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Up 17
Saturday, July 04, 2020      3 comments

Hello Spark friends, I'm sorry I haven't posted in such a long time. I'm up to 153 lbs which on my 5'2" frame makes me quite a chubby granny. I'd love to lose 20 lbs before Christmas but even a 10lb loss by Christmas would please m... Read more
down 8
Wednesday, November 27, 2019      2 comments

Wednesday Weigh-in: I'm not sure if my scale's working because I weighed in at 136 lbs. today and an eight pound loss in one week is not likely. I know that I've lost some weight though (I can feel it) so I'm happy about that. I've been... Read more
Up five
Wednesday, November 20, 2019      2 comments

Wednesday Weigh-in: 144 lbs. I'm disappointed that I gained weight and I'm determined to show a loss next week. I returned to my classes at the YMCA (after missing two-weeks) and I'm enjoying the regular workouts. My compute... Read more
Wednesday, November 13, 2019      7 comments

Hello friends, My sister passed away two weeks ago and I've been a bit of a mess. Wednesday Weigh-in: I weighed-in at 139 lbs. Even though I didn't lose any weight, I'm happy to have maintained during this stressful time. It's... Read more
Need to lose fourteen pounds
Wednesday, October 30, 2019      4 comments

Hello Spark friends, I've been having a terrible time with emotional eating (using food for comfort) and today I weighed in @ 139 lbs. After a period of feeling out-of-control with compulsive eating I finally feel motivated to begin the wo... Read more
Day Seven
Thursday, August 15, 2019      5 comments

Hello Spark-friends, This is day seven without a cigarette and I feel motivated to continue not smoking. I've been trying to give up cigarettes for a long time and so it feels good to finally be making progress with that goal. I haven... Read more
struggling to lose
Monday, August 12, 2019      3 comments

Hello Sparkfriends, I'm on day four of not smoking cigarettes. I've been using a vape (sparingly) and my plan is to continue using it for a couple weeks. Then I hope to wean off the vape and be nicotine free. I'm still struggling w... Read more
five pounds above goal
Thursday, August 01, 2019      3 comments

Hello Spark-friends. I hope you're all well and moving toward your goals. I am astonished by how difficult it has been trying to loose five pounds. I have a renewed respect and empathy for people who are actively trying to loose weigh... Read more
weight gain
Monday, July 15, 2019      2 comments

Hello Spark Friends, This morning I weighed-in at 129 lbs. That makes for a 15 lb gain from my last post (May 2). I've been stress-eating (and smoking like a chimney) and now I'm trying very hard to put the brakes on. I need to pract... Read more
Thursday, May 02, 2019      4 comments

I weighed 117 this morning. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling well enough to make the trip up-north to visit my kids. I was disappointed (as were they) but hopefully we'll see each other soon. I'm still not feeling great but day-by-day I'm ... Read more
Wednesday, April 24, 2019      3 comments

Hello Spark friends, I weighed-in at 118 lbs this morning. I've had a robust appetite lately and so I need to keep check on my eating habits. After a few false-starts it looks like the weather is warming up. It's been a long winter... Read more
Friday, March 29, 2019      3 comments

Hello Spark-friends, I weighed in at 120 today and I'm happy with that weight. The nurse who was going to support me through the smoking cessation program is no longer available. So I had to meet my Quit Day without the hoped-for nico... Read more
up 1
Wednesday, March 06, 2019      4 comments

Hello Spark-friends I hope everyone is well and moving one-day-at-a-time toward your goals. I've been doing okay and eating healthy for the most part. My weight seems to have settled at just under 120. I feel pretty good at this weig... Read more
down 9
Friday, February 08, 2019      3 comments

Hello Spark friends, I'm down to 116 lbs, not by design but because I've been having trouble keeping food down. It feels odd to be under my goal weight of 120 but I'm only 5'2" and so I'm not overly-thin..Given that I've had to work so di... Read more
down 1
Tuesday, November 06, 2018      3 comments

Hello Spark-friends, I weighed in at 125 lbs. today and I'm happy to see I'm maintaining my weight. After years and years of morbid obesity, I'm in awe of the experience of living in a smaller body. To anyone who is still struggling... Read more

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