    "We should not need a hurricane or other crisis to remind us of what matters most. The gospel and the Lord’s plan of happiness and salvation shou... Read more

  • Productivity

    4/13/2018 9:58:58 AM, by JOHNMARTINMILES

    Creativity produces productivity. Mike Vance Read more

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