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  • My own path to wellness

    7/31/2017 1:37:53 PM, by INSH8P

    A health psychologist employed by a provincial health group spoke on a radio phone-in show. The latest research: only 95% will successfully maint... Read more

  • Perfect timing!!!!!

    7/14/2017 7:59:00 AM, by NEWFIEGIRLHERE

    So as you may or may not know, this past few weeks has been a major struggle for me in this journey. I always weigh in on Friday morning so 3 wee... Read more

  • Thanks for the encouragement!!!

    7/13/2017 1:29:14 PM, by REJANERATION

    Random kindness from strangers can be very powerful and I appreciate it so very much. One comment on my last blog intrigued me and I have th... Read more

  • Will I die fat????

    7/12/2017 1:29:49 PM, by REJANERATION

    So discouraged. Feeling like a failure again again again again again and history repeats itself. day one tomorrow. Going to track... Read more

  • Back to that.

    7/10/2017 7:53:41 AM, by NEWFIEGIRLHERE

    So I guess I'm back in that spot, minus the Sam Elliot part. He don't do a thing for me. Lol but the rest however, that's where I'm at. Read more

  • My body

    6/22/2017 7:20:18 AM, by SOULOFFIRE15

    I have been so hard on myself. I do not like the way my body looks. But I have been trying to redirect my hatred for my body to loving my body. ... Read more

  • When you just don't have it in you.

    6/9/2017 10:20:24 AM, by NEWFIEGIRLHERE

    I've never been so happy to see a Friday come. It's been 7 days since I reached my goal of a 25 lb loss and boy what a week it has been. Last wee... Read more

  • I got more than I bargained for.

    5/21/2017 10:17:34 AM, by NEWFIEGIRLHERE

    So, about a month ago my Zumba buddy asked me if I wanted to give the Bluenose Marathon a try. I thought to myself are you crazy?? I don't run. ... Read more

  • Losing and Learning!!

    5/5/2017 8:27:08 AM, by NEWFIEGIRLHERE

    After gaining 2 lbs last week and putting me further away from my first major milestone goal of a 20 lb loss, I'm not going to lie. I was nervous... Read more

  • On Empty today.

    4/27/2017 7:58:20 AM, by NEWFIEGIRLHERE

    It's so weird how one day I can feel so strong, full of energy and 100% motivated and on other days I got nothing..... And today, right now at th... Read more

  • Think I figured it out!!

    4/26/2017 8:02:07 AM, by SMUISE

    The past couple of weeks I have been struggling with motivation and exercise. I always have good intentions but in the end I didn't DO anything.... Read more

  • What a feeling!!!

    4/21/2017 11:10:09 AM, by NEWFIEGIRLHERE

    So my daughter has been home sick the past few days.... I mean really sick. Yesterday was the worst day. I couldn't move. She wanted me right bes... Read more

  • Loving the life changes

    4/9/2017 3:48:47 PM, by SMUISE

    I have to confess...I've been on the scale every day for the past two weeks. I'm seeing a movement on the scales and I'm loving it! It's not hu... Read more

  • Changes and Feelings!!

    4/9/2017 8:23:54 AM, by NEWFIEGIRLHERE

    So on Friday night when I got off of work as I sat in my van guzzling the last few mouthfuls of water, my eyes happened to see past my rear view... Read more

  • April 6, 2017

    4/6/2017 10:14:28 AM, by RITEEBEE

    Weigh in today at 197.2 Sadly not having a lot of progress but feeling motivated to kick it up a notch. Read more

  • Reward or sabotage!!

    4/1/2017 10:00:40 PM, by NEWFIEGIRLHERE

    Well folks. I did it. I finally gave into my craving. I reached my goal of a 15 lb loss on Friday and after what seems like an eternity of cravin... Read more

  • Strength Training Outweigh Benefits Vs Cardio ???

    4/1/2017 7:35:57 PM, by GINGYCAT40

    Strength Training is something that I have not incorporated into my Spark Program as of yet (not consistently) With only a bit over 2 weeks in... Read more

  • Eating more...who would have thought?

    3/31/2017 7:50:16 AM, by SMUISE

    Since Monday I have been eating roughly around 1500 calories per day. This includes at least 3+ fruit/veggies, good protein, and slightly lower ... Read more

  • The Man in the Mountain.

    3/29/2017 7:53:28 PM, by NEWFIEGIRLHERE

    Can I just tell you how excited I am. I have been trying to decide whether or not I would go home this summer. We have a dog that doesn't travel ... Read more

  • Another little success!

    3/27/2017 12:22:51 PM, by SMUISE

    So we went out to my parents house (they live two hours away) for the weekend because it was Dad's 60th birthday. People kept asking how much we... Read more

  • Feeling pretty good!

    3/27/2017 10:20:49 AM, by SOULOFFIRE15

    I am feeling pretty good today. Over the last year, we had a LOT of changes occur. A lot of "stressors". Renovations to our house. Tryin... Read more

  • What did I ever do to deserve this??

    3/25/2017 9:06:35 PM, by NEWFIEGIRLHERE

    So today my daughter had her bowling tournament and I knew going into today it would be a rough one for me. She played 3 different divisions. Tea... Read more

  • A very BIG PIECE !!

    3/20/2017 5:13:16 PM, by NEWFIEGIRLHERE

    Oh my gosh!!! What is it about today. I passed up on the cup cakes on Saturday now today I want dessert. I feel like a nice moist Boston cream do... Read more

  • I know I need to

    3/18/2017 8:01:53 PM, by MADMADAMEMAD

    I need to eat better. I need to get outside daily. I need to exercise more and track more. I need to do these things because, weight aside, it ... Read more

  • Logged Back in.. A few Years Later.. HELP :(((

    3/14/2017 10:21:06 AM, by GINGYCAT40

    I decided last night to try to log back into SparkPeople.... I could not even remember my password:((( I played around with different ... Read more

  • I simply just forgot.

    3/14/2017 9:47:40 AM, by NEWFIEGIRLHERE

    This isn't my first go at this. In the past 7 years I've been here at least 4 or 5 times. I've kinda lost track actually. This is the second long... Read more

  • Here I am again

    3/13/2017 6:08:10 PM, by BETHANNTOMPKINS

    So it has been almost 1 year since I found Spark..worked at it for a few weeks and like everything else I just let it go..So back at it again lik... Read more

  • Is it possible??

    3/10/2017 11:06:52 AM, by NEWFIEGIRLHERE

    Who ever said exercise gives you energy?? it's been three weeks since I started working on an exercise routine and I'm not going to lie. I'v... Read more

  • #StopWaiting

    3/7/2017 9:50:23 PM, by NATE-JANINE

    (Open Link) thechronicleherald.ca/ar
    tslif... Read more

  • The best reward of all!!

    3/7/2017 7:48:32 AM, by NEWFIEGIRLHERE

    Although I normally don't weigh in until Friday I decided to weigh in today for 2 reasons. After completing February's challenge our weigh in day... Read more

  • Rewards!!!!

    3/6/2017 7:56:09 AM, by NEWFIEGIRLHERE

    So last week we started talking about rewarding yourself for goals met, big and small in one of my teams. I really liked the idea of a sticker sy... Read more

  • Defining progress

    3/1/2017 5:26:19 PM, by SMUISE

    So after a month of working at the tracking, water, and stepping I weighed in... ZERO lost. How very disappointing. Saying it's not just a... Read more

  • Learning As I go.

    2/24/2017 12:32:02 PM, by NEWFIEGIRLHERE

    So as you may or may not know last week I was sick. Actually the sickest I've ever been in my life. I thought for sure I would end up in emergenc... Read more

  • Dear Mad

    2/20/2017 6:30:46 PM, by MADMADAMEMAD

    Junk food looks delicious. It tastes delicious. It makes you feel a bit better for 5 minutes. Then it makes you feel a zillion times worse. Pl... Read more

  • My Epiphany

    2/10/2017 8:15:08 PM, by NEWFIEGIRLHERE

    So a few days ago something came over me. It was sudden and it was very unexpected. I decided January 1st I was going to make a change again this... Read more

  • Not into it.

    2/7/2017 8:17:36 PM, by NEWFIEGIRLHERE

    So here it is!!! BLAH, blah, blah!!! That's how I feel. I'm forcing myself to be here tonight. Not sure what has come over me. Maybe it was th... Read more

  • February already!

    2/1/2017 8:25:31 PM, by STEPPYWOOWOO

    I don't know where my motivation went! I was doing so well. I always sabotage myself. I had 18lbs to go... then Christmas came, and a coupl... Read more

  • Here we go again!!

    2/1/2017 5:10:53 AM, by NEWFIEGIRLHERE

    So here it is 6 am and I'm ready for work. I have to be there in an hour. Thankfully I live close by and at this time of day it's only about a 10... Read more

  • What motivates me

    1/29/2017 6:40:52 PM, by SMUISE

    I can say that a healthier lifestyle and a better me motivates me. And I guess it does to a point but when I think about what I want out of this... Read more

  • Well I did it... I gave in!!

    1/29/2017 11:09:17 AM, by NEWFIEGIRLHERE

    So I wrote a blog a few days ago about wanting to step on the scale. The logical side of me wanted to stay off because I didn't really do what I ... Read more

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