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Back on track..well mostly
Monday, July 25, 2011      1 comments

So after falling off track in June I have been getting back on track slowly. Yesterday I went to the gym for the third time in one week with new exercises in hand...well actually memorized in my brain. It is too hard to carry an exercise... Read more
Minor derailment
Thursday, July 14, 2011      1 comments

So I had a derailment in the last month. I quit going to the gym, ate horribly, and sat around doing nothing. Then this week came around I forced myself into a mental decision to get back on track. I haven't weighed myself (a little scared to... Read more
Taking my life back!
Wednesday, June 08, 2011      1 comments

After several days of being an emotional wreck I am taking back my life. I signed the separation agreement and accepted my former employers' severance package. I couldn't take being an emotional wreck, not eating and not sleeping. It was taki... Read more
Emotional train wreck
Monday, June 06, 2011      1 comments

Emotional train wreck describes how I have felt since Thursday morning when I got laid off. I have lost jobs in the past, been laid off once and fired once but never have I ever felt like this over losing a job. I have been on an emotional rol... Read more
Rough few days but trying to understand
Sunday, June 05, 2011      1 comments

Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement. Just knowing that people read it does help. I have managed to avoid the pizza and ice cream despite a bit of depression setting in. I also managed to avoid because the day before I was... Read more
Got laid off this morning!
Thursday, June 02, 2011      7 comments

It has been a roller coaster for the last month. I was finally on the mend from my winter back injury, then my boyfriend's grandmother passed away, I came down with a nasty cold, my doctor finally gave me approval to return to work, then this m... Read more
Hit a road bump this week
Thursday, May 19, 2011      1 comments

UGH!!! It has been a bad week; I cannot believe it is Thursday already. I've had a cold all week and my boyfriends' grandmothers' funeral lasted over three days. The viewing was Tuesday, there was a service last night (Wednesday), and then to... Read more
Sad Day
Sunday, May 15, 2011      0 comments

So last night before my boyfriend got home I was really, really tired so I layed down and fell asleep. I slept for about 1 1/2 hrs. When I got it was about 8pm and I felt horrible. My boyfriend was home and he was really upset; I never seen h... Read more
I want cookies and ice cream!
Saturday, May 14, 2011      3 comments

I am soooo stressing out right now. I was actually having an ok day until about 30 minutes ago. My boyfriend's grandmother has been ill for a long time in addition to the fact that she is 95. Today he had to be at work at noon, compared to hi... Read more
Real life vs. life in articles
Wednesday, May 11, 2011      1 comments

I was reading an article yesterday I think in Women's Health about what your schedule should be everyday and when you should eat what everyday. Now maybe if I didn't have children and didn't work one hour away from home this would be possible b... Read more
Happy Day!
Friday, May 06, 2011      1 comments

So after me saying yesterday how I felt my bf wasn't understanding today he is. Today is our 2 year anniversary. When I woke up he was nowhere to be found (he doesn't leave for work till 2), I texted him and he said he was a Duane Reade. I fi... Read more
Not being supportive
Thursday, May 05, 2011      4 comments

Yesterday I awoke to my continuing lower back pain and had had it with all the pain in the last week. Heck Tuesday evening I could barely walk 4 blocks to Duane Reade and back, rather frustrating and putting a serious kink in my exercise. Anyw... Read more
Monday, May 02, 2011      0 comments

I went to the doctor this morning for a check up on my back and unfortunately I still can't work. This is because he doesn't want me riding the subway yet and seeing as that is my only way to get to and from work I'm going to still be out for a... Read more
Oh my aching back
Thursday, April 28, 2011      1 comments

Well good thing yesterday was my exercise day cause today I'm not gonna get much done. My back is really hurting today, in fact I am typing this from my bed. I did get a small walk in early in the afternoon but I think I am confined to home fo... Read more
Calories, calories, calories
Wednesday, April 27, 2011      2 comments

Today was the first day I actually didn't eat enough calories, yet I felt satisfied. So I waited a while after dinner and ate some air popped popcorn. Of course, then that put me over in carbs, which was a first, but not my much. Going into ... Read more