Thursday, January 31, 2008      11 comments

PROBLEM RESOLVED. PHWEW. What a load off of my mind. :) So tomorrow I'm off for a wonderful weekend in Atlanta during which: HAIR WILL BE CUT. Karaoke will be sung. and Spiritual Experiences will be had. YESSsssss. :) No... Read more
100lbs since starting SparkPeople!!!!!!
Tuesday, January 29, 2008      18 comments

WOOHOO! :) I hit it today! Yesterday I saw 190.2 so I was optimistic for today's weighin, and I had good reason. 189.2 -- that's down 3lbs from last week (MIRACLE), and not only that, my body fat percentage decreased again! :D WOOHOO... Read more
Monday, January 28, 2008      9 comments

I am really having a hard time right now with something very personal and private... so I can't really talk about it... but it's kind of a recurring theme on the fact that I'm working really hard and receiving no recognition but kicks in the fac... Read more
I did it!
Friday, January 25, 2008      4 comments

YES! I GOT BACK TO THE GYM!!!! WOOHOO!!! :) I feel much better. I can already tell the difference in the way I feel today. I can't wait to go back on Saturday and get my rhythm back. Turns out I WILL be working tomorrow, but ... Read more
Thursday, January 24, 2008      3 comments

BACK TO THE GYM TONIGHT. That is my vow. I'm tired... but I MUST do it. Remind yourself Dana -- 1) Working out gives you more energy. 2) Working out is a great stress reliever. 3) Working out helps alleviate cramp pains. ... Read more
Tuesday, January 22, 2008      9 comments

Since more than one person asked me what a "Hush Puppy" was -- I've posted the PICTURE and a link at the bottom to the Wikipedia entry about Hush Puppies. Basically they are delicious, and the ones at the place I went have whole pieces of corn ... Read more
Monday, January 21, 2008      6 comments

I wasn't ULTRA bad this weekend, but I wasn't as good as I intended to be either. My DH was dead set on two restaurants that really don't have many healthy options. Well... one of them has ZERO healthy options, and the other has like... one. ... Read more
Saturday, January 19, 2008      4 comments

Yes, I've been at work for almost 6 hours now and it's Saturday about 20 after NOON. UGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH. hahahaha And it was snowing? Not sure if it still is, but this is ALABAMA. ?? So anyway -- this week has been relatively suc... Read more
One Year With Sparks
Tuesday, January 15, 2008      9 comments

I have come a LONG WAY this year. I'm going to really start considering where I was December 2006 -- I felt like a totally BLOB. One of my SparkFriends (*BETHIE*) blogged about how she felt "blob-y" and how it helped motivate her back to S... Read more
Monday, January 14, 2008      3 comments

Well, it's been a while for ME anyway, so I figured I should write something. I feel good. I feel like I'm getting my spiritual life in order as well right now and it feels really good to get some things going on in that arena as well. I ... Read more
Scale Back Alabama!
Friday, January 11, 2008      5 comments

So there's this thing... the state of Alabama wants people to lose weight! :) Anyway. Teams of 4 can participate, and if your entire team loses 10lbs or more each, then you qualify for a grand prize drawing and the winning team receives $1000 e... Read more
New Pictures up, AGAIN.
Thursday, January 10, 2008      4 comments

Yeah, I'll chill with the pictures for now.... ;) My head has been hurting so bad the past couple of days. I can't WAIT to get to the gym tonight. I guess I've just missed it, even though Tuesday's workout felt like it was taking fore... Read more
Possible Rewards
Wednesday, January 09, 2008      3 comments

Soooooo I was posting about this a bit on the Golden Gladiators thread for BLC5 challenge, but wanted to put something about it in my blog. I'm officially out of Christmas money now and there are still some things I hoped for, so I was like... Read more
Before pictures are UP!
Tuesday, January 08, 2008      4 comments

So I guess I finally got around to posting up a few before pictures.... these are ACTUALLY from October 06. I have NO PICTURES of my from Christmas 06 where I'm not making an insane face. You can really tell I was unhappy with my appearance b... Read more
Body Composition and I'm a nerd. :P
Monday, January 07, 2008      6 comments

Soooooooooo........ I got a new scale this weekend! WOOHOO!!! Hahahaha. I can't believe I'm EXCITED about getting a scale. :P I guess that's probably why no one purchased one for me for Christmas, because it probably seems like the ultimat... Read more

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