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Fermented Vegetable FAQ Answers [for Probiotics] with Recipes
Friday, August 26, 2016      5 comments

Lacto-Fermentation is a method of preserving food that transforms fresh food into favorites such as pickles, chutney, and sauerkraut. Nearly any vegetable can be fermented. Washing vegetables is a personal choice and is not necessary.... Read more
Lacto-Fermented Spiced Tomato Ketchup
Monday, August 15, 2016      3 comments

I have too many fresh tomatoes and the picture for this recipe is so pretty, but I want to use fresh tomatoes and don't want to use whey. So I am still looking for a recipe. "This ketchup is a great way to introduce your family to fermente... Read more
Clafoutis are France's best kept secret.
Sunday, August 14, 2016      1 comments

Clafoutis are France's best kept secret. Clafoutis recipes call for nothing more than what most of us have on hand in the kitchen, plus some fruit or vegetables. Once you have the batter made, which is only measuring and stirring, you pop it in ... Read more
How to make Curtido/Cortido (Salvadorian sauerkraut)- 2 ways
Wednesday, August 10, 2016      3 comments

Once fermented, cabbage is rich in probiotics and enzymes and holds powerful health benefits. A recent study showed that 2 oz of homemade sauerkraut contains as many probiotics as 100 probiotic capsules. Two Recipes: //megatar... Read more
A Tip for Flaky Pie Crust
Tuesday, August 02, 2016      4 comments

I just learned the coolest trick for making a flaky pie crust. You mix all of the fat with 2/3 of the flour, and then cut in the final third of the flour with a goal of pea sized balls of "paste" coated in flour. Then you mix in the water using ... Read more
Haybox Cooking
Saturday, July 30, 2016      5 comments

BTW, the sliders were good. I didn't have dinner rolls so I used hamburger buns. I liked the way the cheese help the ground beef on the bun. I didn't like the glaze, but maybe I would have with dinner rolls. The Haybox Cooker is a therma... Read more
Awesome cheesy pull-apart sliders
Friday, July 29, 2016      5 comments

I found this recipe for Awesome cheesy pull-apart sliders on a friends Facebook page. This will be dinner tonight! http://wtvr.com/2016/02/05/c
uper-bowl-recipe/... Read more
Five Minute Ice Cream
Thursday, July 21, 2016      6 comments

I had the last of our watermelons for breakfast. No more melons as we pulled up the vines. So for Five Minute Ice Cream you use 10 oz of frozen fruit, 1/8-1/4 Splenda + 1/3 cup half and half cream. Combine the frozen fruit and Splenda... Read more
Frozen Banana "Ice cream"
Wednesday, July 20, 2016      4 comments

For those of you who haven't heard of this and want to try ... just put "Frozen Banana" into the search on Spark Recipes and you will get lots of suggestions. I bought bananas at Sam's today so frozen banana is on for tomorrow. Some suggest cu... Read more
I scream, you scream ... we all scream for Ice Cream!
Tuesday, July 19, 2016      5 comments

I have been doing some research on ice cream. I saw in a magazine an electric counter top size machine but then thought that I could make it without a machine. Sparkrecipes has a couple I might try. Of course one is banana, another is with fr... Read more
Southern Fried Cabbage
Sunday, June 19, 2016      9 comments

1 medium head green cabbage, chopped loosely 4 slices bacon, chopped 1/4 large onion or 1/2 small to medium onion, chopped 1 TBSP Worcestershire sauce (optional) salt & pepper to taste In a large pan, cook the chopp... Read more
Insulin and carbs
Friday, June 10, 2016      6 comments

The key to it all is insulin. It is the only -- the only -- chemical in your body that can put on weight or take it off. Think of gaining or losing weight as insulin control rather than dieting. In the presence of excess carbs insulin saves exce... Read more
What is Coffee Flour?
Thursday, June 09, 2016      5 comments

I just heard about Coffee Flour so I had to find out what it is. The idea of turning coffee bean waste into flour was one that intrigued me and also raised a number of questions. Coffee fruit is packed with nutrition. They take that fruit ... Read more
Things to know about Dehydrating:
Tuesday, June 07, 2016      8 comments

There are a few things you should know before dehydrrating. Here are 13 things: 1. Start by learning your dehydrator and reading the instructions. Dehydrators can be split into three categories: bottom fan, top fan, and back fan. Most peop... Read more
Low-Carb Food to Have on Hand in an Emergency
Sunday, June 05, 2016      8 comments

Canned Vegetables such as: Tomatoes Green chilies Artichoke hearts Pumpkin Tomato paste Other canned low-carb vegetables, such as green beans and spinach Pickled Vegetables such as: Dill pickles ... Read more

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