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Monday...I'm still here...
Monday, September 03, 2012      9 comments

I feel like I am still a MEMBER of SparkPeople, but I don't feel like I am an ACTIVE member. I know that I have been quite distracted by my Mom this week, but I really need to get back to basics. Yesterday was tough...Mom woke from her nap, all ... Read more
Thank You, Lord...
Friday, August 31, 2012      17 comments

This afternoon, I received "the Call" that I have been waiting & praying for...the Admissions Dir. of the nursing home called me to tell me that there would be a bed available to my Mom (in the dementia unit) THIS Thurs. I can't even explain all... Read more
Thank You, God for the Zzzzzzzzzz...
Friday, August 31, 2012      10 comments

FINALLY...Mom slept through the night & so did I. My little neighbor lady was taken to the hospital around 10P.M. & came home at 3:00 A.M. I had two other neighbors take her because I obviously could not leave Mom. Her daughter is coming in tod... Read more
Going on Fumes...
Thursday, August 30, 2012      11 comments

Just when I thought that I would get some sleep last night...compliments of Ambien my Mom decided that she would pull an all nighter & trust me, even with "hard" drugs in my system...I did NOT sleep through any of it. I went to bed at midnight &... Read more
Can't believe it...
Wednesday, August 29, 2012      9 comments

I did not get ANY sleep last night & my Mom had a meltdown around 4:00 A.M. At about 5:30, just when I thought that I might drop off to sleep, my tooth began to throb. My husband stayed home from work while I ran to the dentist. My angel neighbo... Read more
Short Night...Long Day...
Tuesday, August 28, 2012      7 comments

Had trouble getting to sleep...sometime after 3:00 A.M. I dropped off to sleep. Mom was up twice but not a problem. I got my hair cut this afternoon, only because my Angel Neighbor, Donna said that she would sit with my Mom. My husband is back t... Read more
The "S" word...
Sunday, August 26, 2012      11 comments

No, not THAT one...I could be wrong...I'm not real sure...But I THINK that I actually got some SLEEP last night...OMG...can it be? I only remember tossing & turning for about an hour...I had a ton of dreams (which means SLEEP) & I actually feel ... Read more
I Wish This Was a Bad Dream...
Saturday, August 25, 2012      16 comments

If it was a dream, at least I would be SLEEPING. Had another bad night last night. I turned off my laptop & stopped eating & watching TV at 10:00...read until 11:30, took two MID-NITE pills & my regular eve. meds, rubbed my lovely feet (bottoms)... Read more
Feet smell great...
Friday, August 24, 2012      5 comments

Well, my feet smell great, but I still didn't get much sleep last night. I took a sleep- aid, called Mid-Nite, suggested by a friend that is a RN & has trouble with insomnia. Sleep deprivation is the pits, whether it is interrupted sleep or lack... Read more
Thursday, August 23, 2012      12 comments

I have tried Benadryl, Melatonin, muscle relaxers, Ny-Quil, turning off the laptop & no snacking after 10:00 & I am still not falling asleep till after 4:00 A.M. I know that "listening" every night for my Mom is not helping, but I can't even GET... Read more
Tired, tired, tired...
Wednesday, August 22, 2012      7 comments

Didn't get much sleep last night & Mom did not take much of a nap...so I was ON duty most of the day...She is in bed now & I will be catching some Zzzzzzzzz soon Take care... JANEY ... Read more
Hung Over This Morning...
Tuesday, August 21, 2012      12 comments

Not sure what to do...I got OFF my laptop & stopped eating at 10 P.M. Went to bed at 12 after taking 3 Melatonins...tossed & turned till 2:00A.M. Got up & took the rest of the Ny-Quil & was still awake at 4...Thank heavens my Mom was only up onc... Read more
Slow Mon. eve.
Monday, August 20, 2012      3 comments

I had hoped to go out for dinner this eve. with my Hospice friends & also my two girlfriends were supposed to come by this eve. later, but neither happened. I need to get off this laptop, as I seemed to sleep better last night when I did just th... Read more
A Quiet Saturday...
Saturday, August 18, 2012      6 comments

My husband is still out of town, Mom had a good night & I got a little bit of sleep.... my Angel neighbor came over this afternoon & I took my little ole neighbor lady to the store & to pick up her Rx at the drugstore. The weather is beautiful &... Read more
My Day Got a Little Better...
Friday, August 17, 2012      7 comments

The nursing home assessment went well today. There is a good possibility that there might be an available bed for my Mom in the dementia unit in the next few weeks. I told the social worker that if I had to do this for the next two weeks, month... Read more

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